Brave Frontier Trial 005 Zevalhua Guide

Brave Frontier Trial 005 Zevalhua Guide by Hikari_5880

Zevalhua is out, we currently have no Grah 6 star and some people haven’t had the fortune of getting 7 star rare summons, so I decided to write this guide. This is a very detailed guide compared to the usual guide for Zevalhua, one I made a while back from when I was doing dozens of test runs on Japan. It will provide you with every possible important threshold she has so you can work around them. I did this back on Japan with 6 stars and magress 7 star only and no grah. It is very possible if you take your time and avoid silly mistakes.


There are a whole range of different teams you can run for this, from damage dealing teams to survival teams. In this case I will talk about a team using the magress strat and also strats without magress if you don’t have him. This guide will be focused on using only one squad, however you can take 3 aswell for safety, which I highly recommend.

The standard team will have:

  • Mitigator- Shera is a great choice here, Darvanshel works here too.
  • Status cleaner and healer- Rigness, Ivris, Ulkina etc. or you can also use 2 units to fill this role i.e kanon + Tree. This will however take up a precious unit spot. Suprising Rashil can make a return for some use, his angel idol buff can be very useful against Zevalhua’s Extension. If you don’t want to run a healer, you can use a unit that boosts hc drop (Feeva or Zelnite are nice choices).
  • Infinite SBB unit (Optional, but helpful)- Suprisingly Arus is a very good choice here due to the nice utility between his bb and sbb. Wouldn’t recommend rowgen here, tazer is a nice choice if you’re running a heavy damage setup.
  • A leader unit that will either: boost hp, def or reduce dark damage or add bb on damage. Leader choices here can be fairly diverse since they will be locked for the most part. It may therfore be a good idea to take a unit with a good lead aswell as good bb and sbb so when the ls lock is active they are still useful.
  • A friend unit that will either give bb or increase bc drop- diana and lily are great choices here. Can take a magress friend too if you dont have him but you will need lily/diana on your squad if you want a fairly easy clear.
  • Now the final unit you can run is magress if you aren’t already using him, which will help a great deal, or you can run any unit that will assist to deal heavy damage because her second form can pose to be a problem for some. If you don’t have magress, you can take a friend magress since leader skills aren’t so important for this trial as they are locked quite frequently. An atk down unit or def down unit is also a nice choice to have.
  • Another thing to note is that she is fairly resistant to light damage, so going for a mono light squad is a terrible idea for this.
  • She also has bc drop resistance, so taking units that fill bb may be useful for filler.

This is just a staple team setup that most people tend to use. If you don’t have all these units don’t worry, find an alternative to have all your key buffs available (mitigation and status ailment cleaner being those important ones) and have a magress friend or your own magress to use.

Item setup

  • Revive lights, revive (or dews) and fuijins/tonics are the standard. Potions are helpful to heal up. Hero crystal can be helpful for some using magress.
  • If you are running a heavy hitting squad, some brute elixirs can be helpful to deal damage fast and cancel some of her attacks in form 2 as well as quickly take down her remaining hp after endless on form 3.

Key Notes

Ok so a couple of key notes before we start:

  • You DO need to count turns if you want to clear this perfectly without yolo’ing it. Rarely you can get away without counting turns like in trial 3, but I would seriously not recommend doing that. The turn count does follow between forms, much like how turn count continues between juger-abaddon-maxwell in trial 003.
  • Another key note is that her attack extinction/extension will attack the unit with the lowest hp (until later special cases). If you’re running a team with a low hp pool then you will need to mitigate and guard because you will lose units if you dont. If you are running a team with a high defence and hp pool (maybe with high def buffs from kanon or similar), then guarding your lowest unit is optional but can be risky.
  • She will have many self buffs that she will use on herself throughout the fight, take advantage of when those buffs are not there.
  • If you need to know hp thresholds heres a good link;
  • A useful way to keep count of those turns can be done by the good ol’ pen and paper method. You can also use some online counters if you need to, heres one I used ;

Form 1

  • Extension on lowest hp unit every 4 turns. Mitigation on and guard unit with the lowest hp for safety. Not guarding can be dangerous if you’re running units with low hp. Make sure you heal up so you have almost full hp on all units to avoid any changes in which unit will have the lowest hp.
  • She will use kratia, a healing move at 80%, 60% and 40% hp. If you’re running a low hp squad DO NOT pass these points on a turn that is a multiple of 4; she will heal and deal damage to you in one attack and then follow with extension. This can be dangerous as the lowest hp unit can change when she attacks and heals with Kratia and she could end up using extinction on a unit you did not guard.
  • She will lock leader skill at 50% hp, so if you’re running a hp boosting lead, expect your max hp values to drop drastically. Be aware that any buffs such a def buff, bb on dmage buffs from ls will also be disabled.
  • At 20% hp she will do her first endless. Thankfully this endless doesn’t do too much damage. Its best to mitigate, heal up and guard low hp units here. Would also be a very good idea to have lily/diana bb or sbb on at this point

Form 2

  • She DOES NOT do extension every 4 turns here, so you can rest easy for a while. However do carry on counting turns to be ready for form 3. She also does not heal in this form either.
  • Now the only two main hp threshold you want to look out for are 90% hp and50% hp. She will charge up over a duration of 4 turns and unleash a massive damage dealing attack on the 4th turn called glorious, which will wreck you if you aren’t ready for it. You have three options around this;

(a) Let your team die and bring on a second team, NOT the best choice in most cases.

(b) Use magress UBB and fill it up until she does glorious and then proc his UBB to make all damage 1. This is the best method to use in most cases and actually the most simplest of the three.

(c) Deal heavy damage over the 4 turn period to make her cancel her attack. In most cases option b is the best way to go about it, this method should only be used if you have zero access to a magress. If you have access to top tier 7* units, this could be a viable (and better) option for you.

  • So heres the general pattern of the attack once you pass the hp thresholds:

(Turn number- Text for first Glorious/text for second Glorious – Description and tips)

-Turn 1 – “Children born of fools…/Gods, grant me power…” – She will charge up her attack and use self buffs here, she won’t hit you here. This is the best time to unlock magress’ UBB if you’re using him.

-Turn 2- “No light can save you…/Power to destroy this place!” – She will steal 50% of every units bb. Just continue to attack and refill bb with normal attacks. she does not hit on this turn.

-Turn 3- “Kneel before me!/Now, behold true despair…” – She will use a def buff. Make sure you activate lily/diana sbb here if you are using them. Also make sure magress UBB is activated this turn ready for glorious next turn, the worst thing you want is it falling short of 1bc, so make use of any bb filling units you may have. If running a damage squad, keep hitting her hard, make use of brute elixirs if you brought them.

-Turn 4- “You dare defy your fate?/Why do you resist?” – She will use Glorious this turn with enough damage to wipe your entire squad out. Have magress UBB on this turn!! (VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT ACTIVATE MITIGATOR BB/SBB AFTER YOU USE MAGRESS UBB!!! IT WILL OVERWRITE THE BUFF AND YOU WILL GET CLEANED OUT!)

  • If you’re running a heavy damage squad, then keep dealing massive damage until you deal approximately 30 percent of her hp bar. Passing 70% hp will cancel her first glorious, passing 20% will cancel the second.
  • Between the first and second glorious attack, make sure you DON’T deal damage too fast if you are using Magress UBB to soften her glorious attack. You need to refill your overdrive bar again before you reach 50% hp. Usually hitting her with normal attacks and mitigation is a good way to go about this. If you find you’re dealing too much damage too fast even with normal attacks, then you will need a hero crystal to refill UBB. If you are dealing that much damage that fast you could even get away with attempting option b.

Form 3

  • Continue to count turns from form 2 (If you have lost count, try to play it safe until you regain count)
  • Extension returns every 4 turns. Guard your unit with the lowest hp and have mitigation on.
  • Every 5 turns she will leader lock your units which will last for 3 turns.
  • Every turn that is a multiple of 20, she will use both leader skill lock which is a move where she will attack, and she will follow with extension. On this turn you want to activate mitigation and guard ALL units. This is because her leader skill attack could change which unit will have the lowest hp and extension could end up hitting a unit you did not guard. If you are running a generally bulky team you can get away with mitigation and all out attack.
  • She will heal at 90%, 70%, 50% and 30% hp in this form. As usual, be careful if you pass these points on a turn she will do extension on.
  • After her hp is below 50%, she will do extension TWICE every 4 turns. Be ready to mitigate and guard unit with lowest hp. Her second extension is pretty random, though it has been noted she tends to use it on the unit with over 50% bb filled (according to data extracted by Xerte).
  • At 40% hp she will use extension regardless of the turn count. Be ready for mitigation and guard the lowest unit here, she will use extension twice. If you happen to pass this threshold on a turn that is a multiple of 4, expect her to do 3 extensions in one turn (not the expected 4).
  • 20 % hp she will do endless, and oh boy does this one hit hard! You may want magress ubb on here or mitigate and guard units below 10k hp. Passing this threshold may also be useful while she does not have LS lock active. From here on she will use endless every 4 turns.
  • Here’s Zevalhua’s attack pattern after 20% hp passes;

First endless —> normal attacks —> normal attacks —> normal attacks —>* Second endless —> Statice Returner (200k hp heal) —> normal attacks —> normal attacks —>*

  • Remember that extension will also still be active every 4 turns even after 20% hp has passed. However endless can overwrite extension. On the other hand Extension can overwrite her heal. The general priority of moves is as follows;

Endless>Extension>Statice Returner (200k hp)

  • So now every turn after endless (once she does her second endless), she will heal 200k hp!! There are 2 good ways you can get through this. Either pass her 20% threshold on a turn multiple of 4; this will cancel out her extension attacks as endless will overwrite it. This will give you 4 full turns to take out her remaining 20 percent hp before she heals up. This is a useful strat for those that have a team that can deal heavy damage.
  • YOU CAN however CANCEL HER HEAL!!! Yes a very neat trick if you’re running a squad that doesn’t hit very hard. The idea is that you have her healing move get replaced by extension. To do this you simply have her use endless on a turn before she would use extension (so one turn before that 4th turn). After that you can take your sweet time to finish her off without worrying that she will heal 200k hp. However be ready for those extensions and endless, they hit really hard! Either having a bulky team with a decent hp pool, using a hero crystal to proc magress ubb again (to cushion second endless) or using up 3 squads is an option here to finish her off.
  • EDIT: From what it seems, there may be a possible glitch for some players where the AI for endless can be broken, and it may not happen a second time. This could mean no heal either since that could be dependent on the second endless occuring. Honestly no one can seem to figure out why this is happening, I’m not even sure if this is meant to happen XD . There is meant to be a 4 turn timer for a second endless to occur, the data mine would suggest so aswell. My advice would be to carry on the fight assuming that she will spam a second endless 4 turns after the first just to be safe (Having a backup team would probably be a good idea just incase something does go wrong). I will try to update on this strange occurence if any solutions are found.

Final Words

This fight can be easy for some, tough for others. Hopefully I have given you a very detailed insight with this guide. I will actively be editing the guide and making fixes here and there. If you find there is some useful info that I have not mentioned or you feel should be added please let me know and I will try to add it in.

Thank you for taking the time to read my guide :) I wish you all the best of luck!

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