Crusaders Quest Rachel Guide

Crusaders Quest Rachel Guide by dwilx

I’ve been using Rachel a lot since getting her SBW, and she has become one of my favorite and go-to characters for PvE and FoS (and occasionally WB). Unfortunately, I haven’t seen a lot of information here on her, and most of what I’ve seen is negative, so I’m writing this guide to shed some light on an amazing character. If you’re skeptical, please skip ahead to the videos below under ‘Strengths.’

Rachel is a well-balanced, glass cannon, 3 chain-chaser who boasts high sustained damage potential with a moderate wind-up time with her SBW, and excellent crowd control potential with tMR without a SBW. As such, she’s best played somewhat differently with her SBW than without.

Play style:

With SBW:

  • Shadow Mage is your go to skill. She fills the same role as Naz, but with much better SP generation and damage potential, but without the debuffs or knockback. Rachel does less damage per block than Naz, but will be able to have many more Shadow Mages.

Without SBW:

  • 6 ★ Superior Staff with Resist Pen/Attack Power/Attack Power or Crit Damage (Rachel has naturally high crit chance)
  • Transcended Mana Recycle is what you want. With her long-lasting large hit box, and fast SP generation, she can lock down enemies more effectively than Archon, but does less damage per second.

Skill block:

Calls for countless bats, dealing magic damage equal to (56/175/280)% of attack power based on the chain number.

  • Creates a cloud of bats that is capable of hitting numerous enemies simultaneously and lasts 2 seconds
  • The cloud from a 3-chain, or a SBW proc 480% block, is 3x larger than a 1- or 2-chain cloud
  • This damage is spread over 7 ticks, so the damage per tick is (HA x chain modifier) / 7
  • With tMR, each tick triggers the 1 second stun. The 7th tick occurs at the end of the 2 second cloud, meaning Rachel stuns enemies in a large area for 3 seconds. Additionally, the bats appear almost instantly (no waiting for the meteors to fall before the stun activates as with Archon)
  • When her SBW procs, the chain modifier changes to 480% regardless of chain length
    • (Note: Noticed this when crunching numbers for this guide: the SBW appears to be bugged as it’s only making the next block 315% (the 5★ value) instead of 480%).


Her passive functions in two (separate) ways:

If the Hero uses its block or is healed by a skill, the Hero’s attack power will increase by 10% for 5 seconds and recover 4 SP.

  • The 10% AP buff is virtually always present and does not stack, so for all intents and purposes she has 10% more AP than what is on her character sheet.
  • The interesting bit is that she gains 4 SP every time she is healed with no cooldown, which when paired with the right team, can mean near-continuous SP generation.

The effect of the block(s) used after an ally’s chain-3 skill will be tripled. (Activates once every second)

  • This is worded poorly, and does not mean that her damage gets a straight x3 modifier. Instead, it means that after an ally 3 chain, for one block, she gets 30% increased AP instead of the regular 10%.


(50% chance when Passive Activated) Next skill block enhanced (480%, Magical, Entire party heal +10%)

  • Preferred roll is A/A (Rpen/HA), but with her already high damage potential and low survivability, A/D (Rpen/DR) may be a good alternative.
  • Can proc from both halves of her passive (ally 3-chains or heals/using own block).
  • If the SBW procs, AND the block is used following an ally 3-chain, changes the animation from a stationary bat cloud to a rolling cloud of bats that hits off screen. This projectile does not have a range limit, and will hit every enemy in the current wave regardless of how far off screen they are.
  • (It is possible to have a 480% damage block proc as a normal cloud of bats if not used as a 3-chain chaser).

Pairing & Synergy:


  • Rachel’s BFF. Dara heals for each tick of damage an ally does. Rachel can hit each enemy in her cloud of bats up to 7 times, and generates 4 SP each time she’s healed, so that’s 28 SP a blockper enemy.
  • For example, if Rachel hits a group of 4 enemies with Dara’s heal active, she will generate up to136 SP from a single block. (4 enemies x 7 ticks x 4 SP per tick = 112. + 20 SP for the normal SP generation, plus an additional 4 SP from her passive for using her own block)
  • However, this means the third party member with Dara and Rachel has to provide 3 chains to proc both of their passives.


  • Rachel likes heals, and likes 3 chains, so Yeo is a natural choice. Also pairs well with the Dara/Rachel combo for a very strong team.

Roland (with AoP):

  • Of all the tanks, Roland gets along with Rachel the best. If he’s leader, he can reliably keep AoP active to protect Rachel and (with his passive block generation) keep a steady stream of 3 chains for her. The heals are just the icing on the cake. Roland (L)/Dara/Rachel makes for a lower damage potential, but higher survivability, team than Yeo (L)/Dara/Rachel.

Mundeok (with SoI):

  • While having less synergy with Rachel than Roland, due to his strong passive he is capable of producing higher overall DPS than a Roland team, while maintaining strong(er?) protection. With Mundeok (L)/Yeo/Rachel, Yeo and Mundeok both provide a constant stream of 3 chains for Rachel, and with Rachel’s block now counting as 3 chains, her SP generation remains high.



  • Tundra 5-30 video
  • If the first wave of enemies can hit Rachel in the back of the party, she may die quickly. But once she gets rolling with SP generation (and near constant heals from Dara), she can survive anything that won’t one-hit her (which can be mitigated with Sera or Anut). Oh, and she also melts faces.


  • FOS 10 video
  • I was never able to reliably clear FOS 10 until I got Rachel’s SBW. I thought Yeo’s SBW would be necessary, but RNGesus saw fit to bless me with Rachel’s instead.



  • Long wind-up time, low survivability, and reliance on ally 3 chains make her a bad choice for PvC. With a tank to cover her (Alex/Joan/Mundeok) and a 3-chain healer (Yeo/Woopa) she might be viable, but there are far better teams.

World Boss:

  • Survivability is Rachel’s biggest problem in WB. Her HP pool is just too low, even when maxed, to survive hits from WB reliably. With a shield from Korin or Drake she might fare better, but there’s no real synergy there.
  • Fenriruth is particularly difficult, as the early poison cloud can quickly kill Rachel before a steady steam of heals is started. Having Himiko as a healer will mitigate this.

I hope this helps you, and answers any questions you may have had concerning her. If it didn’t, I’ll do my best to answer in the comments below. Or if you have something to add, please tell me below and I’ll add it to this guide.

Lastly, Rachel is set as my main hero, so if you would like to try her SBW out for yourself in PvE, feel free to add me as a friend in game (dwilx)!

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