Clash Royale Time and Elixir Management Guide

Clash Royale Time and Elixir Management Guide by Matazal

Everyone needs to know that you get 1 elixir every 2.8 seconds, that is 64 elixir in a 3min game without elixir collector, this can be used to explain why elixir collector is broken too.

Every time you are placing a elixir collector you are adding 7 elixir to your self if left uncontested. Placing it at the back away from the main tower pretty much give you this advantage no matter what, even if an opponent throws a rocket at it. Placing it in the middle will still give you advantage as it absorbs damage and still gives you 1 or 2 elixir back adding to your total game elixir, this is why elixir collector should have been in the video of royal giant counter video. ( No offence yyarn from OJ i love your videos been there since when you had 1000 subs) This leads me to the second part of the post.

There has been recent videos on how to counter the main meta of this season, (hog freeze and royal giant). I will take these two example as i have seen the video recently and can easily do analysis on them.

I will start with hog freeze, its a great video and learnt something which is why I have made this post. The people that play hog directly spending 10 elixir are the ones not at the top, playing it as an opening move works because there is a small chance the opponent might not have the cards, or might not react fast enough to counter it but after that its pretty much useless. So how is hog freeze actually played and how to counter it you ask, well right now the meta is such that you need to have a cannon to counter any offence, it is great value for 3 elixir and this can be seen in the videos, but what do you do if you dont have the cards to counter it, well first you need to know how much elixir you need to counter it, the minimum is 8 elixir just the hog freeze, that is 22.4 seconds but an advanced hog player will have has much as 22 elixir facing you, that is 61.6 seconds, that is twice as much elixir you can hold which means you will be doing something to counter it.

lets see where this 22 elixir comes from, right from the start a princess, valkyrie, elixir collector can be placed at the back, forcing you to play something, princess can be arrowed good trade but lets take the worst cause scenario (because eventually you will be out of cycle) , there is no real counter to elixir collector as mentioned before, and valkyrie takes 16 seconds to get the other side, 5 elixir, lets assume only cannon and goblins were played to counter what ever was used to push on the other side by while the princess also did damage, now the opponent has 7 elixir on field and 10 in hand, opponent plays the hog freeze now and depending on your push you will have 10 elixir or less, cannon goblins, arches and arrow seems the best choice, so react fast or you are going to take massive damage to the tower, you may says i have just said exactly what the video just showed, but you are forgetting an important part, to counter hog freeze you may have the same elixir, but spending it affectively and quickly is the only way to counter it, you play goblins before arrowing the prince, you lose, you place the cannon off centre, you lose, you place archers in the middle of tower and cannon, you lose, if the consequence was much lower, people wouldn’t complain about freeze. and you have to do this under pressure also taking into account card lvls. ( I might have mixed up who is attacking with hog freeze and who it defending, hope it still make sense that your opponent has hog freeze and you are defending against it)

I am not saying this will happen all the time, which is why you dont win all game, there is also an element of luck of draw, but a good player will be able to cycle to create this.

Moving on to royal giant, I will not go in much detail here, but, although the video from yyarn form OJ is good, it failed to take into account how people actually play, and the affect of time in the game. which is why placing a hut, collector or furnace in the middle is just as good of a counter to royal giant or hog for that matter as inferno, as they last about 60 seconds,forcing the opponent to play, unlike inferno they can be placed way before the RG comes. The problem is 90% of the people see these building placed at the back, and although good at the back the current meta doesnt allow it to be very affective, they need to be used as shields as they all add elixir to the game, which is the only way to counter something that is way more powerful than all the cards, “breaking the game”.

I think counter videos need to be so that they are taken in a real game scenario or at best make alternative video focusing on one card and all its possible uses.

TL;DR: freeze, collector and over powered cards add elixir value more than 64 to the game, and to counter that the game has made cards like elixir collector and spawners that add value to the game them self. Also freeze counter is not elixir but your reactions.

edit: thinking about it, a buff to witch will be slowing her speed, so that when placed with a tank it does not push up against it as they cross bridge, forcing people to start the counter well before the witch crosses the bridge, but her skeletons will be there to protect the tanks, given how squishy she is, taking care of her later wont be a problem

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