Crusaders Quest Chaser Passive Tier List

Crusaders Quest Chaser Passive Tier List by Hodgekin

This is a guide for new players looking for help on how each Chaser work + How effective they may be. You will find both a table describing each Chaser and my tier list of how the chasers compare to each other! Note: I could not test Achilles or Nurspy passive fully. If there is anything incorrect, please let me know and I will fix it.

What is a Chaser?

A nickname coined by the Koreans to describe a Hero who requires an Ally Chain-3 to proc their passive. We adopted the terminology as a quick way to describe heroes who “chase” after chain-3’s!

Chaser’s Chain/Passive

Monte49/122/221% HA(Ally Chain-3) + (Block) = Sonic Sword (300% HAMonte + 100% HAEnemy), + 50% evasion for 3 seconds (CD:2)
B. Sworden50/125/125(2)% HA(Ally Chain-3) = Fire sword (90(3)% HA). AoE party heal 5(3)% of HP (CD:2)
Isabel70/90(3)/125(3)% HA(Ally Chain-3) + (Block) + (Ally Block) = Isabel block+chain-2/3False . Reactivate = chain-1/2/3False . 35% Evasion during animation
Thor50/142/322% HA(Ally Chain-3) + (Block) = +200 Arm/Res 5 sec. 50% counter for 45% Max HP neutral dmg.
Achilles15(5)/35(5)/50(7)% HA(Ally Chain-3) + (Block) = Chain-3False . Reduce enemy atk -65% and -7 SP.
Drake56/205/322% HA(Block) + (Ally Chain-3 Crit) = 50% HPDrake shield AoE
Vane50/142/322% HA(Block) + (Ally Chain-3) = 150(5)% of HA neutral dmg. Counter with 30% attack boost.
Gon34/122/250% HA(Block) + (Ally Chain-3) = 250(2) Physical dmg. Leader + Gon gain 20 SP
Hanzo27(3)/150/250% HA(Ally Chain-3) + (Block) = Armor(?) Shred (5% of HP) and debuff.
Robin34/122/250% HA(Ally Chain-3) + (Block) = 250(2) + 30% cc boost Bug?
R-07(10)/20(12)/45(15)(Ally Chain-3) + (Block) = Each arrow 40% chance to explode, dealing 75% physical dmg. -7 SP. Attack Debuff – 50% (300/360/450 bonus dmg)
Niven50/150/300% HA(Ally Chain-3) + (Block) = Immobilized for 3 sec. Ally chain-3 = 2% HPEnemy neutral dmg x 2.
Arona25(5)/65(5)/65(5)% AoE HA(Ally Chain-3) + (Block) = Chain-3True . (Chain-3 or Chain-3True) + Ally Chain-3 = Two Elite Guards. 81%(3) AoE and 12%(30) single (Total=603% HA)
Crow40/114/252% HA(Ally Chain-3) + (Block) = 3 x PD bullet (200% HACrow ) . 50% chance of exploding dealing 150% enemy HA.
Lilith12.25(4)/25(6)/45(6)% HA(Ally Chain-3) + (Block) = Chain-3True
Rachel8(7)/25(7)/40(7)% HA(Ally Chain-3) + (Block) = 30% attack buff + 12 SP
Nazrune150/150(2)/150(Ally Chain-3) + (Block) = 225(3)% HA + Debuff
Maria1(8)/3(8)/6(8)% HP(Ally Chain-3) + (Block) = Maria chain-3False . Debuff cleanse
Mew200% HAMew + 7/15/25% HPTarget(Ally Chain-3) = 1 Mew block + 10 SPMew (CD:1.5)
Nurspy10(8)/25(8)/52(8)% HA(Ally Chain-3) + (Block) = Nurspy chain-3False. (CD:2)
Stein3/4/5 sec. Heal 80% HATarget /hit(Ally Chain-3) + (Block) = AoE drone, 5 sec duration. Heal 80% HATarget. Buff 2% HA.
Chai3/5/9 Dish. Heal 50% HAChai(Ally Chain-3) + (Block) = 8 GREAT DISHES. Heals AoE party = 100% ATK P. OF WHOEVER ATE IT! + 3 SP/dish

Hodgekin’s Tier List
I rank each hero based off of 4 different criteria. Each section is worth 25 pts, for a total of 100 possible pts. The points given are based off of my experience (from gameplay or reddit) as well as some basic math. Note: I’m not too sure how good Nurspy/Achilles are. If you disagree with the ranking, please let me know why and I will adjust accordingly.

How I will be evaluating each category!

Strength: Raw stats and damage/heal/shield mods of passive. Will take into consideration bonus dmg effects such as higher crit chance, attack buffs, neutral damage and etc. Will be scoring based on the highest output, everything is relative to the top score. AoE will be considered in Range aspect. Total possible points is 25.

Durability: Raw eHP of hero alone. Will consider bonuses from passive, such as shields/attack debuff/knock up/displacements/heal/etc. Bonus +2.5 pts if they are an archer/mage! Total possible points is 25.

Range: This will be evaluated based on these criteria. Everything will now start at 0. Single target: +5pts. 3 Targets: +5 pts. More than 3 targets: +5 pts. (It will be accumulative, so more than 3 targets will get 15 pts). Spell is a projectile: +5 pts (Any spell not stationary/relative to the hero casting it. Ie. Vane/B.sworden/Maria will not get this bonus points, Mew/Stein/Monte will). Spell hits off screen: +5 pts. May adjust pts slightly to take into consideration other attributes such as knock ups, attacks missing, dash forwards, etc. Total points 25.

Passive: Will take a overall look at passive synergy/bonus/ease of activation. This will very subjective.

NameStrengthDurabilityRangePassiveTotal Score
B. Sworden7.312.8131043.1

I hope you enjoy the guide! And as always, Happy Crusading~

〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)

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