Brave Frontier Lin Grand Quest Guide

Brave Frontier Lin Grand Quest Guide by Akirou_Hamada

It’s actually the easiest GQ around and can be finished with just 1 run. However, you have to be careful and bring units that can KILL the enemies. I’m not just talking about power. I’m talking about POWAH!


-Complete Survey Mission (Gold)

-Confusion Lake: Beat Grand Jelly in 8 turns (Silver # 1)

-Fever Springs: Defeat Eve and Hentai Co. in 4 turns (Silver # 2)

-Steamy Plains: Defeat Crow Tengu and Thunderbird in 4 turns (Silver #3)


1 Lebron Gems (First Clear)

Lin (First Clear)

2 Power Imp Pakpak (20% Clear)

2 Guard Imp Ganju (40% Clear)

2 Healing Imp Fwahl (60% Clear)

2 Vigor Imp Molin (80% Clear)

Communicator Sphere (100% Completion)

Units to bring:

-Anyone that can inflict almost all status debuffs. (Fadahl, Tora, Nalmika, Semira, Kikuri (w/ sphere), Sefia (paralysis), and those units that can give chances to debuff enemies)

-Mitigators (can be optional, since enemies are not that hard.) (Darvanshel and co.)

-Status Cleansers =Kanon, Ulkina, Rigness, Altri, or any unit that can invalidate and negate status effects

Reminder: Don’t forget to put a refined gem or Drevas to your healer. The battle against Eve will paralyze you at the beginning of the fight.

-BB Damage Booster (Lava, Dion)

-Critical Babies if you don’t have Lava(SGX, Kira, and any unit that can give a crit buff)

-BC Babies (Griel and Feeva)

-Elemental Master ( Quiad, Lucca, Michelle, Eve, Fiora, or any unit that can give Thunder, Fire, Water and Earth element.)

-Spark Damage Booster( Raaga and Rosetta)

-STBB Users for Phoenix Round (Tazer is da best option here.)

It took me 2 runs because of the turn count. Just remember to bring Fujins and Cures to balance out your health and use your BBs when it’s needed.

What I used:

Raaga Lead( Malice + Ihsir’s Guise)

Fadahl [The MVP] (Providence + Evil Halberd)

Lava (Xentar + Sol)

Quaid ( Malice + Hershey’s Orb)

Darvanshel (Dandelga + Fallacy)

Lin (Locked Guest)

Battle 1 VS Jelly Baby

Turn 1 to 3: Fill up your SBB. If you have Fadahl, use a Fujin and drop the SBB on the enemy. Poison him on the first turn and continue doing it until it lowers his health.

Turn 4 to 8: Just make sure that the poison is there. Without poison, you won’t achieve Silver #1.

Turn 9: YOU LOSE!!! You failed to kill him in 8 turns, but don’t worry. Try to kill him if you still can so that you’ll reach the second battle. Repeat if you want. Continue if all you need is Gold Achievement

Turn 10: Massive AoE. Will kill all your units.

Battle 2 VS The Hentai Company

Turn 1: Fill your BB Gauge. If it’s already full, kill those porn masters.

Turn 2: You’ll probably be paralyzed except for your healer with the Refined Gem/Drevas. Heal up and continue.

Turn 3: If you used all your SBBs, then you’ll probably kill them already after this round.

Turn 4: Still has a chance. Deplete their healths if you can.

Turn 5: You won’t achieve Silver # 2. Repeat if you want. Continue if all you need is Gold Achievement.

Battle 3 VS The Birdies

Turn 1: Since you went head-on with 5 enemies on Battle 2, I’m sure that you have full BB Gauges. Target Crow Tengu because he has higher health.

Turn 2-4: Focus on killing Tengu. Thunderbird will already be in his deathbed.

Turn 5: Silver #3 not achieved. Repeat if you want. Continue if all you need is Gold Achievement.

Battle 4 VS Da Phoenix

Turn 1: Inflict status ailments on Bozdell. If you fail, he’ll start counting from 3.

Turn 2: Continue the damage. If Bozdell is not paralyzed, cursed, he’ll count to 2.

Turn 3:KILL THAT SON OF A PHOENIX!!! In this round, you’ll probably kill Bozdell. WORRY NOT, AS PHOENIX WILL REVIVE HIM! Do not let this happen (if you can). Bozdell will count to 1 if he’s not dead yet.

Turn 4: It is important that in this turn, Phoenix’s health should be 25-50%. Continue damaging him. Don’t mind Bozdell. Just make sure that he’s paralyzed/cursed. If Bozdell is not yet dead, he’ll unleash the AoE. You’ll be dead after that, so try to kill him or paralyze/curse him.

Turn 5: Kill them all. It really helps if you have an elemental baby here, especially Lucca and Eve. If you can’t kill them up to this turn, manage your squad again and try to come up with a system to compensate for the missing damage.

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