Summoners War How to Spend Crystals Guide

Summoners War How to Spend Crystals Guide by oeufcocque

Spending crystals have always been confusing for me. Many people agree that the 3 days double exp is the absolute best for efficiency, which value wise, is very true. But that doesn’t address any important problem other than exp, such as runes, mystic scroll, and mana. I hope to make a guide to answer these problems, and give conclusions based on several stages of the game; Very Early game, Early to Mid game, and Mid to Late game.

First, lets explore the available ways to spend crystals.

  1. Double exp, 1 day or 3 days.
  2. Refill energy (and arena invitation, but it wont be discussed).
  3. Buying mana, up to 2.1 mil mana for 1000 crystals.
  4. Refreshing shop.
  5. Buying premium and summoners pack.
  • Crystal giant & exp buildings will give a good return for the investment, although exp buildings will need you to frequently check it for it to be worth it.
  • For crystal summon, opening storage and inventory slots, revive inside dungeon, rename, etc (tell me if i miss anything). All these options are definitely situational, but I don’t recommend doing any of this.

Lets discuss some of those:

  • Double EXPThe perfect purchase for exp farm, for 100-200 crystal, you get 1-3 days of double exp. Extremely helpful for farming exp on scenario maps, helps a lot to evolve your monsters, especially those dreadful 6 star grinds. I find double exp for 3 days helps a lot even if you have many energy on storage becaues using 800+ energies on one day is very difficult, though you can do the math if you feel 1 day is enough.
  • Energy refillVery good for many things, e.g. HoH & SD with those limited time frame, farming giants or dragons for mana, flash farming on double exp, etc. If you want to conserve your crystal to grind exp though, don’t use this, get those double exp several times in a row instead.
  • Buy manaIMHO, very overrated and unnecessary. The amount of crystals vs mana is definitely not worth it, especially if you can grind (at least)Faimon on normal. Just keep your mana at certain level and dont ever bother buying this out of panic because those shiny runes in the shop. I personally keep 2 mil mana at minimum.
  • Refreshing shopAn interesting way to spend crystal. At very low cost of 3 crystals, refreshing shops allows you to purchase runes, mystic scroll, or sometimes even those 2 white star fodders when farm gets too fast and you’re out of US. The shop’s selection will be improve as your summoner level up, although it doesn’t seem to give too much of a difference(need more data). Remember that this option are mostly worthwhile only when you open all of the shop’s slots.
  • Buying premium and summoners packThe most popular way to spend crystals, premium pack is one of the quickest way to get mystic scroll. Since this is slightly more efficient than crystal summoning, most new players will be advised to go for this option. I don’t suggest getting summoners pack if possible, but if you got itchy finger and star seems to align properly for you that night, nobody would know where you get that archangel from.

With all those options already explained, I’ll draw a conclusion for the recommended way to spend crystals based on where you are in the game.

  1. Very Early GameI say “very early game” to emphasize at the stage where you have nothing, fresh out of tutorial, just went through garen, and rely on unknown scroll to give you something to work with. You got no mana, no runes, not even the simple 2-3* monsters to work with, and is confused. For now, save up till you can buy Premium pack at 750 crystals, or just do a crystal summon if you feel lucky :P . Out of those, you will probably find something to work with, even a 3* is fine, although i won’t list the mobs here, there are many many guides for that.
  2. Early to Mid GameYou got some monsters, maybe some random 4 star, maybe some S tier, beautiful creature, or even a decent 3 star, but you should’ve gotten something by now. You got the 1 monster you need to grind 3 fodder, and you start to grind, perhaps on normal hydeni ruins, or even faimon. Now is a great time to buy double exp packs. You can level your fodder much, much faster, and your monster will get stronger and stronger.

    But at some point, you want to get even stronger, perhaps so you can farm at hard, or even hell difficulty, but just getting exp isn’t enough to do those. Your mana starts to pile up as you notice that you don’t have the runes to spend it on. Now is the time to open the shop, and refresh them repeatedly. Get your runes, get the mystic scrolls, get anything you find worthy for the mana. Gear your monsters up, and try to go further into the game, and keep inching closer and closer to giant b10 team. I usually refresh as long as my mana is above 2 mil, and my crystal is above 300.

  3. Mid to Late GameYou got so far now. You no longer look at one monster, you are looking at teams. Giant teams, arena teams, etc. You know where to go to farm certain things, but the crystal no longer seems truly necessary for anything. The only thing you find hard to farm is MS, and premium pack seems to be the best bet. You’re not quite correct there. Refreshing shops are the most crystal efficient way to get MS, and farming dragon b10 is the best way to farm mana. Based on abs0lut3’s finding, balancing energy refresh for dragon b10 and refreshing shop will allow you to keep the steady rate of mana, rune, and mystic scroll that late game players should find appealing. How you balance those is entirely up to you, some may prefer more mana and go for more dragon b10, others may prefer the scrolls from shop.

There is the other stage of the game, which is the very late game, where people already got so far that improving their monsters become incredibly difficult. I don’t touch this subject because i have no friggin idea what they do. Perhaps buying arena invitation, perhaps nonstop shop refresh for even crazier rune, i don’t know. But by the time you got here, you probably know what to do yourself :P

That’s it for the guide. For many other subject including which monster to use, which rune to buy/keep, how to farm giants, etc, I’ll probably not do at all unless I feel it is necessary to improve this guide.

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  1. sausy says:

    wow, do not listen to this guide. you should only ever spend your crystals on energy. if you ABSOLUTELY need to hook yourself up with that summoning dopamine, do magic shop refreshes for the scrolls. while you’re at it, you can buy the 2 star silver mons so you don’t feel like you are completely wasting your crystals since at least then you will be obtaining monsters for 6 star evolution.

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