Destiny Leveling Up Iron Banner Effectively Guide

Destiny Leveling Up Iron Banner Effectively Guide by GenericDreadHead

TL:DR: Play 1 hour a day every day or 2 hours a day for the last 4 days

Please read whole OP before posting questions, 95% of the answers are listed here, I’ve been super meticulous


What is Iron Banner
Iron Banner Damage Output Curve
Reforging Guide for All IB Weapons


Nightfall REP Buff does not affect Iron Banner REP at all (be it wins, bounties, medallions etc).
You can complete standard Crucible bounties (capture 10 zones, kill 25 Warlocks etc) while doing Iron Banner.
Nightfall REP boost does apply to these bounties as normal.


You can use Emblems, Shaders and Class Items from previous Iron Banner seasons and feel their benefits immediately.
Both Shader types (Rank 2 and 5) and Emblem types (Rank 1 and 3) will give you you the same REP bonuses.
Historically, the only Iron Banner weapons that will be in the drop/loot table, will be whatever weapons were on sale for the Previous season of Iron Banner, and will only drop from level 3 onwards.
Wearing Iron Banner Armour does not give any additional REP boosts.
Iron Banner gear costs a lot of Glimmer, if you need to spend a couple hours farming glimmer and have limited play time, it’s best to do this earlier in the week (Tue, Wed, Thur) as the Tempered Buff is lower.
If you have no Iron Banner Emblem, Shader or Class Item, please add 20% to the amount of time/games required to level up.


Each Iron Banner Emblem, Shader and Class Item account for a 10% REP Increase.
The Emblem becomes available at Rank 1, The Shader becomes available at Rank 2 and the Class item becomes available at Rank 4.
Buy them and equip them as soon as they become available.
All of the below tables are built on the assumption you have the Iron Banner Shader, Emblem & Bond/Cloak/Towel.
Emblem + Shader + Class Item = 33% Buff NOT 30% Buff (this is because the multipliers are sequential, so REP x1.1 x.1.1 x.1.1).
So by Rank 2, you should already have 21% Buff from the Emblem and Shader.


You can buy the buff once per day and it lasts 12 hours (regardless of if you log in and out or if there is a daily “reset”)
A Win in Iron Banner (with no Iron Banner gear equipped) is worth 50 REP
If you have all 3 items equipped you will get an additional 16 REP
So with the 3 Items equipped it will be 66 REP per win
Please note the percentages listed are derived from the base value of 50 for a win.

Day Tempered REP % Increase (No items) Tempered REP % Increase (All items) Tempered REP Amount Win REP Amount with Buff and Items
Tuesday 10% 40% 7 73
Wednesday 13% 50% 9 75
Thursday 25% 66% 17 83
Friday 40% 86% 27 93
Saturday 60% 112% 40 106
Sunday 100% 166% 67 133
Monday 150% 232% 100 166


You get a Medallion when you lose, you can get a maximum of 5.
Medallions are worth 80% of a victory, you cash them in automatically when your team wins.

Day Medallion REP Amount incl Win, Items and Buff Medallion Value REP Amount Not incl Win
Tuesday 131 58
Wednesday 135 60
Thursday 149 66
Friday 167 74
Saturday 191 85
Sunday 239 106
Monday 299 133


Bounties are worth 100REP when you have no items equipped.
They are worth 133 with the Shader, Emblem & Bond/Cloak/Towel equipped.
Below is how much you gain per bounty when turning 1 bounty in with Tempered activated.
Turn in bounties on the day you get the, if you wait till the next day (thinking you’ll get sweet bonus XP) you will lose the opportunity to then get that bounty on the 2nd day.

Day Bounty REP Ammount with Tempered Buff Bonus REP Amount
Tuesday 141 8
Wednesday 153 20
Thursday 166 33
Friday 186 53
Saturday 212 79
Sunday 266 133
Monday 332 199


This Final table is based on:
If you win 50% of your games, alternating between L,W,L,W etc
It does not include additional REP gains from Iron Banner bounties.
If you played all the games on a given day
Time Column is based on an average match + Lobby matchmaking time + Load time being 12 minutes total
EDIT: Yes I know it’s impossible to play more than 24 hours in a given day

3700REP to Hit Rank 3
6100REP to Hit Rank 4
8500REP to Hit Rank 5

Day Number of Matches Required to hit Rank 3 Number of Matches Required to hit Rank 4 Number of Matches Required to hit Rank 5 Hours you need to Play IB to hit Rank 5
Tuesday 58 96 134 27
Wednesday 55 90 126 25
Thursday 50 82 114 23
Friday 44 73 102 20
Saturday 39 64 89 18
Sunday 31 51 71 14
Monday 25 41 57 11


The below is based on:
Having the Shader, Emblem & Bond/Cloak/Towel equipped.
Activating Tempered each day.
You play 6 matches going L,W,L,W,L,W.
Turning in 3 Bounties per day (3 is a an achievable amount in 6 games for most players).

Day REP From 3 Bounties REP from 6 Matches Remaining REP to achieve Rank 3 Remaining REP to achieve Rank 4 Remaining REP to achieve Rank 5
Tuesday 423 393 2884 5284 7684
Wednesday 459 405 2020 4420 6820
Thursday 498 447 1075 3475 5875
Friday 558 501 16 2416 4816
Saturday 636 573 Achieved 1207 3607
Sunday 798 717 Achieved 2092
Monday 996 897 199


The below is based on:
Having the Shader, Emblem & Bond/Cloak/Towel equipped.
Activating Tempered each day.
You play 10 matches going L,W,L,W etc
Turning in 4 Bounties per day (4 is a an achievable amount in 10 games for most players).

Day REP From 4 Bounties REP from 10 Matches Remaining REP to achieve Rank 3 Remaining REP to achieve Rank 4 Remaining REP to achieve Rank 5
Friday 744 835 2121 4521 6921
Saturday 848 955 318 2718 5118
Sunday 1064 1195 Achieved 459 2859
Monday 1328 1495 Achieved 36

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