Summoners War Speed Tuning Arena Team Guide

Summoners War Speed Tuning Arena Team Guide by iPodbiak

This guide will include 3 parts:

Part 1: How Atk-Bar works

Part 2: How to Speed-Tune your Arena Team

Part 3: Speed-Tuning with Buffers

Part 1: How Atk-Bar works

Before we head to the Speed-Tuning you might want to know how the Atk-Bar mechanics work in general. These are the most important points you need to know:

1. A battle starts by everyone having 0 Atk-Bar

2. Every monster will tick up his Atk-Bar until one monster passes the 100% Atk-Bar mark.

Definition Tick: At every end of a turn a monster will fill up his Atk-Bar by 7% of his Overall Speed (Example: A 300 Speed Chloe will fill up her Atk-Bar by 300 * 0,07 = 21% every time a monsters turn ends). It´s also important to know that even if a monster procs multiple times violent, it still counts as 1 turn.

Definition Overall Speed: Base Speed + Speed from Runes + Base Speed * Spd Leader Bonus + Base Speed * Speed Tower Bonus

3. The monster X with the highest Atk-Bar moves (Please note that there is Atk-Bar Overflow, that means a monster will still fill up his Atk-Bar even when it´s above 100% – It´s not whoever reaches 100% Atk-Bar next will also move next)

4. After monster X ends his turn every monster ticks once again and the monster Y with the highest Atk-Bar moves

5. Speed Buff increases the Speed by 30%, not 33%

Easy Example: Our Team (Following Speed is Overall Speed)

  • 300 Spd Purian -> Tick: 21% (300 * 0,07 = 21)
  • 200 Spd Chloe -> Tick: 14%
  • 150 Spd Lushen -> Tick 10,5%
  • 100 Spd Slime -> Tick: 7%

Round 0: Battle starts

Purian 0% Atk-Bar

Chloe 0% Atk-Bar

Lushen 0% Atk-Bar

Slime 0% Atk-Bar

Round 1: After 1 Tick

Purian 21% Atk-Bar

Chloe 14% Atk-Bar

Lushen 10,5% Atk-Bar

Slime 7% Atk-Bar

Round 5: After 5 Ticks

Purian 105% Atk-Bar -> Purian moves since he passes the 100% Atk-Bar mark and Buffs 50% Atk-Bar

Chloe 70% Atk-Bar

Lushen 52,5% Atk-Bar

Slime 35% Atk-Bar

Round 6: After 6 Ticks and 50% Purian Buff

Purian 71% Atk-Bar

Chloe 134% Atk-Bar -> Chloe moves

Lushen 113% Atk-Bar

Slime 92% Atk-Bar

Round 7: After 7 Ticks

Purian 92% Atk-Bar

Chloe 14% Atk-Bar

Lushen 123,5% Atk-Bar -> Lushen moves

Slime 99% Atk-Bar

Round 8: After 8 Ticks

Purian 113% Atk-Bar -> Purian moves (Purian moved twice before Slime moved once)

Chloe 28% Atk-Bar

Lushen 10,5% Atk-Bar

Slime 106% Atk-Bar

As you can see you can even predict a whole arena fight if you know the speed of you and your opponent. But since we don´t know the exact speed of the enemy we can just do 2 things:

Option 1: We can assume that the enemies fastest unit isn´t above Speed X and calculate with that in our mind. (Example: We assume that the enemies fastest unit isn´t faster than 255 Spd and Speed-Tune with this in our mind) Disadvantage: You would have to aviod enemies who you think are faster than 255 Spd (Usually ADs with Bernard or/and Spd Leader)

Option 2: You don´t want to be that picky and have a great Speed-Tune against every enemy you can outspeed.Disadvantage: This results in having very fast Damage Dealers in exchange of giving up damage

Which of these 2 options you want to take advantage of depends only on you. But we will discuss both in Part 2 & 3.


  1. “Are you sure Atk-Bar buffing can overfill the Atk-Bar? I thought it was shown that it can only buff up to 100% and then tick from there.”

Please watch this video: Since Leo reduces everybodys Speed to his own, everybody starts with the same Atk-Bar as Leo. After Leo moves everybody gets the same amount of tick and is basically over 100% Atk-Bar. Now the monster with the highest pre-reduction Speed will move (in this case Megan). Megan pushes the Atk-Bar of Lushen/Zaiross by 20% so both move right after Megan. What does this show? If Atk-Bar buffing can just buff up to 100% Megan should be useless in this situation. Also the 2nd fastest monster should move after Megan, and not a 130 Spd Zaiross/115 Spd Lushen. I hope this proves, that it is indeed possible to buff someones Atk-Bar even if he has more than 100%. That´s also why Bernard + Megan comps work

Part 2: How to Speed-Tune your Arena Team

This is the important part if you choose option 1. Since I took this option myself I´ll show you how I Speed-tuned my Arena Offense. I was assuming the enemies fastest unit is max 255 Spd, intending to avoid every AD faster than 255 Spd. My AO:

  • Shimitae 106 Base Speed; 158 Spd with Runes; 198,28 Overall Speed (24% Speed Lead and 14% Tower)
  • Purian: 97 Base Speed; 246,25 Spd with Runes; 283,11 Overall Speed
  • Galleon: 108 Base Speed; 167 Spd with Runes; 208,04 Overall Speed
  • Julie: 103 Base Speed; Since she moves last we need to Speed-Tune this monster; The exact Speed of Shimitae and Galleon are not important, just make them faster than your slowest Speed-Tuned monster. What I did is creating more than 1 Julie (103 Base Speed) and calculate the arena attack order:
  • Julie A 140 Spd with Runes; 179,14 Overall Speed
  • Julie B 150 Spd with Runes; 189,14 Overall Speed
  • Julie C 155 Spd with Runes; 194,14 Overall Speed

Now we need an enemy: Let´s call her Chloe; 111 Base Speed; 255 Spd with Runes; 271,65 Overall Speed (I advise you to calculate the enemies fastest unit with a Lv.10 Tower Building!) If you use Swift Runes, please calculate yourself the correct amount and don´t just copy the Speed from the stats overview

I´ll write it down again for us to see it more clear: You can also use this Excel sheet

  • Chloe (Enemy): 271,65 Spd -> Tick: 19,0155
  • Shimitae: 198,28 Spd -> Tick: 13,8796
  • Purian: 283,11 Spd -> Tick: 19,8177
  • Galleon: 208,04 Spd -> Tick: 14,5628
  • Julie A: 179,14 Spd -> Tick: 12,5398
  • Julie B: 189,14 Spd -> Tick: 13,2398
  • Julie C: 194,14 Spd -> Tick: 13,5898

Now let´s simulate the arena battle (I will skip the unimportant parts since I already showed you how it´s done):

Round 6:: After 6 Ticks

Chloe 114,093

Purian 118,9062 -> Purian moves and buffs everyones Atk-Bar by 50%

Galleon 87,3768

Shimitae 83,2776

Julie A 75,2388

Julie B 79,4388

Julie C 81,5388

Round 7: After 7 Ticks and Purian Buff (From now on I will exclude the monsters who already moved)

Chloe 133,1085

Galleon: 151,9396 -> Galleon moves

Shimitae 147,1572

Julie A 137,7786

Julie B 142,6786

Julie C 145,1286

Round 8: After 8 Ticks

Chloe 152,214

Shimitae 161,0368 -> Shimitae moves

Julie A 150,3184

Julie B 155,9184

Julie C 158,7184

Round 9: After 9 Ticks

Chloe 171,2295

Julie A 162,8582

Julie B 169,1582

Julie C 172,3082 -> Julie C moves

This is where we stop. If you look at Julie A & B you can see that the enemy Chloe will move in between and interrupt your Combo (a 150 Spd Julie would not be fast enough). Julie C is barely outspeeding Chloe so you can pretty much say that your slowest monster needs to be atleast 155 Speed.

This is how it´s done, the hard but definitely worth way :) And once you have more experience this doesn´t take long to calculate. I advise you to do it like it´s shown in the Excel sheet.

Part 3: Speed-Tuning with Buffers

This is the important part if you choose option 2. Instead of showing you how to calculate it a third time, I´ll just give you the wanted data (I worked on these numbers a little for safety purposes): Also note that this data is justoptimal for 4vs4 Arena! This will also work for 3vs3 GW of course but you could theoretically be slower.

  • Bernard: Everybody higher than 75% of Bernards Overall Speed
  • Purian: Everybody higher than 71% of Purians Overall Speed
  • Megan: Everybody higher than 89% of Megans Overall Speed (o.O You probably just want to take her in a Leo comp or with a 2nd Buffer)
  • Orion/Kabilla/Tiana: Everybody higher than 83% of Orions/Kabillas/Tianas Overall Speed
  • Orion + Megan: Everybody higher than 71% of Orions Overall Speed; Megan higher than 77% of OrionsOverall Speed (Assuming Orion faster than Megan)
  • Bernard + Verde: Everybody faster than53% of Bernards Overall Speed; Verde faster than 74% of Bernards Overall Speed (Assuming Bernard faster than Verde)
  • Orion + Verde: Everybody higher than 59% of Orions Overall Speed; Verde higher than 77% of OrionsOverall Speed (Assuming Orion faster than Verde)
  • Bernard + Orion: Everybody higher than 59% of Bernards Overall Speed; Orion higher than 74% of Bernards Overall Speed
  • Kabilla + Frigate: Everybody higher than 53% of Kabillas Overall Speed; Frigate higher than 77% of Kabillas Overall Speed

These stats are a bit overkill to make 100% sure nobody will move in between. Why overkill? Because I was assuming the worst case scenario: your buffers speed = fastest enemies speed (won´t happen often).

Hope this helps :)


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  1. ThinkingAtoms says:

    i think your math is wrong.

    depending on the initial speed of buffer, if you want the Nth mon to go without being cut in thr formula should be:

    ((n+N)*0.07*X-Y) / ((n+N)*0.07)

    where n is the number of ticks it took your buffer to go, N is the Nth mon after buffer, X is buffer speed and Y is buffer’s buffing percentage. the coefficient cancels out and you are left with:

    X – Y/((n+N)”0.07) == threshold speed

    meaning your mon needs to be within Y/((n+N)”0.07) of the buffer in spd. with some minor adjustments to divisor if buffer also gives speed buff.

  2. TheorA says:

    Thanks a lot. This is really useful :)

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