Puzzle & Dragons King of the Gods Guide

Puzzle & Dragons King of the Gods Guide by HippasusOfMetapontum

The forum gets a lot of posts from people who are stuck on King of the Gods, asking how they can clear it. Sometimes they get told they can’t; they don’t have a way to do big enough burst damage to kill Zeus; they don’t have enough HP to tank his hits; and so on.

Often, there’s a possible alternative, a specific way to grind through this dungeon (and many others) that’s available to most players by the time they get near Starlight Sanctuary. A lot of player’s already know it, but this is a guide for those who don’t.

Before we get to it, let’s be clear that grinding sucks. Bursting with big spike damage is faster and more exciting. Relying on skill is more engaging. You won’t want to grind through King of the Gods unless you have no other options to get through it. But when you can’t do it any other way, it’s good to be able to do it this way. KotG has a great experience / stamina ratio, and a good rate of plus egg drops.

To grind through King of the Gods, you will need:

1) A damage reduction leader or friend leader.

Simply put, this should probably be Shining Lance Wielder, Odin. Fully awoken, max level or close, and with as many plusses as possible. Odin reduces damage by 80% when hit points are full, and has other benefits such as skill boosts and auto-healing. Yes, you can probably eke through with other options, such as Nebradisk, but Odin is your best option. If you don’t have one, yourself, it’s still not hard to find friends with them to use. There’s no reason to settle for less.

2) Autohealing.

Zeus hits for 25,487 HP every turn. Since Odin reduces the damage by 80%, you’ll need to be able to auto-heal 5,098 HP per turn. Since a fully awoken Odin auto-heals for 2,000 HP per turn, you need the rest of your team to be able to auto-heal 3,098 HP or more per turn.

There are several options for this. From best option to worst: Dancing Flame, Amaterasu Ohkami; Dancing Light, Amaterasu Ohkami; Heavenly Herald, Archangel; Sea God’s Songstress, Siren; and World Tree Sprite Alraune. If you have any of these, then you just need to pick an Odin friend leader.

If you have an Odin but don’t have any of these, then the top choice to pick as a friend leader is Dancing Flame, Amaterasu Okhami. She does less auto-healing than Dancing Light, Amaterasu Okhami, but still more than enough, and she makes up for less auto-healing with more attack damage. Both of these Amaterasu options also have a full healing active skill to use as a panic button for when your HP gets too low.

If your leader doesn’t heal quite enough, you can stack your team with subs that have auto-heal awakenings until you have enough, such as Archangel; light Metatron; AB White Bird Matilda; Fragrant Bowl Dragon, Happo; Lilith; Mitsuki; Parvati; carbuncles … among many others.

3) A way to cut through Zeus’s 7,360 defense, and make a dent in his 5,305,418 HP.

A multi-part strategy is best for this, because it can mean the difference between grinding through King of the Gods in 10-15 minutes, or grinding through it in 1.5 hours.

You’d benefit from any of these that you can bring: an attack multiplying leader skill, gravity type active skills, and poison type active skills.

Dancing Flame Amaterasu Okhami stands out among the other auto-healer leader options; she has a 3x attack multiplier for attackers.

Two or three subs with Gravity, or better yet, Ultra Gravity, will greatly speed grinding down Zeus. Hades, Hera, and Kirin, among others, are good subs for this. If you don’t have any gravity subs available, you can still clear the dungeon. It will just be slower.

The more powerful the poisoner, the better. Awoken Phantom God, Odin; and Neptune, are best for this. Awoken Phantom God Odin TAMADRA; AB Bluebird Blues; and Hidden Sea Dragon Knight, Cleopatra, are also excellent choices. Lilith, Poison Ivy, Ghostring, are lesser options, but better than nothing. Darkseid, Ra, and Bane aren’t poisoners, but they also have small attacks that cut though defenses, and they’re better than nothing.

Since it might be months until the Angry Birds collab returns, getting the Red Odin TAMADRA from TAMADRA Village is probably the easiest option for a major poisoner, for now. TAMADRA Village is an expensive dungeon, but not that difficult.

4) Enough HP to survive the first 7 floors.

It’s hard to put a precise number on this, but I’ll say you should aim to have over about 16,000 HP to be safe, in case you need to take a hit by a demon, knight, or Dub-Mythlit, and then tank a second hit by an Armor Ogre. (That’s 16,000 including your friend leader – so it can be about 4,000 to 5,000 less than that [depending on the level and number of plusses on your Odin friend leader] when you look at your HP stats in the “edit team” screen.)

5) Enough damage inflicting ability to get through the first 7 floors.

Again, it’s hard to put precise numbers on this. Ideally, you want to be able to kill the highest HP monster that might be synchronized, before its timer is up and it hits you. The Armor Ogres have 63,000 HP and a 4 turn timer, so you should aim to be able to do at least 15,750 HP of damage per turn.

Dancing Flame, Amaterasu’s 3x times attack multiplier makes this easier, especially if you use her to hit the green Armor Ogres with red two prong attacks. (And Mitsuki is a great sub for this.)

It’s good to have one or more decently hard-hitting mass attacks to use as panic buttons to clear floors when you are facing trouble. Your green Odin friend can do a targeted attack that can take one monster out. The poisoners mentioned above can also help a little bit. Awoken Phantom God Odin TAMADRA does a big mass dark attack, in addition to putting out about 10,000 HP of poison damage per turn. Many different dragon options, such as Infernodragon Muspelheim, are good for their mass attacks (and for their relatively high HP, too).

Those 5 things are all you need. There are many different ways to put them together into a KotG grinding team. Here’s the team I’d use, for example:

attacker Amaterasu lead / Santa Claus Hera / Santa Claus Hera / Mitsuki / red Odin TAMADRA / green Odin friend leader

When you have those 5 things in place, the rest is easy. For the first 7 floors, kill the synchronized monsters first, especially the Armor Ogres. Combo hard, and use actives to do mass attacks or to heal, when necessary. For the last three floors, blast each of them with gravities, gungnirs, and poison, and repeat as necessary. All you have to do is make a match every turn, and the bosses won’t be able to kill you.

With minor tweaks, your grind team can also beat a number of other dungeons, if necessary. Make sure you have above 16,427 HP, and you can clear Hera. Add in a Nebradisk sub, and you can beat Endless Corridors. And so on. Grinding may suck, but clearing some of these dungeons once can be the step you need to get you past needing to grind.

I hope this helps some of you. Please feel welcome to help me correct any of the inevitable mistakes. Cheers.

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