Destiny Raising Your KD Ratio Guide

Destiny Raising Your KD Ratio Guide by DestinyGuides

Hey Friends,

Do you want to climb above 1.0? DO YOU WANT TO CLIMB ABOVE 0.16? Welp. I think I MIGHT be able to help!

While there are multiple ways to argue every point I make, these work for me, they might work for you, AND LETS GET IMPROVING.


While this may be common sense to some, time and time again I see people failing to follow this simple rule..

“If you want to raise your KD ratio, only take fights you will win”

Sounds simple right? But unfortunately opponents I play fail to recognize when they are in a losing situation and when it is time to FLEE, not FIGHT.

If your opponent is “Hard scoping” down a hallway, and you’ve eaten a thorn shot the second you round the corner, TURN YOUR ASS AROUND, and regroup. Attempting to challenge will lead to your death, and another kill for the other team.

Countless time when playing with friend, I hear “Kevin” say “Why would you challenge me there?” Baffled on why someone would pop out with nearly zero health, when “Kevin” is at full shields.

These trades happen CONSTANTLY. Don’t feel bad fleeing from a fight where you’ve missed a head shot. Yea, maybe you could get the kill… but you could also BE killed just as easy.

This is extremely important during the crucial moments before…

Heavy Spawn

Dying before heavy drops leaves your team shorthanded to defend the most precious resource in the crucible. Be cautious when picking gun fights around the 9 and 6 minute mark, because losing = increased pressure on your team

9 Minutes…..6 Minutes…. GOT IT

These are the approximate times heavy ammo drops on all maps, so why are so many people STILL not ready for it? It happens every SINGLE game, without fail… yet I have team mates who refuse to move to the heavy and defend it.

When using Proximity Rockets, I would say “on average” I will get 3 Kills / 4 rockets against “good” players. That average comes from all the times I get 5+ Kills, and all the times I die before getting any. Having the ability to get “4 free kills” is a HUGE boost to your potential KD ratio…yet people don’t take the advantage.

Be ready for heavy 30 seconds before it drops, if it is a competitive game, send someone with their super to the opposing heavy to try and stop theirs. By gaining heavy , and stopping the other team from getting theirs, you have effectively given yourself the opportunity to get “free kills” with limited possibly to be killed.

Shotguns are a crutch

I cannot count the countless amount of people who run around CONSTANTLY with shotguns drawn. I can understand being in a close quarters situation and using the ALLMIGHTY Fellwinky to one bang people at fusion rifle range, I CANNOT understand walking around every corner with it out.

While they do amazing damage and can be “easy” kills, there is a time and a place for shotguns, and by having it out constantly you are HURTING your team.

In multiple situations, rounding a corner with your primary out and “scoping” can have you prepared for people at a distance, and when team shooting can help your team win.

If your team has engaged in a 3 v 3 fire fight and you need to sprint 30 meters to do damage, YOU have failed your team.

If you plan to use shotguns, don’t sprint around with them constantly… If you plan to, as annoying as it is… please use


Fucking Blink… I hate it, but recognize the absolutely brilliant potential it has :S

The ability to close the gap on opponents is unparalleled by any other jump (even titan “skating”). Using blink to gain the “jump” on people can lead to complete panic in the other team, and nearly uncounterable shotguns to the face.

While Blink is good for GETTING kills, it is even better for survival. A well timed blink can dodge rockets, nova bombs, fusion grenades, YEAAAASS I JUST SAID FUSION GRENADES – I’ll make video proof if I must.

I won multiple 1 v 3 Trials rounds this past weekend due to blink escapes alone. When timing your blink as you fall, you blink FORWARD more than UP , giving such a massive burst of speed that if the person chasing you isn’t using blink they CANNOT catch you. While it can be annoying to jump up to ledges at times, perfecting this jump is a massive advantage.

Higher Sensitivity isn’t good

Yes, Higher sensitivity can be good if someone is coming at you from behind, but with Radar and map positioning this shouldn’t happen. It is does, you have already failed.

With things like sniping, 3-4 (I play on 3) Sensitivity is absolutely fantastic. Same with Hand cannons. You can’t be missing shots due to over correction, and in a game that requires MULTIPLE accurate hits to kill people, you need to make your shots count.

It “Twitch” games like COD where every gun kills in about 0.5 seconds, you need to be able to react instantly and outplay people.

With higher time to kill games like Halo, and to a lesser extent Destiny, you need to have accuracy / consistency over all else.

If you are meleeing people, you have failed

I know this sounds dumb “BUT WHAT IF THEY ARE RIGHT BESIDE ME”

Well they shouldn’t be.

You see, back in the day, people used swords to kill people. That means you need to be right up close and personal. Now we use guns… FUCKING METAL LAUNCHING KILLING MACHINES.

So why are you bringing a ranged weapon that you can effectively (and safely) kill someone with, and trying to SNUGGLE THE OTHER TEAM????

By entering close quarters combat when trying to hand cannon / snipe , you have opened yourself up 4x the risk as staying at a smart range. Remember those guys who use shotguns all day? DESTROY THEM as they round each corner, at a safe, sexy range. Don’t be playing into their bullshit and dying.

Proper spacing is KEY when trying to raise your KD ratio – by playing too close you are opening yourself up to grenade damage, supers, shotguns, and melees. All things which can be (to an extent) avoided.

Don’t die to bullshit stuff like those.


While I can go on and on about “learn the maps” “use ur radar” “GUARDIANS HATE HIM FOR THIS 1 CRAZY TIP”

Half the shit in destiny guides is “fluff”

these are some pretty basic tips, that will help, and hopefully improve your game.

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