Crusaders Quest Hikari Guide

Crusaders Quest Hikari Guide by Hodgekin

Welcome to the newest addition to my guides, insight to Hawk Eye Hikari! This guide will be exploring the concept of attack speed, best mods and general gameplay.

Table of Content
1) Attack Speed
2) Hikari – Mechanics
3) Best Mod to use!
4) Gameplay and Team Comps

Attack Speed

I spent some time trying to decipher how attack speed works. Well, I honestly couldn’t crack the code, but I’ll tell you what I did find to help better your understanding of attack speed.

How to read attack speed?

  • Higher the number, the better. The value = #’s of attacks within 1 second.
  • Ie. Atk-spd = 2 means 2 auto attacks within 1 second.

Is it multiplicative or additive?

  • It’s multiplicative, additive, both and none all at the same time!
  • General rule: 1st atk-spd mod will be multiplicative, the 2nd atk-spd mod will be additive to your base attack speed
    • Base attack speed = 0.9 OR weapon equipped
    • The highest mod is multiplied.
  • Anything greater than 70% increase in attack speed will have greatly diminish returns.
  • Attack speed will plateau around 2.5 attack speed. Though I will refrain from saying 2.5 is the cap as I was able to obtain higher attack speeds with very great effort.
  • Attack speed buffs do stack, but around 2.4-2.5 attack speed, the buffs seem to stop stacking.

What’s the best way to optimize on attack speed?

  • High weapon base attack speed is important. The higher the base, the better the end result.
  • Look for just 2 source of attack speed steroid with high values. Ie. it’s better to run 2 buffs with 40% attack speed each than 8 buffs with 10% attack speed each.
  • Attack speed gains will slow down greatly post 70% increase in attack speed.

Hikari – Mechanics


Block: Chain-1/2/3 will deal 34/122/221% magic damage in a straight line. Chain-3 will have a slight knock up.

Passive: Every 5th auto attack, unleash a Whirlwind that deals 80%(x3) magic damage in a straight line. Each Whirlwind will have a slight knock up. Every block used will count as 2 auto attacks. When buffed, summon 2 xWhirlwind.

Best Mod to use!

Lets get down to the math!

  • Cast time for single whirlwind: 1 s
  • Cast time for double whirlwind: 2.1 s
  • Block usage: 0.9 s

Support vs Leader

Answerer +MaxSupport(-)buffSupport(+)buffLeader(-)buffLeader(+)buff
  • Damage from blocks, passive and auto attacks were all considered when calculating the damage!
  • Hikari should mainly be in the support role. Leader Hikari does marginally better dmg.
  • AS > CC

No block usage, Answerer vs Short Dragon Bow

  • From the two tables here, Hikari with a S.D.B will deal more damage to an enemy with less than 275 resist than with an Answerer!
  • Unbuffed, S.D.B will still do more damage than Answerer against enemies with 312 resist!
  • Buffed, S.D.B will deal more damage than Answerer against enemies with 334 resist!
  • In PvE, most mobs have > 400 resist, thus Answerer will prevail. But in PvP/PvC, not many heroes have more than 334 resist! In this situation, S.D.B is actually better than Answerer!

Gameplay and Team Comps


Using blocks is equivalent to increasing you attack speed to 1.8 seconds. So if your attack speed is lower than 1.8, don’t hesitate to spam Hikari blocks. However, if your attack speed is higher than 1.8, be more strategical when you use your blocks. Here are some tips:

  • Use them outside of mobs
  • If possible, try using them in higher chains, 2/3, to deal more dmg.
  • A well trained Hikari can auto farm most forest and desert maps (excluding boss). Short bow with res/AS/LS is recommended for auto farming.

Team Comps

You want to pair Hikari with a buffer. Preferably a buffer that gives attack speed, but Hikari will still do a boat load of dmg with any buff.

Some popular team comps you may consider:

  • Woopa(L)/Hikari/Hikari – Heal and buff!
  • Mundeok(L)/Hikari/Hikari – Anut can still clear off buff @_@
  • Mundeok(L)/Archon/Hikari – More buff!
  • No.9, Rochefort, Viper(L)/Drake/Hikari – Don’t forget the pirate buff!
  • Maria(L)/Hikari/D’art – What? Maria buffs??? Hell yeah!
  • Lilith(L) w t-Mana shield/Hikari/Hikari – What? Mana shield gives attack speed? Crazy!

Oh! And we can’t forget this favorite –

  • TRIKARI! – Rank below the true god teams – Abel3 and Hanzo3


Hikari fit’s her roll as a support dps that very consistent in what she brings to the table. I would personally rank her A+ tier. If you haven’t 6★ your Hikari yet, I highly recommend promoting her! I hope you enjoyed the guide, and as always, happy crusading~!

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