Summoners War Optimal Def% and HP% Ratio Guide

Summoners War Optimal Def% and HP% Ratio Guide by denielzt

Supposing your base def is D and X being the amount of hp% and def% that you can get with your runes, for example 2 4 6 slots will give you a total of X=189% for primary stats, excluding the secondary stats.

P being the proportion of X that you assign to def%, so PX is the amount you give to def% and X-PX is the amount you give to hp%

The optimal P is P=(3DXX-1000X)/6DXX

3DXX = 3 * D * X * X

say D=600 X=200% P=0.36 so its basically 2 slots hp% and 1 slot def% on 246 slots.

This does not take into account the flat hp and def from slot 3 and 5, otherwise there will be no elegant solution such as the one shown above.

I won’t bore you with the details how I calculated it, but it’s very simple basically I calculated the optimal P value for effective hp, which is your hp divided by damage reduction, the latter depends on your def.

EDIT: Some comments

1. in most cases, if you have 3 slots available (that is, for example no spd on slot 2) the optimal arrangement for most monsters is ~ 2 hp and 1 def.

2. P is always smaller than 0.5, which means under no circumstance should you have more def% than hp% unless you have skills based on it.

3. The higher the D is, the closer P is to 0.5. So the higher your raw defence is, the more def% you will need on your 246 slots. The lower the D is, the closer P is to 0, and you get the rest….

EDIT2: You don’t really need to read this unless you want to know the difference your choice will make

Abscissa: P

Ordinate: The factor to be multiplied with your base HP to calculate your EHP

Supposing that X=200% (3 slots available)

EHP Graph

For example for D=600, the maximum EHP for a monster with 10000 base HP is around 95000 (if you use the P calculated by the formula), and the minimum (if you go all def% and P=1) is around 65000, making a possible difference of ~30%.

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