Destiny Level Iron Banner Alts In 6 Games Guide

Destiny Level Iron Banner Alts In 6 Games Guide by GenericDreadHead

So I’ve done the maths based on my original calculations and you can power a 2nd/3rd character to level 3 (sweet Etheric Light) in a mere 6 games.

All you need to do is:
1) You have 1 character (your main) who has already achieved Rank 3
2) Ensure your 6th match is a win
3) You have approx a 0.5 Win Ratio (winning 50% of matches)
4) You have the Emblem, Class Item, Shader and buy the Tempered buff.
5) You can complete at least 3 daily IB bounties
Hard Forged All you need is 1,666 points per match (or approx 10 kills with bonus points)
The Chaos and the Calm Get the heavy twice per round if possible and try get 2 kills each time
Iron Embrace Punch 2 guys to death in their punchable faces in each match
Iron Grip Capture 3 Zones per match

Wins are worth 332 REP (3 Wins = 996)
Bounties are worth 664 REP (3 Bounties = 1,992)
Medallions are worth 266 REP (3 Medallions = 798)

Total = 3,786 (Rank 3 is 3,700)

Disclaimer, 6 games takes more like 1 hour and 20 minutes and if you have a lot of losses or lose your 6th game you may need to play a 7th…. or more if you have a particularly bad run of luck :P

In fact I power levelled my Hunter to Rank 3.5 (from Rank 0) last night using yesterdays buffs and bounties in 5 games (now granted I achieved all 6 bounties in that time). Check my profile if you are of a suspicious nature.

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