Clash Royale Chests and Arena Levels FAQ

Clash Royale Chests and Arena Levels FAQ by wrathss

There seems to be many players (new and old) that asks the same questions. I have gathered up the top questions and attempt to answer in a simple and practical manner:

Q: Can I remove/skip/delete a chest that is taking up a slot?

A: The only way to “remove” a chest is to open it, either by waiting or paying with gems.

Q: What is the difference between different arena chests of the same type (for example an arena 1 gold chest, a chest you got while playing in arena 1, versus an arena 4 gold chest)?

A: An arena 4 gold chest has a significantly higher payout compared to an arena 1 gold chest.

This is the Arena cards unlock chart:

And this is the payout:

An arena 1 gold chest has 10 cards, 1 of which is guaranteed rare. The 10 cards are determined randomly from the unlocked pool of cards (all the cards under training + cards in arena 1). An arena 1 gold chest will not give any card above its level (so it is impossible to have the legendary ice wizard as that requires level 5 or above chest).

An arena 4 gold chest has 20 cards, 2 of which is guaranteed rare. The cards can be anything that is unlocked for and under arena 4 (specifically all the cards in training + arena 1 + 2 + 3 + 4).

Studying the payout chart, you will find that Arena 4 chests (1100+ crowns) basically returns double guaranteed rewards compared to arena 3. For example a gold chest guarantees 2 rares instead of 1, and a magical 2 epics instead of 1. This doesn’t quite apply to the new chests but same pattern does apply.

In my opinion this is a good reason to get to arena 4 as soon as possible as 2 epics are 2 epics. The higher the level the more the payout.

Q: Is the type of chest being dropped randomly generated, or is there a pattern?

A: This is not an exact science as lists may change (and some posts are suggesting that the super magical chest is completely random. For details please check posts.), but this is generally how the system works:

According to various sources chest drops follow a pre-defined list. It is a list of X chests (posts claim X=240), in a particular order with a specific number of silver, gold, and bigger chests. Every account has the same list and keeps track of the location on the list to determine what chest is generated next for an account.

The idea is that chests is not based on luck. When an account is created, the account starts at a random place in the chest list, so some people may get magical in 5 opens and some may take 50. But once you get to the first magical we know it will take Y cards (Y~80. Details please consult posted lists.) to get to the next one. At the end if two different players open the accounts at the same time and then open the full X number of chests (going through a cycle of chests) they should encounter the same number of chests for each type.

Practically speaking, we do not need to know what chests is coming up next, just that it is best to open and cycle through chests as fast as possible (and also to level up as much as you can) to get the most reward you can. That involves opening chests on time, and use gems efficiently to schedule openings to fit your schedule.

You will get your magical chests and all the chests on this list just like everyone else when the time comes.

Q: My chest slots are full. Does playing the game with full slots affect the chest list or what chests I will be getting in any way?

A: You receive chests in a particular order and you will never “miss” chests no matter how you go about in the game.

If in the chest list your next chest is a gold chest, you will receive a gold chest when there is a slot available.

Q: My chest slots are full. Is there any benefit or harm to play for no reward?

A: Most of the benefits are already mentioned, and I can think of one harm. Please consult the arena cards unlock chart (


  • Suppose you really want a specific epic (baby dragon for example), at arena 1 the chance of opening an epic and getting baby dragon is 1 in 6 chance (the possibilities are prince, baby dragon, skeleton army, witch, lightning, and goblin barrel).

If you are in Arena 3 however the chance of opening a specific epic (baby dragon) becomes 1 in 10, with the introduction of new epics (giant skeleton, balloon, rage and x-bow).

The higher arena you are, the harder it is to open a specific card through chests.

  • Note there is also the fact that if you progress too far into the game when you are not ready (either in terms of cards or skill) that you will face unwinnable opponents with all the best cards and have huge losing streaks.

There is a big argument on the matchmaking system and does have fair points. Sidestepping the argument and looking in a practical sense, we know that for losing we can only lose crowns. We do not lose our cards and we still get new cards and chests like normal. Therefore I do not classify this as a disadvantage.


  • Higher your arena level, the bigger the chest is. Especially important is level 4 chest vs level 3 chest.
  • Entertainment value
  • Practice and play with different decks and cards.
  • You basically get unlimited play so why not?

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