WildStar Siege of Temptest Refuge Veteran Gold Guide

WildStar Siege of Temptest Refuge Veteran Gold Guide [Exiles] by Lycake

Hello guys,

this was the last adventure we had to get gold on. Mainly because it seems to be buggy at some points. #CV

We figured out a good way to get gold on almost every run now. I believe the Adventure is different for Exiles and Dominion, so this is Exiles only, but maybe some tips can help you on the Dominion side aswell.

If you want to join us in our runs, we are playing on the EU realm Eko. /w Tatoe ingame or visit our website: Aasgard Guild

The Siege of Tempest Refuge

It is a classic defense map. Enemies are coming from three sides and you have to defend the generator in the middle.to get gold the generators health has to stay above 95%. In this guide, i’ll call the three lanes left, middle and right (left is where you spawn).

You have to fight five waves and survive the last assault. You’ll get help by NPCs that level up if they don’t die. However if they die, they will respawn at the start of next round.


It’s a good idea to have a healer, a tank and three DPS. If you have badly geared DPS, it might be a good idea to let the tank do a bit more DPS aswell, he should just make sure he can hold the threat of a lot of small mobs. A lot of the bosses require to interrupt them. I’d recommend at least 8 interrupts in the group!

Basic Strategy

In general, you’d want a DPS on each lane. The tank stays in the center and the healer stays with the tank or roams around. Good communication is the key here. If someone is in trouble and needs help, you have to switch positions around.

The basic strategy to defeat most of the enemies is to let the DPS pull them to the center, where the tank takes the aggro and stacks them up. I’ll go into more detail when I talk about the different enemy groups.


In the top left corner of your screen you have your morale counter. You will loose damage, healing power and dash regeneration, the more morale you loose. You’ll loose 20 morale each wave by default. If a player or an NPC dies, you’ll loose extra morale. You’d really want to avoid this, as it is really hard to fight some waves and bosses with low morale.


Now let’s talk about NPCs. NPCs are ridiculously strong. They can help a lot. The best spots for the NPCs we found so far are:

  • 1 NPC left (on the spot right next to the turret at the gate)
  • 3 NPCs middle lane (usually the two spots right at the gate and one spot a bit further away)
  • 1 NPC right

If your NPCs don’t die during a wave, they’ll level up and you can choose an upgrade for them. We found the medics to be the most useful class. So always upgrade them on the first levelup to Grenadiers (Technical Training) and on the second to Medics (Medical Training). Those NPCs can reduce the Interrupt armor with their grenades almost constantly. It’ll help you a lot with some bosses. #CV


In this section, I’m going to explain the different strategies for all of the different enemies you’ll encounter in this adventure.

Rocket Troopers, Shock Troopers, Riflemen, Specialists

Try to pull them from all sides to the center. The tank should stack them together there, so you can burst them down all together. If it’s an early wave (meaning high morale) and you have good gear on your DPS, you can also try to finish some of them off directly on your side.


Because snipers have a really long range, you can’t really pull them to the center. They don’t have a lot of HP so kill them quickly where they are.


Saboteurs are invisible until you hit them or until they place a bomb right in the center of the generator. Those bombs hurt a lot. If you see saboteurs spawn in a wave, let the tank go back immediately to disarm all bombs. If there is a tank rolling, it’s usually a good idea to finish off the (enemy) tank before going to help the (player) tank with the saboteurs. It’s also a good idea to just shoot around in the center so you’ll hit invisible ones. Be aware of how many saboteurs are left, sometimes they take quite a while to appear.

Mines, Tanks and Bunker Busters

Mines are your frinds! They don’t do a lot of damage to you, but hurt enemy tanks and bunker busters A LOT! Try not to step on mines by accident and only trigger them when a tank is next to it.

Speaking of tanks, there are two kind of tanks: Assault Tanks and Hellfire Tanks. Assault Tanks are slow but with a lot of HP. Hellfire Tanks move a lot faster but are also easier to destroy. In earlier waves you should have enough morale to kill them even without mines, for later waves make sure to save mines on the paths the tank takes. If a tank appears, drop everything, run to that lane and DPS it down as fast as you can. If other enemies spawn, your medics should be able to distract them for a while. If saboteurs spawn the tank has to run to the generator to disarm all bombs/keep the saboteurs away from the generator. Root can stop tanks, so make sure to pick rooting skills if you have trouble killing them fast enough.

Now bunker busters are REALLY tanky. If they reach your generator… bye gold. But they also are heavily damaged by mines. However, they seem to be buggy right now. If you hit them and they drop to about 95% HP they just stop and won’t move anymore. So these are lowest priority at all times. If there is anything else to do, do it and ignore the bunker buster (your medics alone should be able to stop it most of the time). Occasionally they don’t seem to bug out. DPS them down and root them as much as you can, like with the tanks


Artillery only hits inside the fortress. If you fight close to the gate or even outside, it won’t hit you at all.

Waves and Bosses

There are 10 different waves in this game. Each consists of a few enemies spawning and then a boss kill at the end. Some of those are tough, but with the right strategy you can beat them all. Commander Kriton is telling you which wave is coming next, so you can adjust your build if you want to. Also it tells you in your questlog which enemy wave is attacking right now. The waves you get are completely ranndom.

Dominion Special Tactics

Enemies to encounter

  • I forgot.. a little help please?!

Boss: Siren Aria

This is an easy boss. Make sure to dodge her sonic waves ability. If you got hit by it, you’ll trigger another sonic wave around yourself, so don’t run straight back to the group after getting hit, but wait a few moments until you are not a danger for the rest of the group anymore.

Ranged Assault Division

Enemies to encounter

  • Rifleman
  • Snipers

Boss: Marksman Decimus

This boss doesn’t require any special tactics. However it can take a while, so to speed it up coordinate a few stuns to get a moment of opportunity against him.

Royal Flying Corps

Enemies to encounter

  • Rifleman
  • Saboteurs
  • A lot of mines

Remember to keep the mines for later tank attacks.

Boss: Agent Razios

He jumps around a lot and can be really annoying. The hardest part of this boss is his ability called Shadow Mine. If it hits, it will tether the person. This is a problem especially for a medic, because he can’t free himself. However since Razios does not have any cleave or AoE damage, there is a really easy way to beat him. Just stack up as a group in front of him. Usually we all try to position ourselves on top of our tank, if he moves, we’ll follow (even the ranged DPS). Also you would want to coordinate your interrupts so you can stop his Shadow Mine spell. Stay close to the medics, they’ll help you interrupting. Since you are stacked up, his shadow traps don’t matter and will be destroyed instantly, also if you get hit by the shadow mine it’s no big deal and just help destroying all tether (help the healer!)

DRED Tactical Squad

Enemies to encounter

  • Saboteurs
  • Snipers

Boss: Esper Moko

This one is OP. It is so ridiculous at first, we thought about disbanding every time this wave even starts. However we found a really easy way to deal with him now. Not sure if it’s a bug or intended behaviour, but it works.

There are two things to deal with here. First of all he will disorientate A LOT. The tank will probably be disorientated all the time. Learn to strafe! It takes quite some time to figure out which key let’s you move forward and this will hurt you too much, but you don’t have to. You have a 3 of 4 chance of hitting either left, right or forward. If you do, stick to it, move around in circles and move, move, move. You have to be constantly in motion!

Now the second and probably more important part. If he spawns a lot of clones.. well.. run! You can’t fight them if you don’t have epic gear. Now with running I mean just getting away from him as quickly as you can. If you are disoriented, just strafe away instead of running forward. Teleport spells are also useful. If the whole team is away far enough, the clones will despawn. Kepp an eye on them. As soon as they despawn, turn around and start to hit Moko again. Rinse and repeat.

Jaeger Guard

Enemies to encounter

  • Assault Tank
  • Shocktroopers
  • Snipers
  • Bunker Buster

Let the medics and/or the tank handle the Shocktroppers while the DPS and Healer stay with the Assault Tank

Boss: The Team

You’ll fight multiple enemies here, that’s why we call it The Team. I don’t know the real name for those. The first enemy you should focus down is the Blood Shaman. He will heal the others. Also if they start to get low on HP, little HP-Packs will drop on the ground and they will run to them to pick’em up. If you see them starting to run away, run aswell and try to grab the HP-packs before they do. Other than that, it’s a pretty easy boss fight.

Dominion Armored Division

Enemies to encounter

  • Assault Tank + Artillery
  • Rocketeer
  • Hellfire Tank

Tanks! What to do really depends on how many morale and mines you have. If you lack both and your DPSs are not geared good enough, it’s a good idea to pick up root to stop the tanks temporarily (we didn’t test this, but it should work) before the wave starts. If Rocketeers pop up, let your tank and the medics handle them.

Boss: Legion Assault Tank

It’s a really easy fight. Just don’t stay in front of it and interrupt his biggest ability (Pulse Burst) whenever you can.

Dominion Cybernetics Corps

Enemies to encounter

  • Rocket Troops
  • Rifleman

Boss: Advanced Warbot

One of the easiest waves and the boss is also not very challenging. Just don’t get hit by Exterminate and interrupt it whenever you can.

Anti Infantry Division#CV

Enemies to encounter#CV

  • Rocket Troops#CV
  • Rifleman#CV

Boss: Corporal Vizrek

He is bugged. Seriously. He can randomly jump on top of you, push all you allies away, grab you, and kill you in one shot. Sometimes there is an animation and a telegraph to dodge it, but sometimes there just isn’t. For this boss you really want to have three NPCs standing on the middle lane. This increases the chances of him jumping on one of them istead of one of your group members. The NPCs can withstand more damage than you can. Your healer should keep them alive so #CV has more targets to jump on. If he jumps a NPC, just DPS on him. However if he jumps one of your group members, call it out quickly, get to him as fast as you can (you probably got thrown away just before) and interrupt him. The healer probably still has to heal the group member with all he got while Vizrek is grabbing him. Coordinate your interrupts, so you can interrupt him two times in a row if he jumps a group member.

This is extremely RNG based. If he jumps your group members 5 times in a row, there is just nothing you can do, but if you keep the NPCs alive it is not really a problem. Even if you loose a group member you can still kill him.

Sappers Division

Enemies to encounter

  • Rocket Troopers
  • Specialists
  • Bunker Buster

Boss: Chief Engineer Vortec

Your own turrets in the base will start to shoot at you. It’s best to fight him outside the gate or in a spot where nno turrets are close to you. Also you should interrupt his Hack ability.

Incindiaries Division

Enemies to encounter

  • Specialists
  • Bunker Buster

Boss: Elementarist Vermilius

He doesn’t have much damage, but there is one ability of him that you can’t interrupt and hurts a lot. The ground around him will burst into flames and he will start running towards his target. When that happens, just split up and run away from him and kite him until that ability stops.

The End

That’s it for now. It got a lot longer than I expected, but now it’s all there. If I forgot something or if you see some mistakes, let me know!

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