Brave Frontier Solo Mecha Gods & Vargas GGC with 7* Selena

Brave Frontier Solo Mecha Gods & Vargas GGC with 7* Selena Guide by pladz

Hey guys, I’ve been seeing some questions on the subreddit that concern Selena and her role in taking down Mecha Gods and whatnot. I also noticed that there wasn’t a guide for such a niche and cheesy area of the game so I decided to make a guide. This is my first and probably only guide, so please forgive me for any mistakes I may make in the guide. Criticism is very much appreciated !

So if you are one of those people, fret not ! I’m here to give you some insight and answer some FAQs about Selena and soloing things with her in general.

In this short guide I will cover the Leads that you need for soloing the Mecha gods with a Selena friend as well as Vargas GGC. I hope this helps you out if you’re struggling with Mecha Gods !

Before I go in depth into each encounter, here is a tl;dr table arranged by difficulty for anyone who dosent want to read the incoming wall of text.

1. TL;DR Table

EnemyYour LeadSpheres for Selena
Mecha God (Fire)AnythingLex/Sol or Virtue
Mecha God (Earth/Water)Any 30% HP leadLex/Sol or Virtue
Mecha God (Dark/Light)Any 30% HP lead, preferably GrahdensLex/Sol or Virtue
Vargas GGCAny 30% HP lead, preferably with Stats nullLex/Sol or Virtue, Refined Gem if no stats null lead
Grahdens/KarlAny 30% HP lead, preferably with Stats null (Special mention to Grah for Grah)Lex/Sol or Virtue, Refined Gem if no stats null lead

*Do note I left out Thunder Mecha God as Selena can’t solo that*

Reccommended Items: Cure, Angel Idol, Goddess Idol, Whatever you want for the others

Star of Hope over Refined gem as second sphere for sure if you have it. Luna Creator also a possible second sphere if Selena lacks Virtue stone and you don’t find yourself with any BC problems.

Also note that for Grah’s Trial, you want to follow the normal threshold rules, as the attack that pops the angel idol should be the wiping attack at 75%.

2. Your friend’s Selena

As with many things, your friend’s Selena can be something that you can control or can not. Hopefully this section will help you to decide if your friend’s Selena can solo or not.

Your friend must have a Lexida, and should have a Sol Creator or Virtue Stone (or Omni Gizmo if you really must)

Maxed imp Selenas are especially helpful when it comes to soloing also, so the best would be a Selena that is maxed.

3. Your Lead, and how Selena can do it alone, but not without you

Simply put, while Selena can literally solo the Fire Mecha god by herself, sometimes she requires some help, and that generally comes in the form of your leader. Below are some leaders that you can consider for each Mecha god and Vargas, placed into tiers.

The Mecha gods

30% HP Leaders – Kuhla, Exvehl, Colt, Eve, Grandt, Kanon, Ragshelm, Oguro

or any other HP boost leaders will do the trick.

Special Mention to Grahdens for Dark/Light Mecha, he makes the fight laughably easy

4(a). The Mecha Gods and you

In this section I will cover how the battle will go when you face each Mecha god and give some general tips when it comes to soloing with Selena.

  • Fire – Just autobattle, should be a piece of cake. Any Selena with Lexida can solo this without trouble.
  • Water/Earth/Dark/Light – Autobattling also works here, however, take note of Selena’s health, and use a cure if she ever drops below 3500, or 4000 for Anima. Your team should be built around taking out the first 2 stages before the Mecha God.

4(b) Vargas and you, how to Lv.3 GGC

Compared to the Mecha Gods, Vargas is slightly harder to tackle. Similarly, the Attack order should be Attack and SBB whenever possible.

Before I go onto the specifics, here are some tips to make the fight easier.

  1. Your friend’s Selena should be preferably maxed HP. This makes sure Selena’s angel idol buff will not activate prematurely. If she isnt maxed, a 30% HP leader is mandatory
  2. Make sure you suicide your entire team on the first stage of the GGC, otherwise Selena may not get enough BC and HC for her to solo.
  3. If you have a 30% HP lead without stats null, make sure your friend has a Refined gem equipped on his/her Selena. (Or else it will literally take forever and have a chance to fail)
  4. If you however, have a stats null lead and no 30% HP lead, your friend’s Selena has to be at least imped with 1000 HP if she’s non-Anima, while no imps are required if she’s Anima.

Onto the stages themselves.

Stage 1 – Vargas, Galant, Lancia, Leon

Kill Order: Lancia > Galant or Leon > Vargas

Quoted from the Vargas Dungeon Megathread,

Once Vargas reaches 1/4 HP he will raise the ATK and DEF of all his allies (he only raises ATK on himself though). Therefore the less enemies are around when you weaken Vargas, the better. Hence leave Vargas until last.

You pretty much need to just autobattle here, no cures are required here as her angel idol will not pop.

Stage 2 – Lava, Agni, Zegar

Kill Order – Lava > Agni > Zengar

This stage is a little more dangerous than the last, as Zengar actually has a shot at popping the angel idol once he gets his attack increase. Agni and Lava are however no threat at all. During this fight you’ll want to keep Zengar above 25% hp until he’s alone if you’re really stingy with cures.

If you try to kill Zengar second however, which is definitely viable, do use a cure on Selena if she falls below 3500 HP (non-Anima) and 4000 HP (Anima) for safety purposes as Zengar can do a lot of damage.

Stage 3: Vargas

Compared to his friends in the first 2 stages, Vargas is generally not a threat at all. Following the same cure procedure mentioned above, Selena should be able to solo him. However, you might want to activate Overdrive after you pop your SBB during the doubled hitcount stage to burst him with your UBB. This makes sure that you can kill him fast enough when he revives to prevent Selena’s angel idol from popping.

There is a chance for the angel idol buff to be popped here when Vargas gains doubled hitcount if you do not make sure Selena is max HP every turn. However, during testing, my maxed Selena (L) was able to auto-battle the entire dungeon without any items used at all with a Kanon friend. Sphere setup was Lexida + Sol.

5. FAQs

What is the attack order when soloing with Selena ?

Generally, the order is Attack > Attack > SBB, or SBB whenever it is up

My friend’s Selena isnt getting enough BC/HC to keep her regen buff up, what is the problem ?

Either (a), your friend’s Selena dosent have a Sol/Virtue, or your squad is still up and the BCs have been going to them instead. In this case, suicide your squad when you try again

I sincerely hope that this guide has helped you in one way or another

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