Crusaders Quest Kriemhild of Oath Guide

Crusaders Quest Kriemhild of Oath Guide by Hodgekin

I decided to make an in-depth guide for Kriemhild of Oath! This guide will be the most extensive guild I’ve done to date. Many hours of research and math was involved.

Table of Contents

1. Kriemhild Ability/SBW
2. Weapon Mods!
2a. Lifesteal
2b. Atk Spd
2c. HA% vs Arm Pen!
3. Team Synergy
4. Special Skills

Kriemhild Ability/SBW

Kriemhild (6☆)0+1+2+3+4+5
Atk. P574631689746804861


  • Chain-1/2/3 deals 50%/142%/322% physical damage
  • Passive (6☆): After using a chain-3, Kriemhild next 3 auto attacks are charged (buff). Each charge will summon the Ultimate FlameSpout (UFS) that deals 380% physical damage and will stun for 0.75 seconds. The charge (buff) last for 3 seconds and cannot be effected by Aubrey’s power.


  • Balmung of Massacre (6☆): The last UFS will now summon the Ultimate Flame Dragon (UFD) which deals 680% physical damage, stun for 0.75s and has a bonus 15% crit chance!
    • IMPORTANT: Cannot be knocked back/knocked up by HEROES while performing the UFS/UFD combo! Can still be stunned/die/knocked up by Dionne/immobolized by Prestina (maybe)

Weapon Mods!

TL:DR – For PvE, Lifesteal allows for soloing. For PvC, you will need either ArmorPen (best) or HA with regular weapon. With SBW, you don’t really need an attack mod, though if you did have one it would = 1 hitKO for any enemy Mage. Attack speed is important for regular weapon, but for SBW it’s not required. For more difficult stages, ie Tundra or FoS, defense will be required even with a dedicated healer, I would opt for Armor>dmgR>HP>resist.


We will be looking at Volcano-24(H) as a bench mark for PvE. We’re going to calculate how much lifesteal + (dmg/def) we’ll need to make it through 4-24(H).

  • How much damage can you expect from mobs in 4-24(H)?
    • With some crude testing, I’ve calculated the mobs will deal ~1000 dmg/s and the boss ~1250 dmg/s (raw dmg before armor/resist).
  • How much HP do the enemies have?
Dark Sera760006000001
Dirty Stone Golem10000526111120
Ash Squishy3615386110000
Polluted Ifrit6144412112110
Evil Flame Spirit5635386111100
Polluted Ent4645110110210
Evil Lizard Man3506386112120
AVG Effective HP/Unit12442.612442.613935.111941.114511.377520
  • How long does it take for Kriemhild to generate a chain-3?
    • Block generation is 2blocks/3seconds (or 0.666block/second). As leader, the odds are 50% Kriemhild/ 25% Hero1 / 25% Hero2. Using these numbers, the average time one may expect a chain-3 from Kriemhild within 9 seconds!
    • The next mob takes 3 seconds to reach Kriemhild.
    • If you have a healer with EoG, you can expect to decrease wait time by ~1 second (If you use Mew with tEoG, you can expect to decrease wait time by ~2.5 seconds!).
    • With Kriem’s stun, we can delay damage expected by 2.25s per chain-3. (or decrease next chain-3 wait time by ~2.25s to mitigate damage taken).
    • Kriem’s combo takes ~3.5 seconds to perform with 0.9 attack speed.

Now lets take a look at how Kriemhild (6☆) + SBW will perform in 4-24(H)

No weapon mods

Time Elapse3.5s12.5s19s31.539.5
HP Remaining71065418.548561143.5Death

Though this is theoretical, without any weapon lifesteal, Kriemhild will most likely die around stage 5. The question now is…

  • What’s the bare minimum lifesteal to complete 4-24(H)?
    • To stay topped off through mobs 1-5, you will need ~10% lifesteal.
    • Against Dark Sera, you will need ~20% lifesteal to stay topped off, and ~10% to squeak by with no HP left(very risky!)
    • +12% HA%, you would need ~15% lifesteal.
    • +28.75% HA%, you would need ~13% lifesteal.
    • +17.5% dmgR, you would need ~17% lifesteal.

This is all theoretical as you all know, but this will help serve as a bench mark to see if your Kriemhild can solo 4-24(H)!

Atk Spd

As you may already know, Kriemhild’s passive relies on Atk. Spd. The faster your attack speed, the faster the UFS will unleash! A key point about summoning UFDragon, from what I can tell from videos, it appears that Kriemhild raise her axe, much like a mage getting ready to cast her spell! With attack speed of 0.9, Kriemhild shouldn’t be able to summon the final UFS/UFD. If I had her weapon, I could test it myself, but unfortunately I don’t!

  • How does Atk.Spd. work?
    • The value shown on the weapon is how many auto attacks perform in 1 second. If the value is 0.9, that means it will take 1.11 seconds to do 1 auto attack. If the value is 1.2, that means it will take 0.83 seconds to perform 1 auto attack!
    • The higher the value, the faster!
    • Atk.Spd buffed or mods is additive, not multiplicative! An example is, tFLAB SLAB will increase atk.spd by 40%. If your original atk.spd is 1.2, then it will increase to 1.2+0.4 = 1.6! Not 1.2×1.4 = 1.68!
  • How much attack speed does Kriemhild need?
    • Without her SBW, Kriemhild needs a minimum of 0.9 AtkSpd to unleash her 3rd UFS. However, this is the minimum! If you get knocked back, it will delay the auto attack, hence, you will not perform the 3rd UFS!
    • Therefore it’s commonly accepted that ~1.2 atk.spd is a good value. If you’re knocked back, there’s a high chance you can still reach back in time to get off all 3 UFS! If you have the SBW, you do NOT need atk spd to get off all 3 UFS, but if you want to chain the stun (ie, perma stun) then atk spd is necessary.
      • There is a theoretical limit to how much atk spd you should get! That limit is based on the STUN! Each stun is 0.75 seconds long. If your attack speed is too fast, your stun will overlap, making it less effective! The maximum you should strive for is 1.33 atk.spd! However, there are some instances where Kriemhild may still get knocked back during her UFS combo. So it wouldn’t hurt to get some more attack speed.

HA% vs Arm Pen!

I’m going to take a different approach to determine which one is best. We all know Arm Pen is best for overall damage, but is it necessary against Mages in PVP?

Here we will be looking at Kriemhild, the MAGE KILLER!!! If there’s one thing that Kriemhild does best, it’s spanking naughty mages in PvC~

Though Kriem excels against Mages, she can also work semi-well against Archers/Hunter~

  • What’s better against Mages/Archers/Hunter? HA% or Armor Pen?
    • We will be comparing a fully trained Kriemhild against a full trained Mage/Archer/Hunter.
    • The average Mage has 4057 HP (7100 in PVP) and 74 Armor~
    • The average Archer has 6505 HP (11383 in PVP) and 230 Armor~
    • The average Hunter has 5043 HP (8825 in PVP) and 325 Armor~
    • PVP mods increase HP by 75% and reduce damage by 40%! There has been speculation that there was also a 75% increase in armor/resist, as kindly mentioned by grandygon. I have also heard this too, so I went out to confirm this myself with the help of Mudkipwastaken. After extensive testing, I could see that TOAST failed to implement the 75% increase in armor/resist, like they do for so many other stuff! I’m pretty sure if someone told Toast these findings, they will fix the bug. SO, PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS GOOD, lets keep this between us :). Toast doesn’t need to know~

that just a side question, what are your takes on the PVP mod? since i saw u mention the PVP mod is only 75% hp and -40% dmg i know there has been some argument regarding the 75% increase of armor and resist in PVP, but i believe knowing this accuracy of information will do help in various calculation too. I do not mind if proven wrong, I just need to know the fact as I too was building my team Penetration numbers according to this following info. information taken from korean patch note. Patch note on December 5th, 2014 : Stats in colosseum change like this : All damage decrease by 40%, HP increase by 75%, armor and resistance 75% increase, all SP generating skills(except using blocks) effects decrease by 40%, both sides have goddess guage by 1 from beginning. Skill changes – all skills that is affected by HP, armor, resistance use the value before the Colosseum revision.

  • Incase TOAST does fix this bug, Penetration will become even more important in PVP. So maybe stock up on those pen-mods to be on the safe side.

Lets take a look at the damage!


Mod+HA%Armor PEN+CD+CC


Mod+HA%Armor PEN


Mod+HA%Armor PEN
  • Analysis
    • Usually the Chain-3 won’t reach the Mage/Hunter, but the UFS/UFD will! There are some rare instances if Kriemhild is knocked back during her UFS, she may miss the first UFS. Though under these assumption, +HA% and +ArmPen will both be sufficient at killing the Mage/Hunter with the first chain-3. Though HA is slightly better for Mage and Pen is slightly better for Hunter. If you opt for CD or CC, you may/may not kill depending on how many UFS hits the backline!
    • Against Archers, you will always need two chain-3s!
    • Though Kriemhild can kill Hunters, they can also kill Kriemhild just as fast.
    • Since both HA% and Arm Pen don’t offer any significant difference in PVC, you should opt for Armor Pen overall so that Kriemhild is more viable in PVE!
    • As you can also see, the 1-hit KO is based off of SBW bonus damage with 1 attack mod! If you’re using a regular weapon, you will find your damage slightly short of 1-hit KOing the backline! In this situation, you will want a 2ndary dps that can also hit the backline with 1-block. That way you can shave off any remaining HP the enemy may have!

Team Synergy

Kriemhild works best as a leader! She’s much like a Leon, where there isn’t any synergy with other Heroes. Though Kriemhild is way better than Leon!

As I eluded to earlier, Kriemhild is a strong and independent Lady♥ ~ She can solo up to 4-24(H) with a bit of lifesteal and block management!

If you pair Kriemhild with a healer + EoG, you can expect a ~1 second reduction on your wait time till your next chain-3! If that healer is Mew with +tEoG, she will reduce your wait time by ~2.5!

If you would like to venture out into more difficult territory with our feisty Paladin, I would recommending treating her as a bruiser, much like Leon. Where she lacks in armor, she makes it up with her stuns! Pick 2 supports to aid her in the massacre, I recommend Mew + tEoG and any support dps that doesn’t require chain-3s.


It’s common accepted that the go to team for Kriemhild is Susanoo/Kriemhild/Alex. You may opt out Susanoo for some more dps 1-block spam.

Another team is Alex/Mew/Kriemhild~ This team is also effective, though if I can just say, once your Kriemhild is trained, you will most-likely kill the back line with the first chain-3. So there’s no need to prolong the fight with a healer, instead, kill them faster with another dps! >_< That’s my take on it.

Special Skills

There are a bunch of different skills to choose from and all of them are viable! I’ll rank my personal preference but it all comes down to your play style!



  • Kriemhild is one of the few ‘Mage Killers’ in game, alongside Sigruna (RIP R-0). She is the only Paladin that can bring the smack down in PVP against those pesky Mages! If you’re looking for a well rounded hero and having trouble against those Mage comps, look no further! Kriem is the way to go~
  • If I missed anything please let me know. I hope you enjoy the guide, and as always, Happy Crusading~

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