FIFA 16 Player Prices Guide

FIFA 16 Player Prices Guide by ScoutingGod

I would like to start this by saying that if you’ve been playing FIFA for a while, reading this sub for a while or have an insight into how the FUT market works, reading this will probably be useless info to you. If you don’t understand the market properly then hopefully this can help you out a little bit.

The next point I would like to make is that I am unsure about the bronze/silver market. I can make assumptions, but if somebody would like to contribute to this guide in these sections then feel free to drop me a message and you’ll be credited accordingly.

Regular gold players

As soon as the game is released, the price of players fluctuates up and down until the market settles. After a week or two of finding out which players are good on the game, and which ones aren’t, prices will start to drop. If players are deemed to be good on this years FIFA, the rate in which their price declines tends to be slower, meaning they hold their value for longer. For example, the CAM in a popular nation and/or league (e.g France) will stay at a higher price than the second best French CAM for longer.

Supply & Demand

The above point essentially boils down to the economic principle of supply & demand. The most simple way I can describe this is with a job in real life. Out of 100 people and say 10 companies, how many people would be willing to work for £1 per hour? Maybe 1 or 2, if any. How many companies would be willing to hire somebody for £1 an hour? Probably all of them. As the price per hour goes up, more people are willing to work and less companies are willing to hire, so 100% of the people would be willing to work for £1,000 per hour, but probably 0 companies are going to hire for that much. Supply and demand.

Now to put this into FIFA. During the web app, the FIFA community (going to say 1,000 people for ease, it’s obviously much, much greater in quantity) opened their starter packs, discarded a few people and then started to trade. Out of the 1,000 people in the community, 1 person got Ronaldo. He lists him on the market for 3m coins, nobody at that point has 3m coins, so he won’t sell. A week after the game comes out and loads of people opened a shit load of packs, if that Ronaldo was now listen for 3m (and he was the only one on the market) there’s a very high chance he’d sell.

With the regular masses of gold players the theory is the same. As the game goes on, more packs are being opened and more of the players are available on the market, resulting in a surplus of supply over demand.

For regular gold cards, demand will usually only go up on the following circumstances:

  • That player gets, or is going to get, an inform card. As the players regular card will be out of packs for the next week, the same (or maybe a higher) amount of people will want that player if they can’t afford is inform, but the only people selling will be the current circulation of those cards that were issued before the TOTW was put in packs. If the whole community decided not to sell, that player would be extinct.
  • The player gets more publicity throughout the FIFA community. If a big Youtuber says that “X player is amazing!!” more people will rush out to buy him to try them out, resulting in the price going up.
  • The player does something extraordinary in a game in real life, or generally has a hype around them. Martial is a prime example of this, because of the hype surrounding him, and his goal against Liverpool, he was extinct for quite a while.
  • They get an upgrade. Bolasie last year went from 3-5* skills, so his demand, and therefore price, rocketed.
  • Tournaments. A user suggested this, but the comment isn’t showing for some reason :/. For example, any Irish players will rise massively in price around March time because of the St Patricks day tournament. The same can be said with other tournaments too.

Apart from these, players will appear more and more on the market as more and more packs are opened, and therefore there will be more competition to sell, and people will undercut each other in price and prices will fall.


Informs are a tricky one, and usually come with a better risk and reward. As they are only in packs for a week, there is a good and a bad time to both buy and sell IFs.

IF Guarin will be my example throughout. The day he was released into packs, I saw people pick him up for 200k+, some people are desperate to try them at any cost. I purchased 3 IF Guarins on the day he went out of packs for a combined 237k.

After he goes out of packs the only ones that can be sold are the current ones in circulation. FIFA 16 has had some mixed reviews, some people will have bought Guarin IF and then quit, meaning that there’s 1 less IF Guarin on the market. Others will be discarded in rage, by Youtubers, for whatever reason. The supply will decrease, meaning his price goes up. I sold my Guarins last week for between 99-130k each.

However, the price of informs can drop if that player gets a second IF. 9/10 times this will happen, the 1/10 example can be seen below:

If a player gets a TOTW in week 1 and sells for 40k, and then gets a second TOTW in week 5 they will usually sell for more (lets call it 60k) but then they get a third TOTW during the week where probably 50 times more packs are being opened, supply and demand will then come into play and there’s a good chance the 3rd IF will be lower in price.

Extraordinary circumstances

There are some times throughout the FIFA cycle where things happen which massively change the price of players:

  • TOTY. When the TOTY is due, everyone will be selling their players. It starts out with people who want to either buy TOTY players or packs to get the TOTY players selling their current teams to be able to get more coins. This then makes other FIFA players notice their players dropping in value, so they sell their players and the cycle goes on. After this happens, prices will slightly pick back up as people finish opening packs and have some coins back. This works for TOTS too.
  • Winter upgrades. This changes the price on regular gold cards and TOTW cards. When a player gets an upgrade, their new, higher rated card will be on the market and will be more expensive. The old card will drop in price, because if you’re looking to buy that player, most people will get the UP version.

For TOTW players, the run-up to the winter upgrades means that people will start investing their coins in IF players who they think will get upgrades, so prices will increase massively. After they’ve been announced, the prices of players NOT upgraded will drop hard, whilst the others may rise if they’re in demand, or fall slowly otherwise.

Thanks for reading my little guide, hope it helps at least one person!

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