Destiny Atheon and Gatekeepers Hard Mode Guide

Destiny Atheon and Gatekeepers Hard Mode Guide by bm_nJoi

I seriously can’t believe that we’ve already found how to Cheese him, and that Templar remains unfixed. It’s honestly ruined the raiding experience for a lot of people, and that makes me sad… for those of you looking to actually fight things – check out how we did in Hard Mode Vault of Glass.

For the Gatekeepers, we employ the fastest possible strategy we could come up with other than the solo-each-portal strategy because we found that was too hectic and required maxed guns in all slots.

Moving on to your old pal Atheon, I know he can be cheesed again, but he’s actually really easy to do legit.

While I very much recognize that there are serious bugs on this encounter, a few of them can end up as small mistakes and a few can also be mitigated.

  • Oracles. They do a lot of exploding animations, but aren’t always dead. Always wait to see “JoeSchmoe has killed an Oracle” (or whatever it is) in chat to confirm it has died. There are 7 inside that spawn.
  • Movement can cause issues with the relic shield, so try to remain immobile during the DPS phase other than dipping in and out for Weapons of Light if you’re running it.
  • Hard wire your ps4s. Solid connection seems to help mitigate some of the weird stuff like teleporting wrong amounts of players.
  • Keep the minotaurs engaged and try to avoid walls that meet with stairs. We’ve noticed they do the health regeneration / invincible bug a lot when they get near the pillars on the stairs on the right portal.
  • 2 of the 3 members can leave the portal before chat says “guardians make their own fate”, so your relic holder can cleanse around the 5th or 6th oracle and head out and get into position. If you all leave early, you won’t get time’s vengeance. in the event you still don’t get the buff, just hide in the back during the phase and shoot from safe spots and manage the supplicants, don’t get greedy for damage. Missing a dps phase isn’t a wipe, just an extra minute or two on your kill time, which you’ve got plenty to spare! [Edit: modified this based upon the general consensus in this thread.]
  • Sprinting through the portals is okay, but running through with multiple members simultaneously can cause players to not be sent through, single file please!

That’s how we clear the end of Vault of Glass, guys!

Here’s a few other useful links too, if you’re struggling with the Vault.

How to handle the Relic Shield!

Our Hard Mode Templar Strategy! (Stay at that spawn!)

How to get open the front door to the Vault, cheese-lessly

I hope these guides helped you guys out!

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