Brave Frontier Maxwell Squad Templates and Unit Roles

Brave Frontier Maxwell Squad Templates and Unit Roles by Zombica09

I’ve noticed lots of people asking about what units they should use against Maxwell and what items they should use. At first I didn’t know how to answer them, but now it’s become very easy to answer them and get the answer correct.

So, I’m here today to give you a guide based off of Ushi’s video found here: I want to expand on that, and give you folks some advice on which units you can choose to use for Maxwell. It’s entirely up to you whether you want to take my advice or not. Regardless, I hope you enjoy the guide and don’t forget to leave positive feedback to help me out.

Here are some tools to aid you:

Maxwell Counter:

Boss HP Marker:


First, I want to give you a couple of examples of how your squad should be set up before trying to take on Maxwell. There’s some variety, but some get the job done better than others. The following are all very good choices and it is recommended that you use one of them to take on Maxwell. Although you can be creative and make your own. Being creative and taking Maxwell down will be more rewarding.

  • Grah/Mitigator [Leader]
  • Offensive Unit
  • Offensive Unit/Status Remover (if your don’t have a status nullifier)
  • BC Generator
  • Healer (Altri/Ulkina if your leader/friend is not a Narza/Darvanshell)
  • The Leader you didn’t choose [Friend]

This point of this squad is to have an extremely offensive team while being able to maintain your health at all times and constantly have your BBs up.

  • Grah/Lilly Matah [Leader]
  • Offensive Unit
  • Healer
  • Status Nullifier
  • Damage Mitigator
  • The Leader you didn’t choose [Friend]

In this squad, you give up an offensive spot for a status nullifier, but gain more BC in the process. With a Lily Matah leader, you are able to maintain your BB Gauges filled up most of the time while still having the mitigation and stat boost from Grah.

  • Lilly/Mitigator [Leader]
  • Offensive Unit
  • Mitigator
  • BC Generator
  • Healer (Altri/Ulkina if your leader/friend is not a Narza/Darvanshell)
  • The Leader you didn’t choose [Friend]

This last squad example is a very defensive one. You give up an offensive spot for a mitigator. The extra mitigator here is used just in case your other mitigator does not have their BB/SBB up in time. You really have to be careful with this squad though, it’s possible to easily get stuck in the Sacred Song loop.


Before your read the analyses, understand that just because I didn’t mention a unit does not mean it is not useful for Maxwell. I just added units which I think are great and can work very well for Maxwell. All units are great, but it just really depends how you use them and the way your squad is set up. Your squad must maintain synergy if you want to succeed.

Leader Spot:

  • Grahdens, a nearly mandatory leader to have for this trial. Grahdens offers a 20% boost to all your stats and mitigates 15% of the damage from Light and Dark attacks. He is also very good since he gives all your units a Light and Dark attribute buff to take down Abaddon and Maxwell faster. With this leader, you have an advantage over both Abaddon and Maxwell. Just be careful when using him, since his 5-star form doesn’t have great stats, especially his HP.
  • Guardian Darvanshel, a powerful leader to bring along with your Grahdens. He is able to negate any status ailments from the enemy and has a small chance to reduce damage from incoming attacks. Although the latter is not so useful, it does help some. His main use though, is his BB/SBB. His ability to mitigate damage is incredible, just like Oulu and Narza. A very useful ability since the bosses in this trial are capable of dealing high amounts of damage. So if you’re missing a mitigator, bring him along.
  • Tyrant Lilly Matah, a very good option for a leader. She is the best BC-generator for single bosses at the moment, therefore definitely worth bringing if you have her. If you use her as a leader, you lose the Status Ailment from Darvanshell or Stat Boost/Mitigation from Grahdens. But that can easily be fixed with regular squad units. Choose carefully on who to bring, since it can make the difference in winning and losing.
  • Beast God Exvehl, a great leader that earned its spot here thanks to the awesome recommendations. He gives a 30% boost to all your units’ HP and heals from 200-400 HP every turn. That’s great just in case you can’t use your healer’s this turn. Also, he is a status nullifier, so no worrying about that anymore. His BB charges as quick as 10BC, so it’s basically free status removal. His SBB also has status removal plus an added 24-hit AOE which is great for BC production.
  • Mad God Naruza, another mitigator makes it to the leader’s section! Naruza is unlike the other mitigators though, he has Ares’ Sancturay leader skill which gives a 40% boost in BB-gauge fill rate and has a 10% chance to mitigate 20% damage every turn. Not only that, his SBB has a Matah-like effect that your units gain BC whenever they are hit. If you have a Naruza leader, you can use him and Grahdens/Exvehl to get rid of all your BC problem immediately.

Offensive Units:

  • Terminator Lilith, The V.I.P unit for killing Maxwell. She is not mandatory, but if you have one she deserves a spot on your squad. The ability to have a self-filling SBB every single turn is rather rare and she is one of those special units. She is able to do tons of damage every single turn without wasting any BC and you will see Maxwell’s HP slowly drain over time. Did I mention she has great BC production on her SBB with a maximum of 32BC?
  • Lightning Gun Rowgen, just like Lilith, he has the Self-Filling SBB. Unlike Lilith though, he is a thunder attribute monster (will not always do neutral damage and no bonus damage to Abaddon) and his SBB is a 1-hit. The good things is, and it’s a very good thing, he is able to do much more damage than Lilith in certain occasions. Unlike Lilith, he is easier to spark with and therefore, can do much more potential damage. Also his SBB has a drop check of 30.
  • Goddess Axe Michele, not the most common unit to bring to Maxwell, but she is a very good option. Although she doesn’t have an offensive BB, she can deal quite a bit of damage to Maxwell with her regular attack. Now, her SBB has a total of a smacking 18-hit Fire AOE with an ATK boosting buff to all your units. This alone gives her a spot on the squad. Not only that, she is perfect at generation BC for your team, which is very critical for survival on Maxwell’s trial.
  • Flora Goddess Faris, a rare choice as an offensive unit for Maxwell. I wanted to use her for Maxwell since the moment I got her. She has a 13-hit regular attack, 30-hit STBB with HC buff to herself, and a 20-hit AOE-SBB with an HC Buff to all allies for 1 turn and a crit buff for 3 turns. While the latter will not be commonly used here, her amazing BB will do insane damage to Juggernaut while maintaining her HP. Once buffed by Grah or Themis, she can do the same to Abaddon or Maxwell. The great thing about her is the fact that she can produce so much BC from her regular attack and her BB, it’s not even funny. Definitely worth having if you are not using a Lilith.
  • Defiant God Luther, a really strong unit to use against Maxwell and crew. Thanks to his great stats, he is capable of doing a good amount of damage while staying healthy. His attack is capable of producing up to 20BC, his BB does 15 single-target hits with the possibility of parylizing. His SBB does 28 AOE-Hits and adds 50% boost to spark, which is helpful during the Sacred Song turns. He is surely a great choice as an attacker and you will not regret his addition if you so decide to include him in your squad.
  • Ivy Goddess Nalmika, the Cardes killer makes an early entrance to Maxwell’s trial. She has well-rounded stats and has a nice amount of HP, even as a Lord. Although she is not the best at generating BC, she has a great ability on both her BB and SBB. Her BB is an 11-hit single-target attack that is capable of inflicting a random status ailment. Quite useful since it can make the fight easier for you. Her SBB is a 14-hit AOE attack that can inflict a random ailment as well. I recommend you use her BB though, since it has a lower BC cost, hits harder, and there’s only one enemy. If you can spare some space for her and your squad is able to maintain BBs, don’t think twice about adding her.
  • OTHER UNIT(S): Dilma is also very good for this trial. He has high BC-producing capabilities and great attack. His SBB comes with a “back-to-full-health” effect at the end of the enemie’s turn which is very useful since he is squishy. He can also deal tons of damage to Juggernaut and Abaddon/Maxwell if he recieves the appropriate attribute buffs. Zelnite is also a nice offensive unit, but I have him in the BC generator section instead, check him out.

BC Generators:

  • Tyrant Lilly Matah, you probably know her already as the best leader for any Single Boss in the game. She also has and incredible BB and SBB. Although her regular attack is not what makes her good, it’s worth noting that she a nice 18 drop check, which is good for BC/HC generation. What makes her such a good unit though, is her BB and SBB. Her BB fills your BB gauge by 4 BC for 3 turns and fills from 3-5 BC whenever an allied unit gets attacked. That’s amazing, her unique BB is perfect for this trial. Her SBB does the same, except that it generates 3-6 BC when you are attacked and increases the BC drop rate by 20%. Hands-down the best BC generator for this trial. If you have her, there should be no reason for you not to use her.
  • Empyreal Drake Lodin, the great rainbow BB-Spam leader makes a comeback by being an extremely useful unit for this trial. His BB recovers your BB gauge by 8 BC and adds the thunder element, his SBB has an amazing 14-hit AOE increases your BB gauge by 5BC for 3 turns and adds the thunder element buff. If you are missing Lilly Matah, this guy will be your savior. Like Ushi said, do not use his BB unless you are in a state of emergency and you need to heal or use a mitigator. His SBB is what you should try to use, since it can give more total BC than his BB.
  • Thief God Zelnite, the most popular unit in the game (I think) has come to save your day. Not only is he a great BC supplier, but he is an amazing offensive unit. I decided to add him here instead because I think his role is more important here than in the offensive one. He has a great 13-hit regular attack capable of producing a max of 26 BC, a 14-hit BB that increases all allies’ BB gauge by 8BC (equal to Lodin), and his SBB has a great 17-hit AOE that fills your BB gauge by 8BC and increases the drop-rate of BC and HC by 15%. A great pseudo-healer of some sort and a nice increase to BC generation. Very good unit as a whole with great stats, recommended if you don’t have a Lodin or Lilly Matah.
  • God Engineer Garnan, Elulu’s grandpa is here to offer his help. Although he is not the best choice for this role, it’s better than nothing. He has an 11-hit regular attack capable of producing a maximum of 22 BC, his BB boost the Crit Rate, the Spark damage Buff and fills your BB gauge by 4 for 3 turns. Although it’s only 1BC lower than Lodin’s, he can help maintain your BB gauges for a while. His SBB isn’t so great though, for this trial at least, he does a 15-hit AOE and boosts the Crit Rate and Spark Damage buff.
  • Divine Light Alyut, who knew he would actually be a great BC generator? Alyut has taken us by suprice by his incredible ability to generate BC and Heal-Over-Time. His regular attack can produce up to a maximum of 27BC, his BB is an 11-hit AOE with probable Injury ailment, and finally his SBB is a 14-hit AOE with about 2.1k heal every turn and 3BC every turn. It might not sound like much, but trust me, every BC counts. What holds him back though is his light attribute (Abaddon) and his slightly low attack.
  • OTHER UNIT(S): Uda can help with BC, but only with his SBB. Even then, he cannot help as much as the other units since his BC-Drop buff won’t be extremely useful against a single target only. Ophelia also has a BB regeneraton buff in her SBB which would be great, if it wasn’t in her SBB. She is a great unit though.

Damage Mitigators:

  • Guardian Darvanshel, most likely the best damage mitigator in the game thus far. His leader skill negates any status ailment and has a small chance to mitigate a small percentage of damage being received. His highlight, though, is his BB/SBB. He has a 12-hit STBB that mitigates 50% of damage received for 1 turn, and his SBB has a 13-hit AOE attack that mitigates 50% of damage received for 1 turn boosts your defense by 50% for 3 turns.
  • Ice Fortress Oulu, the first of the damage mitigators. Oulu use to be the only damage mitigator for a long time until Darvanshel was released. Even now, Oulu is still a very, very good mitigator. Oulu’s BB reduces the damage taken by 50% for 1 turn and its SBB reduces the damage taken by 50% for 1 turn and doubles your defense. Really, really great abilities. The bad thing about Oulu is that since most of the time you are only going to be using it’s BB, you won’t get any BC from it. Also, it’s a water attribute, so it’s weak against Juggernaut. If you can beat Juggernaut before he start to kill Oulu, you will have no problem afterwards.
  • Mad God Narza, the newest damage mitigator and my favorite unit in the game. Before we get into why he is good, let me explain why I love him. He has easily one of the best unit arts in the game upon getting his 6-star form and his regular attack looks beast. Seriously, check him out. Now back to the guide; he has a whooping 16-hit regular attack capable of producing a maximum of 32BC (WOW!), his BB reduces the damage taken by 50% for one turn and negates ailments for 3 turns. Remember, negates status ailments from happening, but he does not cure them. His SBB reduces the damage taken by 50% for one turn and negates ailments for 3 turns, and fills the BB gauge by 5-6BC whenever you take damage. The bad thing about his is he cannot heal ailments. Maxwell can remove the buff with Rune too.


  • Alpha Tree Altri, the most popular healer for this trial is Altri. Why? Because he has the highest healing ability in the game and is able to remove ailments from your units. He has a 7-hit regular attack capable of producing a maximum of 14BC, his BB heals 2.6k HP plus REC and removes ailments, and his SBB heals 4.5k HP plus REC and removes and negates ailments for 3 turns. Wow, very handy for this trial indeed. If you have him, go ahead and use him. His only fault is the lack of BC generation in his BB/SBB.
  • Fire Goddess Ulkina, Altri 1.5? A new healer that does almost exactly what Altri does. She is a semi-healer – capable of healing with her BB and attacking with her SBB. Her BB recovers up to 2.6k HP (as much as Altri) and removes ailments, her SBB is a 16-hit AOE and removes and negates ailments for 3 turns. Obviously you’d go for her BB most of the time if you use her as a healer. I recommend you equip her with Drevas so that she doesn’t get paralyzed or cursed.
  • Wordly Themis, one of the best healers for this trial due to her Dark Attribute buff. Her BB recovers about ~2.4k HP and adds the dark attribute buff to allies, and her SBB heals 4.5k HP, adds the dark attribute buff, and boosts all allies’ rec by 80% for 3 turns! Great Scot! What usefulness! If your units get HC, their HP is going to be constantly on the green.
  • Sky Mage Rashil, my very first Thunder Unit! Who knew Rashil would make it to the list and not Elimo? What makes Rashil so great? His BB recovers about 2.6k HP and slightly increases Crit Rate, slightly helpful. His SBB recovers ~3.5k HP, boosts Crit Rate and he gains an Angel Idol buff. Great, so your healer is guaranteed to survive what would’ve been a K.O, unless Maxwell decides to remove that buff and attack him. It can happen and you have to take that into account.
  • Wise Mage Elimo, our very first healer still does great this late in the power-creep. Elimo may not be the best BC generatress, but she is certainly very good as a healer. Her BB heals about 2.4k HP and adds a 40% Def buff. Her SBB heals about 3.4k HP, adds a 50% Def Buff and mitigates 25% of the damage taken next turn. Very, very decent healer if you manage to keep her alive past Juggernaut. Yes, she can die easily to Juggernaut’s attacks if not taken care of correctly.

Status Nullifiers:

  • Legatus Melchio, the god of punishment is here to end Maxwell and her minions. Melchio here has great potential as a BC supplier and status removal. His normal attack is capable of producing 39BC. That’s insane. His BC adds the light attribute to all allies and negates ailments for 3 turns, but unfortunately does not remove them. His SBB is a 15-hit AOE SBB that does damage of all elements except Dark, negates ailments for 3 turns and give the light attribute buff. Again, does not remove ailments so he isn’t too great. What’s good though is that his BB only requires 10BC to use, which is incredibly fast and his SBB requires 30BC. Definitely one of the fastest charging SBBs in the game if I’m not mistaken. Did I mention there’s a bug with Lilly Matah’s leader skill where she gives BC because Melchio’s attack acts as if it were attacking your own team? Broken.
  • Beast God Exvehl, the new king of status removal. Just like Melchio, he is great for BC generation. Unlike Melchio though, he does a better job for the same price. His BB can remove and nullify status ailments for 3 turns for the low cost of 10BC. His SBB is a 24-hit AOE attack that will remove and nullify incoming ailments for 3 turns but for 40BC. Definitely better than Melchio in most ways and his thunder attribute does not hurt him during this trial. His only down-side is that his BB has not ways of producing BC which does hurt your team unless your run a Lilly leader.
  • Black Lotus Lunaris, the mother of the guardians is here to help you beat a fallen god. Her regular attack can produce about 20BC, very nice. Her BB is a pure offensive, 11-hit AOE move with a probable weak effect. Her SBB though, is a 15-hit AOE that removes and nullifies ailments for 3 turns. Really good since she has offensive BB and SBB. But her great abilities come with a price; her SBB costs 22BC more than Melchio’s and 12BC more than Exvhel and it’s not that much better. Plus, she is a dark attribute, thus Maxwell can deal more damage to her.

Suggested Items: * Cures * Brute Elixirs * Fujin Potions and Elixirs * Revives and Revive Lights * Holy Flutes

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