Puzzle & Dragons Effective Stamina Cost

Puzzle & Dragons Effective Stamina Cost by rod

One of the main things that people say is that it’s “bad” to do evo mat dungeons and technicals because you don’t get very much rank exp.

I want to analyze exactly how much this matters.

I make the following assumptions:
1) You do not stone for stamina
2) You are not capped for team cost
3) The PADwiki has accurate data for the exp/rank table. (There seems to be at least 1 mistake in there, judging by weirdness in the lines)

This means that the only benefit of getting a rank up is a full refresh of your stamina bar. Operating in this regime, I can calculate the “effective stamina” cost of various dungeons, to show exactly how much you are (or are not) losing by running evo/technicals. This is based on the fact that you can consider the “payoff” of getting enough experience to rank up to be bonus stamina equal to your max stamina.

Apparently, (thank you ROFL_Waffles) Effective stamina can be thought of as “time waiting between runs”. That is, 1 effective stamina is 10 minutes waiting, as long as you’re spamming the same dungeon. It doesn’t take 170 minutes between runs of KOG at most ranks, because you rank up very frequently and can get more runs in. The frequency of those rank ups is what effective stamina attempts to capture.

Without further introduction:
The effective stamina cost of a few random dungeons as a function of Rank.:

eff cost rank

A possibly better approach: Normalized Effective Stamina Cost (“Percent of actual time spent”) – not looking at random dungeons but rather random exp/stamina ratios. See p2 for discussion.

normalised eff cost

An application approach: Effective Stamina Cost Per Plus Egg.

per egg plus

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