Brave Frontier Afla Dilith Guide

Brave Frontier Afla Dilith Guide by jerkysans

This trial is really tricky for people who do not know how to read Japanese. It may take you more than two tries to knock Dilith. And this trial is just generally frustrating if you don’t understand the mechanics. Hopefully, this guide can help you traverse the tricky path to the Dilith club.

First off the basics

  1. You need HP leads. Grah-Griel has the most success potential here since you save a lot of slots and you don’t run the risk of getting OHKO from CRIT and weakness combo.
  2. Heal-over-Time or HoT is required to counter Afla Dilith’s damage over time. Selena is MVP for this. Emeldia is a good candidate, too, especially if you don’t have Elimo 7*
  3. Cure status ailment is important to be able to guard the right units at the right time.
  4. The strategy is simple: know which units to guard at the right time. Maintain BB. And kill Zurg (who has very weak DEF) at the right time.

Suggested Units

Grah (HP)-Griel (HP, stat null, BC drop) for leads.

Selena for HoT and drop checks on normal attack.

Elimo because she is OP (heal, mit, cure ailment)

Kikuri for BB fill when damaged

Taser / Lugina for STSBB


HP Markers

90% remove buff and do 120% of unit’s HP damage to unit with lowest current HP. Guard this unit to avoid KO.

80% remove buff and do 120% of unit’s HP damage to unit with highest current attack. Guard this unit to avoid KO.

60% remove buff and do 120% of unit’s HP damage to unit with lowest current defense. Guard this unit to avoid KO.

33% remove buff and do 120% of unit’s HP damage to unit with highest current HP. Guard this unit to avoid KO. And,

remove buff and do 120% of unit’s HP damage to random unit whose BB gauge is over 50%. Revive this unit.

20% Cast ENDLESS Pt. 1

10% Cast ENDLESS Pt. 2

Changes Base element at 10% HP intervals, starting with Dark->Fire->Water->Earth->Thunder

Make sure you know who he’d target. Also ATK/DEF down status affects who is the lowest/highest ATK and DEF in your team is. So make sure to cure status ailment around these HP markers.

DEALING with Massive AOE at 50%

Around 70% of his HP, he will summon Zurg. This is where things get hairy as Zurg likes spreading status ailment and Afla gets a CRIT and ATK boost. Also, if you’re using Elimo and Taser, at 60% you may want to Angel Idol them as Afla turns to thunder element at this time and can knock out water elements rather easily, thus some people use Lugina instead (he’s free after all).

Don’t AOE too much when Zurg is around. Use STSBB on Dilith and AOE from time to time to reduce Zurg’s HP, too, but not too much. Reduce Dilith to 50% and Zurg to 20% (or any HP percent you’re comfortable you can kill him easily). When you’ve reduced Afla Dilith’s HP to 50%, the two will have a dialogue (about how Zurg needs to fulfill his duty and get absorbed by Afla). Zurg will not attack this turn and Afla will do normal damage. This is your cue to kill Zurg already. If you’ve succeeded, then Afla Dilith won’t deal a massive AOE and you only have to worry about his 33% HP mark.

Below 50%

Below 50% can be challenging cause Afla has a persistent Heal over time, CRIT and ATK buff, and he has cast a persistent Damage Over Time on your team. Selena SBB can counteract the damage over time. As for the crit, it can kill when he changes elements and focus fires on weak element. Make sure you guard units weak to his current element or AI them. 20% Endless and 10% would only hurt if he CRITS, other than that, basically, it’s an easy ride from 33% to victory.

Hope this helped. Feel free to ask if you have any questions.

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