WildStar New Level 50 PvP Gear Guide

WildStar New Level 50 PvP Gear Guide by Eclips

Step 1: Get the gear.

When you hit 50, you’ll have a whole new set of gear at the vendor, located here in Illium:


and here in Thayd:


You’ll find a few gear sets to choose from. What you’re looking for is the ilvl 63 blue quality gear that costs gold only. Choose either Assault or Support, depending on your playstyle (or both), and go ahead and grab that full set. (Cost:  ~3.2 platinum)


If you can’t afford it, ask to borrow from someone, and pay them back in the future.  You’ll make quite a bit of money just from PvPing, and it’s well worth the start!

You’ll also want to go ahead and grab a gadget: I recommend Protection, under the “Gadgets – Level 50” tab.  It gives you a good burst of health (5300), and some pvp defense for 10s.  It’s a great starter trinket for all of the classes. (Cost : ~30g)


Step 2: Rune the gear.

This part is very important. Rune your gear! This is what makes the difference between playing and getting stomped, or getting those kills.

Instead of heading to the AH/CX to buy some runes, or crafting your own, go here in Illium :


or here in Thayd:


Look around and find the U-Craft Express Vendbot, aka the Weakened Rune Vendor.





Scroll down the list of options and you’ll see a tab for each element of runes.


Now, go back to your freshly bought gear, and take a look at those rune slots, here’s a hat for example:

If I right click on that piece of gear in my inventory, select edit runes, I can see that I have a fire slot, two life slots, and an empty slot.  If you have a few modules and don’t mind spending some gold, open it up!  If not, don’t worry about it for now.


So we have our rune slots, now it’s time to make some choices.  As we gear our set out, we want to focus on a few things as a fresh 50, and rune accordingly:

Assault DPS: Main Stat > PvPO

Support Tank: Main Stat > PvPD

Support Healer: Support Power > PvPO > Main Stat

PvPO = PvP Power, PvPD = PvP Defense

In our example here, we’ll start by putting a Weakened Rune of Brutality (Warrior Main Stat) into the Fire Slot, a Weakened Rune of Brutality the life slot, and then a Weakened Rune of PvP Power into the Life Slot, because we arenot allowed to put 2 of the same rune of the same element into the same piece.

The total cost of those weakened runes that you use should not be more than 5 gold.

Step 3: Queue Up!

So continue that pattern the rest of the way, and congratulations, you’re now well-geared to start PvP. I’d advise going to find a good starter build, checking that contract board for some PvP contracts, and searching for a premade RBG group or a 3v3 Arena Team. Tell them you’re new, and you’d like to learn!

Now that you have some good to start with, your next purchase should be the ilevel 65 Weapon (Assault / Support). That will be your biggest upgrade to both power and survivability. Your next purchase could include a new gadget, specifically Recovery for healers, and Punisher / Disabler for DPS. You can then start to fill in the ilvl 65 gear as you get it.

As you’re getting your new best-in-slot gear, go ahead and start splurging for the better runes. Remember, don’t wait on a set bonus. Runing the slot in the priority you now know is always better than an empty slot waiting on a runeset.

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