Clash Royale Target Separation Technique Guide

Clash Royale Target Separation Technique Guide by BatmanBeyond2100

Hello, My name is T-Rex and I’m at 2935, slowly trying to push into legendary. I’ve been using this technique since being at 2700 trophies.

So what is it? Target Separation is similar to luring, however it takes advantage of troops targeting different objects. It separates a defense- targeting troop from a troop that targets anything (Ground, Air or Both) so that the push is deconstructed.

Example: A Golem Wizard Push comes hurtling down your lane. What do you do? You drop and Inferno but also drop Barbarians to the side, so that the wizard targets the Barbarians, while the Inferno melting the Golem, and no damage being done to the Inferno.

This technique prevents support troops behind or in front of a defense- targeting troop from protecting the main damage dealer.

How this works against Trifecta Deck (Hog, Musketeer, Valkyrie)

The Hog is played, with the Valkyrie in front and Musketeer behind. You drop Barbarians/ Any medium hitpoint troop that targets ground and the Valkyrie heads for that troop. Meanwhile you drop a cannon to lure the hog away to the middle, and the musketeer will also be locked on to the medium health troop.

How this works against Royal GG Deck

You have an Inferno, and a full HP Royal Giant coming for that tasty crown tower. It is followed by an Ice Wizard and and some Spear Goblins. You play your Inferno reactively, close enough to the Royal Giant, that is targets that. Meanwhile, you drop a Valkyrie on the side of the Royal Giant, close enough to the Ice Wizard and Spear Goblins so that the Valkyrie does damage to them. The push is shutdown.

How this works against miner hog cycle/ hog cycle

They send in there Hog with Goblins. You drop your cannon/ defense to the side and the Hog goes for it. Meanwhile, you drop 1 elixir skeletons, and the goblins head for the goblins, while the defense cleans up the hog. He/she zaps your skeletons, but you have spear goblins and you drop them to clean them up. As for Miner, they drop there miner and send in there hog. You surround the Miner with goblins but you drop off a cannon to lead the Hog to it’s death.

How this works against Golem + Support Deck

Already done in example

This technique does not apply to none defense -targeting tanks, use quickdropping instead.

As for Giant Sparky, It’s much harder as the Sparky does so much damage. Use the same technique for Golem, but you have to either zap the Sparky or surround it, which is hard to do when there is a Giant in front of it.

Thank you for reading my technique, watch all of Orange Juice’s videos, as yarn has inspired me to create this technique.

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