World of Warships Destroyer Tips

World of Warships Destroyer Tips by American_Admiralty

The Do’s and Don’ts of the Destroyer Class:

1) Do deploy smokescreens in front of allied ships (in other words, the ships on your team) that are in the most trouble. This will give your team time to reposition and catch their breath if they are taking a severe pounding.

2) DON’T SCOUT!!! Destroyers are not a light tanks. Leave the scouting to scout planes from carriers and scout floatplanes from Cruisers and Battleships.

3) Do use your mobility to get around the enemy’s flank and get from cover to cover (islands are your cover).

4) DON’T just charge straight at the enemy, especially if it is a cruiser of battleship. They will easily murder you.

5) Do fire your torpedoes at the most important and well- armored capitol ships on the enemy team. In other words, fire your torpedoes at priority targets like aircraft carriers and battleships.

6) DON’T waste time shooting well armored vessels (AKA Battleships, Battlecruisers, and Heavy Cruisers) with your puny 5 or 6 inch guns.

7) Do use your speed and mobility to distract large enemy ships as you do torpedo runs on them. In other words, zig-zag as you approach your target from their flank. BTW, when I say flank, I mean the side of an enemy ship that is facing away from your team. This takes the pressure off your team as the ship you are distracting (especially if it is a capitol ship and high priority target) will stop firing at your team and will start firing at you. Just make sure to keep zig-zagging to dodge their starts. Once you start taking hits, get the H*** out of there. The enemy ships will also most likely move out of position to try to out-maneuver your torpedoes. And a big, slow battleship will take some time to get back into its firing position.

8) DON’T attempt to distract the enemy while you are reloading your torpedoes. While it could be done, it is very risky as you have no defense against the larger enemy ships.

9) Do use your mobility and speed to out-position enemy ships and lure them into a torpedo spread trap.

10) DON’T fire torpedoes at other fast and lightly armored targets that you could damage with your 5 or 6 inch gun (AKA other destroyers and light cruisers). They will easily dodge your torpedoes if they are paying any attention so you are just wasting your torpedo ammunition if you try to fire a wall of torpedoes at them.

And that is all I can think of for Destroyers at the moment. Feel free to add on to this list in the comments…and if it makes sense, I will edit my post and add yours onto the list.

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