Puzzle & Dragons Lmeta Thursday Mythical Dungeon Guide

Puzzle & Dragons Lmeta Thursday Mythical Dungeon Clear Guide by DrunkLightning

LMeta imo is one of the best general purpose leads to attempt Trifruits with. Sure you CAN have these ridiculous crazy 0-stall teams that require REMs and Skillups out of your ass, but this simple Lmeta team can get it done super easily and fast, with just a tad bit of stalling.

Subs you’ll need:

  • Echidna (Uevo for the extra attack, get her at least level 70+)
  • Angelion (uevo recommended)
  • Valkyrie (High skillups are useful, but not absolutely needed)
  • Shynee

Recommended Subs: You don’t NEED these subs, but if you have them it’ll make things move along a lot easier.

  • DQXQ: Extra Skillboost means a max skilled Valk can be up Floor 1, and the orb changer is more powerful. They replace Angelion.
  • Arcline: Extra Skillboost, see above. He’s also up 2 turns faster than shynee, 3 if you count his built in skillboost. Replaces Shynee.
  • Mini DQXQ: Not much to say here; it’s just a better orb changer than Angelion.
  • Fuu: ? she’s not exactly an improvement as she doesn’t have skill boosts or different attributes. Still though, she’s a better orb changer over Angelion so if you have her feel free to replace Angelion with her.

So here’s what you do:

Floor 1: One fire mass attack is enough to kill the small seeds, then you can ping down the fruit. One Light combo should also be enough to kill off the seeds.

Floor 2: One Light mass attack is enough to sweep this floor. If you can’t do that, a light combo and a couple of other combos should be enough to clear this floor. Note that the Plants all bind on their first turn, so if you end up with bad timers and fail to kill everything, you should be okay.

Floor 3: Simple and then possibly tricky. Kill the 2 plants, but leave the tamadra up. Stall away. I say possibly tricky because you’ll probably need to stall for 9~ turns if you’re using shynee and Angelion. This floor is the reason why Lmeta shines (no pun intended) in this dungeon. She’s unbindable, and she can easily recover binds off your team. I’ve seen a lot of teams waste so much time on this floor because of the tamadra. LMeta lets you breeze past this with ease.

Floor 4: Easy. Pop all orbchangers and shynee. Mass attack and combo hard. Enjoy your not-the-fruit-of-desired-color. Fak u gungtroll

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