Crusaders Quest Alex Defense Mods Guide

Crusaders Quest Alex Defense Mods Guide by Hodgekin

TL:DR – Flat A/R>dmgR>%HP

I’m gonna apply my limited knowledge in arithmetic and be as unbiased and objective as I can be!

What is this guide about?

  • I’m going to calculate for you which defense mod is best for Alex!
  • This thread is also a response to several CQ reddit users who posted their opinion what was the best mods.

What should I know about Alex?

  • Alex is hands down the best tank in game.
  • Alex passive:

When a block is used, the hero’s armor and magic resist increase by 3% of maximum HP for 5 seconds, and receives allies damage.

  • Point to clarify, armor and resistant gain by his passive is calculated based on his PVE HP, not PVP.
  • dmgR applies before Armor/Resist


6☆ AlexHPArmorResist
  • PVE Table showing effective HP
  • Bold values are the initial EHP you gain from each mod
Mods+Great ValueEffective HP (Passive-OFF)Effective HP (Passive-ON)
Baseline0Physical:22%EHP Magic:123.67%EHPPhysical:144.03%EHP Magic:245.70%EHP
+HP+575Physical:22%EHP+4.71%Magic:123.67%EHP+4.71%Physical:149.78%EHP +7.18%M:251.45%EHP +6.46%
+%HP+23%Physical:22%EHP +23.00%Magic:123.67%EHP +23.00%Physical:172.1%EHP +37.15%Magic:273.76%EHP+32.30%
+Armor+460Physical: 175.3%EHP+125.66%Magic:123.67EHP+0.00%Physical:297.36%EHP+62.83%Magic:245.70%EHP+0.00%
  • In PVP, damage is modified by 0.6x, armor and health is increased by 75%.


Mods+Great ValueEffective HP (Passive-OFF)Effective HP (Passive-ON)
None/None0Physical:22%EHP Magic:123.67%EHPPhysical:144.03%EHP Magic:245.70%EHP
%HP/%HP+46% HPPhysical:22%EHP+46%Magic:123.67%EHP+46%Physical:200.3%EHP +79.61%Magic:301.83%+69.71%
%HP/+Armor+23% HP/+460 ArmorPhysical:175.33%EHP+177.59%Magic:123.67%EHP +23.00%Physical:325.43%EHP+114.43%Magic:273.76%EHP+32.30%
%HP/+Resist+23% HP/+460 ResistPhysical:22%EHP +23.00%Magic:277.0%EHP+107.32%Physical:172.1%EHP +37.15%Magic:427.1%+87.54%
+Armor/+Resist+460 Armor/ +460 ResistPhysical: 175.3%EHP+125.66%Magic:277.0%EHP+68.55%Physical:297.36%EHP+62.83%Magic:399.03%EHP+44.35%

How much healing would be required when Flat Armor>%HP>dmgR?

When is 17.25%dmgR>23%HP when passive is off/on?

  • Passive off:
    • Physical: Must heal 1047 HP for 17.25%dmgR>23%HP
    • Magic: Must heal 563 HP for 17.25%dmgR>23%HP
  • Passive on:
    • Physical: Must heal 8724 HP for 17.25%dmgR>23%HP
    • Magic: Must heal 3173 HP for 17.25%dmgR>23%HP

When is Armor/Resist>%HP/%HP (+46% HP) when passive is off/on?

  • Passive off:
    • Physical: Armor always greated than %HP
    • Magic: Resist always greater than %HP
  • Passive on:
    • Physical: Must heal 2110 HP for A/R>46%HP
    • Magic: Must heal 3184 HP for A/R>46%HP

When is 34.5%dmgR>Armor/Resist?

  • When passive is ON and only for magic damage.
  • In all other situations, Armor/Resist>34.5% dmgR.


  • Armor/Resist>dmgR>%HP!
  • Armor/Resist is prone to armor penetration! So in some situations, dmgR will be better than Armor/Resist!
  • Even with Alex passive, %HP is only effective until you heal ~5900 HP! Afterwards, it’s better to have dmgR or A/R!


1) Will Alex LW passive (30% increase heals) have any effect?

  • No. The amount of raw heal required to reach the break even point will be reduced by X/1.3 but the overall heal value is still the same.

2) How will Yeo’s passive (Heal 5% max HP) effect Alex?

  • I can’t say for certain but the overwhelming effective HP gained from Armor/Resist will outperform the additional healing you will get from %HP.

3) What if I only have 1 defense slot?

  • dmgR will take you further than %HP after ~5900 Heal.

4) What’s better, Golden Axe (two defense mod at 5☆ ) or Volcano Hammer (1 defense mod at 6☆ )?

  • dmgR>%HP!

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