Brave Frontier ATK/DEF Debuffers DEF Ignore Units List

Brave Frontier ATK/DEF Debuffers DEF Ignore Units List by perimeters

ATK debuffers

UnitSkillProc chanceATK reductionDurationOther buffs
FioraMT SBB30%-50% ATK1tadd fire & thunder to attack 3t
VargasMT UBB100%-80% ATK2t
RheinMT SBB30%-50% ATK1tDEF ignore 2t
SefiaMT UBB100%-80% ATK3t2 x normal hit count
ArdinMT SBB30%-50% ATK1tadd dark & light to attack 3t
OboroST SBB30%-80% ATK1t90% curse & poison

ATK & DEF debuffers

UnitSkillProc chanceATK & DEF reductionDurationOther buffs
BelfuraMT BB & SBB30%-30%1t8BC fill (SBB)
RagshelmMT SBB30%-30%2tadd 18% injury to attack 3t
LucanaMT SBB30%-30%1t
WeissMT SBB25%-50%1t
KiraMT SBB30%-30%1t+60% crit 3t
FadalMT BB40%-30%1tadd curse and weaken 3t
^MT SBB30%-50%1tadd curse, poison & injury 3t
^MT UBB100%-50%1tinflict curse, para, injury, poison
ErioleMT SBB20%-50%1t+100% ATK & DEF buff to all
ZevalhuaMT SBB30%-30%1t

DEF debuffers
pointless with DEF ignore?

UnitSkillProc chanceDEF reductionDurationOther buffs
JackMT BB20%-20%1twater, earth & light MT BB
^MT SBB33%-30%2twater, earth & light MT BB, own BB gauge fill
LenST SBB40%-35%2t

DEF ignore-inflicting units

UnitSkillDEF ignore durationOther buffs
VanberkMT BB & SBB2t+40% crit 3t (SBB)
CiaraMT SBB2t+110% ATK 2t
OrwenMT SBB2t+70% ATK 3t
LavaMT SBB2t
RheinMT BB2tATK debuff at SBB (above)
RaydnMT SBB2t+70% spark dmg 3t
TaserMT UBB2t+120% spark dmg 3t
LuginaST SBB2trefill SBB gauge
Fei & FangMT BB3t+70% spark dmg, Earth & Water attack
DilmaMT BB & SBB2t+99999 HP to self 3t, innate +20% crit, +20% BC drop (SBB)
ZelnMT SBB2t+200% ATK, -50% DEF self
KiraMT BB3t+60% crit 3t
HeidtMT SBB2t+50% BC drop +30% HC drop for self
ZaboethMT SBB2tadd dark buff to attack 3t
ZephyrMT BB & SBB2t+40% ATK for Dark types 3t (SBB)
  • I hope this will be useful to you in light of Raids coming up.
  • I haven’t included a column for rarity. Added Global exclusives and all DEF ignore-inflicting units from their BB/SBB, not their LS.
  • Currently unreleased units are italicized.
  • ST = single target; MT = multiple target

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