Clash Royale Lava Hound Control Deck Legendary Guide

Clash Royale Lava Hound Control Deck Legendary Guide by Pompeyo4

Hey guys!

I’m Pompeyo4, you may or may not have heard me from some of my achievements. Today I’m going to share with you how to use my Lava Hound control deck properly. I’ll be running through each and every card, how they work together, and their weaknesses. Let’s start!


Ever since I got the shiny Lava Hound from a Crown Chest, I committed on making it work. Inspired by the “Lava hound is useless” threads, I went out on a search for a perfect Lava Hound deck, both capable of countering with ease and striking hard your opponent. I dropped out Balloon, as I know that having 12 elixir that doesn’t defend itself is kinda risky, and I decided to use a hard hitter that can defend itself. I chose the Mini Pekka as the star of this deck, because it simply punishes High-Elixir cost decks. That’s how my deck was born. I finished the season with a personal best of 3778, which is impressive, using this deck.


Lava Hound: The main tank of this deck. He’s a slow, air tank that, when killed, spawns 6 Lava Pups, that are similar to minions, but weaker. He is usually played at x2 elixir, or when you have a huge elixir advantage, and at least 1 elixir collector. You never want to send a lava hound alone! He will do next to nothing if he’s alone locked on the tower. Also, make sure to lure his spells with your support troops, so that the pups can make maximum damage.

Mini Pekka: The star of this deck. He’s the main win condition, and the heavy hitter. Useful on both offense, to defend against Hogs and RG, and offense, to chop away enemy support troops and his tower. Make sure to always support him with the Princess or Goblins, as he is easily distracted by any ground card. He is also a handy tank for the pups, if he is still alive.

Princess: Main arrow baiter and great support card. She can (almost) finish by her own a pack of barbarians of equal level, and can bring pressure to High Elixir Cost decks. Use on defense primarily, and on your main push to support it, making it difficult for the enemy to place minions to counter it. Try to bait the arrows out of the enemy by placing her first, after the Lava Hound. If the enemy uses arrows, then your Goblins and Minions have a clear way. If he doesn’t, make sure that he doesn’t have them and then place your other support troops carefully, with as much distance from her as possible.

Goblins: This mean little greedy green gobs do crazy amounts of damage if left unchecked. They can counter Mini Pekka, princess and miner quite easily, and can provide a nice distraction for Prince and Pekka. When paired with mini Pekka on offense, they can help protect the mini Pekka from barbs long enough for you other support troops to finish them off. Also a great counter to Hog, providing that he doesn’t have zap.

Minions: This 3 elixir, flying card is very versatile, and they can counter easily any sole ground troop. Also another arrow bait for your deck. Just make sure that he doesn’t have a princess on his rotation, as that can be 3 elixir wasted in a second. Use in offense to support the lava hound, and to kill enemy minions distracted by him.

Zap: This 2 elixir spell works wonders with this deck. Zap with conjunction of the princess can clear minion hordes on offense in a second. Can be used to reset Sparky, kill equal level Goblins, and to make minions 1 shot from your tower. Also useful for those last HP of the tower, and to stun and reset any Prince charge.

Elixir Collector: This economy card is used to gain a big elixir advantage over the enemy. It’s the main support that this deck needs to do constant pushes on x2 elixir. You should be playing this card as soon as it’s in your hand, unless the enemy has a push. If the enemy has a rocket or miner, place it in the middle of the map, touching only the King’s Tower. You should also play it on x2 elixir if you are not certain that your push is GG.

Inferno Tower: Great anti-meta defense, useful for RG, Pekka, Golem and other Lava Hounds. Always play it as soon as the target is on range, to avoid it being destroyed or distracted. Useful for Hog too, but at a -1 elixir advantage.


Royal Giant: Easily beaten by this deck, as you got both Inferno Tower and Mini Pekka to counter him, and the princess to counter any pesky minion used to distract the inferno tower. Usually this deck runs Cannon, so you can just snipe it with Minions and clear your way.

Hog Zap/Freeze/Cycle: 70/30 Winrate against those decks. Usually Mini Pekka can clear him out, allowing only 1 shot to the tower. They usually have Cannon and Princess to defend, so you can just snipe those out with minions and your own princess.

Pekka Prince Prince (OP Deck): Easiest deck to beat with this deck. They only have 2 air defenses, Princess and Ice Wizard/Minion Horde, both of which are easily counterable by this deck. To defend, simply place the inferno tower, and use Goblins to distract if he places freeze. Minions also help taking out the Double Prince combo.

Inferno Tower: Hard Counter to Lava Hound, but easily distracted. Use minions and Mini Pekka to distract and spank it. If there’s no minion horde, use zap to make it retarget to your minions/goblins before it’s too late.

Golem decks: Inferno tower is the most important card here. You’ll need to have it, if you don’t, you are screwed. Use inferno to counter the Golem itself, and princess+ zap to kill any low HP troops. Mini Pekka on golemites is pretty great too, while also working to kill any Valkyrie, Dark Prince or Musketeer on the way.

3 Musketeers: Direct counter to the entirety of this deck, it’s simply the most painful counter to face, if the enemy is smart of course. Try to rush as soon as possible with your Mini Pekka and support troops to get the tower. Zap and princess’s arrows also help lowering their HPs. If the enemy is smart enough, and skilled enough, this is the card to fear.

This is the ultimate Lava Hound deck. I’m looking forward to hear from your suggestions, as this is the first Deck Guide that I ever made. Please try it out, and give me your feedback about it! It’s all for now.

Clash on!

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