Brave Frontier Trial X3 Xie’Jing Guide

Brave Frontier Trial X3 Xie’Jing Guide by Keriaz


There is no need to guard or mitigate the first turn. Save your items. Try to mitigate every turn after the first. It won’t always be necessary, particularly early in the fight, but play it safe. Mechanics which require mitigation or guarding will be noted.


  1. Push Xie’Jing to 90% to spawn Fei with 500k HP.
  2. Keep pushing Xie’Jing to 80% to spawn two Bozdells and a shield on Xie’Jing, while also whittling down Fei’s HP, but do not allow Fei’s HP to drop below 20%.
  3. On the third turn after the Bozdells/shield appear, nuke and wipe out Fei and the Bozdells(see Note 1), making sure to mitigate.
  4. Push Xie’Jing to 70% to start two turns of Soul Siphon casts.
  5. Push Xie’Jing to 60% within 2 turns of the first Soul Siphon, or she will use Soul Extinguish, killing 2 units.
  6. At 60% Fei appears again with 750k HP and needs to be handled the same as in Step 2, and with pushing Xie’Jing to 50% HP.
  7. Two Bozdells and a shield appear again at 50% and should be handled, along with Fei, the same as in Step 3, making sure to mitigate the turn you kill them.
  8. At 40% Xie’Jing will begin with Soul Siphon casts, this time three turns in a row, and you must push her to 30% to prevent Soul Extinguish and spawn Fei #3.
  9. This last Fei will precede the last 2 Bozdells and shield that spawn at 20%, handle them all the same as before.
  10. When the final Shield, Bozdells, and Fei are all dead, go full nuke mode.
  11. At 10% Xie’Jing will use Unholy Purge and lock LS for 10 turns. It’s you or her now.

Too Short; Gimme More

  • Begin the fight and bring Xie’Jing down to 90% health to spawn the first Fei. The goal is to keep this Fei (and the 2 that come later) alive until the turn just before Xie’Jing’s shield dissipates and causes Depraved Punishment. Eliminating Fei on that turn causes Xie’Jing’s AI to use Demonic Atrocity instead. If Fei uses “You shall not hurt her!” then Fei will have a taunt that forces any single target attack to hit only him for 2 turns. If Fei’s HP drops below 20% he will kill himself (Ack!), Xie’Jing will use Demonic Atrocity, and you done messed up. “Ack!” does not trigger the same AI as killing Fei does, so failing to kill him on the third shield turn, but bringing him below 20% instead, will result in a wipe.
    1. Fei also reflects damage back on his attackers. Healing over Time (HoT) works well to counter this, as does HC healing, or having your healer heal after all damage dealers deal damage. You should be prepared to counter this any time Fei takes damage, single target or otherwise. Damage is not reflected if Fei dies as a result of damage taken. Reflected damage will never bring a unit below 1 HP.
  • Two Bozdells will appear when Xie’Jing reaches 80% HP. Kill them now or wait(see Note 1), and continue whittling down Fei’s HP, if necessary. Xie’Jing will have a shield during this time which lasts for 3 turns and Xie’Jing will not retain any damage damage done to the shield during these 3 turns. If Fei’s taunt is not on and his health is too low, you can use one or two of the 2 turns following the shield to attack Xie’Jing for BC/HC in order to keep Fei alive and prevent damage reflect to your squad. If Fei’s taunt is on then you will have to guard if you would risk pushing him below 20%. Bear in mind that Fei may occasionally receive a heal that can throw off your careful HP balancing, so watch his health closely. Failing to kill him at the right time is a wipe.
  • What you want to do is nuke Fei (and the Bozdell if they are up) on the third turn after the shield comes up. This will cause Xie’Jing to use Demonic Atrocity which will need to be mitigated, and prevent her from using Depraved Punishment, which must be guarded and locks leader skills for 5 turns. Demonic Atrocity will leave a hefty Damage over Time (DoT) debuff on your squad that deals a large chunk of damage after every round for 3 rounds. This damage is taken after healing and HCs are done but before HoTs.
  • After Demonic Atrocity and Fei’s well executed execution comes the Soul Extinguish threshold at 70% of Xie’Jing’s HP. She will cast Soul Siphon once per turn, for two turns, before casting Soul Extinguish on 2 squad members. Soul Extinguish is a fixed 666,666 damage that can only be prevented by luckily placed angel idol buffs or 100% mitigation buffs. Soul Siphon, on the other hand, is weak and does not need to be mitigated or guarded. It is also the only attack she will use, if she uses it. You can bypass the Soul Extinguish entirely by pushing Xie’Jing into her next HP threshold, Fei #2 at 60% HP, and that is what you must do.
  • Once you have avoided Soul Extinguish you basically start over at the 90% threshold with a few notes:
    1. The second Fei has 750k HP and the third Fei has 1 million.
    2. Once at 70% HP, Xie’Jing will begin using Malignant Wave, which wipes buffs and can curse/poison, every fourth turn counting from the very first turn unless her AI forces her to do something else, such as HP threshold abilities. (see Note 2)
    3. Handle this Fei, Bozdell, and Soul Extinguish phase the same as the previous one, keeping Fei’s increased HP in mind.
  • When you’ve gotten past the second Soul Extinguish phase, it all starts over again with Fei #3. Deal with this as before, bearing in mind, again, Fei has even more HP. This last Fei’s death will result in pushing to the final HP threshold when Xie’Jing has less than 10% HP.
  • At 10% HP Xie’Jing will use Unholy Purge, locking all leader skills for 10 turns. It is unavoidable. At this point the damage is really high and her AI can allow her to use Blighted Harvest up to 3 times per turn, enough to wipe a team. Because of the chance to get rekt despite perfect planning, make sure your second squad can do some damage, potentially with only normal attacks, unless you are very careful and save Fujins.
    1. A good strategy here is to activate a high damage overdrive on the turn you nuke the final Fei, or the turn before depending on how much damage you need to take down Fei. Once Xie’Jing uses Demonic Atrocity, your happy-go-lucky (had any?) turns are over and you should go full throttle. The difference an UBB makes. I had 4 Fujins left before I used 3 this turn.

Notes 1 and 2

  1. I did not attack the Bozdells when they appeared. I kept them alive until the third turn and nuked them along with Fei. I have heard of killing them the turn they appear, or one at a time, or perhaps with a metal bat. For my trial and all attempts, I kept them alive, but it doesn’t seem to be the only option.
  2. I did not count turns and ignored this mechanic. It did occur, but it was never fatal. I only noticed it because it meant I had to refresh my BB on hit buff, and any other.

Additional Information

  • Pushing too fast. It is possible to get thresholds back to back
  • Buffs. You’ll fair best if you take a bb fill on hit, bb regen, and bc/hc buffs. You will want to take damage buffs along as well, as pure defense can suffer from inability to pass Soul Extinguish thresholds. A HoT is extremely useful for helping during DoT phases. BB level HoT is fine, I used Rize’s.
    1. Take units with useful buffs on their BB. Something to keep in mind when you can’t SBB but need to push damage, heal, cleanse status, etc.
  • Items. Your items should be used to correct mishaps. Fujins and Revives are recommended as they are the biggest mishap fixers. “Holy Water?!” you scream! I would’ve finished this trial one attempt sooner but Raaga got cursed before his UBB was full. If I cleared it with Elimo I couldn’t fujin him, and if I wait to use UBB Fei will not die. I ended up wiping. Completed the trial after putting Holy Water in.
  • Guarding Depraved Punishment. It is possible to survive this ultimate by guarding (mitigation doesn’t help) and eating the damage and leader skill lock. I didn’t do this and do not advise it. By killing Fei at the right time you avoid any LS lock until the final 10% by preventing Depraved Punishment.
  • My Squad, if you didn’t see the images above. Spheres:
    1. Grah Lead (Ishrion, Fallacy Orb)
    2. Diana (Malice, Demon Core)
    3. Elimo (Drevas, Magic Ore)
    4. Rize (Scarlet Pin, Communicator)
    5. Colt (Ice Blade, Heresy Orb)
    6. Raaga Friend (Buffer, Heavenly Bud)

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