Destiny Golgorath One Gaze Guide

Destiny Golgorath One Gaze Guide by GaryReasons

Since the raid has been out, I feel like I have seen a myriad of posts searching for people for Golgorath in particular. Must have experience, must have killed before, must have 537 light and ability to read thoughts, etc. I’ve been in a number of groups that have explained the fight as a bouncing back and forth of gazes, while a group dps’s Golgorath’s chest and makes its way around a room. The damage struggle is real, the add control struggle is real, and wipes occur. It seems that he is standing in the way of some people moving through the raid.

I’m here to tell you about a better way to do this fight. It requires just ONE person taking the gaze, so you get FIVE people doing damage to Golgorath, and he melts in no time. This way is, in my opinion, infinitely easier to do for people without much experience or lacking those big 300+ weapons that most seem to require these days.

If this is totally new to you, here’s the basics:

Golgorath spawns when you shoot and drop the bubble in the middle of the ceiling, and acts like a giant ogre. He uses the eye gaze just like an ogre does to zap people. He will hang out in the middle of the room and shoot at you. Adds spawn on the far side of the room and make their way towards you, and they are easy to deal with. Golgorath has a big shiny thing on his back, shooting it makes him angry. When you shoot it, it will say you have drawn his gaze, and he will try to zap you in particular, ignoring the rest of the raid. The good news is, when someone holds his gaze, he chest lights up, and he becomes vulnerable to massive amounts of damage if you shoot him in the chest. Also, there are bubbles arranged on the ceiling. Shooting them down will drop a puddle of wonderful goodness on the ground near Golgorath for the group to stand in and shoot Golgorath while he gazes. The only way to get him to change targets while gazing is for someone else to shoot his back, or his gaze timer to run out.

Here’s the way it works:

As you enter the room, you look up and see the bubble that will spawn the boss. Around it, arranged as the points of a hexagon, are where six other bubbles (some call them fruits) will spawn. For this strategy, we will only use one of them, and that is the one on the left that is closest to you as you enter the room. Remember this.

Also as you enter, you will notice there are various boxes and obstacles etc strewn about to use as cover. If you look to the left and back a little, you will see one box that is a bit taller than most others on that side. This is the box the person who takes gaze will use for cover.

Split into two teams of three, one team to each side, in order to shoot adds as they make their way toward you. This is simple. They are just thralls and boring enemies, nothing you can’t handle. Eventually the adds will stop. At this point, one person needs to weaken that front left bubble on the ceiling so it will drop in another shot or two. It cracks a bit with each round, so as it looks about ready to break, stop shooting it. Once it’s weak, our person who is holding the gaze needs to head to that tall box. So now we have a weakened bubble, and our gaze holder ready.

Another raid member should move around to the opposite side of where the gaze holder is. So if the gaze holder is by that tall box on the left near the entrance, this person needs to go to the far right side of the room. This is because we need to spin Golgorath around so the gaze holder can see his back, shoot the shiny, and draw gaze. Once that person is opposite the gaze holder, he can shoot Golgo, not in the back, so that Golgorath turns and tries to zap him with regular attack. Once he is turned and the gaze holder is ready, shoot and drop that bubble on the ceiling.

Now, at about that same instant, gaze holder shoots golgorath in the shiny and draws his gaze. Our gaze holder then hides behind the tall box for cover and watches his timer that is ticking down how much longer he will have the gaze for. The other 5 raiders drop down into the bubbles goodness, a nightstalker at this point should tether Golgorath (use the perk for long lasting tether if possible), and everyone lay into him. Use high impact snipers or machine guns. Shoot his glowing chest. A hard hitting sniper will put up a number well into six figures.

The gaze timer needs to communicate when there are 3 seconds left, so everyone can get back up and out of the pit, and go back to their sides. We are now back to the beginning phase of the fight. The bubble will respawn. Adds will spawn and run at you, deal with them, etc. Rinse, repeat.

After 2 rounds, on the third round, you will have taken spawns as well. They will be in the pit with you. You can throw vortex grenades or solar grenades at your feet when you drop down, as enemies will not run into a vortex to attack you. He should also be damn close to dead by this point. If he isn’t it’s ok, use four bubbles to kill him.

Note that if you have 6 deaths, it will wipe the raid. Each death contributes toward the completion of the “Tablet of Ruin”. Six deaths completes and it kills you all. Doing it this way, it’s actually pretty damn hard to die. You might lose a person or two when taken spawn, but you should be fine.

Collect your loot and move on to jumping puzzles, daughters, and Oryx.

If anything here is unclear or there are questions, I’m happy to try and help.

EDIT: I’m not saying this is the way everyone should do it it’s not that kind of guide. If your have an experienced group and communicate well, by all means gaze swap. It’s effective and probably faster than this. This guide is for pugs or inexperienced raiders who are struggling.

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