Puzzle & Dragons +Egg Farming Guide

Puzzle & Dragons +Egg Farming Guide by jx9

“What’s the best place to farm +eggs” is one of the most common questions asked in this game, but there’s not always a simple answer because there’s always different events going on and different people have different resources in terms of time and money. The purpose of this guide is to be a comprehensive answer to the +egg farming question.

First, let’s talk player resources. In the past people usually discuss +egg farming for players who are IAP vs non-IAP, but I think a better distinction are players who are interested in stamina efficiency versus players who are interested in time efficiency. Most IAP players are more concerned about time efficiency, while most non-IAP players are concerned about stamina efficiency, but this is not always the case. For example, a non-IAP player who only spends 20 minutes a day on this game is probably just looking for dungeons to dump a lot of stamina on every day and doesn’t care about stamina efficiency, whereas an IAP player who stones for stamina multiple times a day may still want to maximize stamina efficiency because he has 5 hours a day to play PAD.

Second, let’s talk metrics. Most comparisons between dungeons use +egg/stamina or +egg/hour as metrics. While +egg/hour is a good metric for comparing dungeons in terms of time efficiency, +egg/stamina is NOT a good metric for comparing dungeons in terms of stamina efficiency. +egg/stamina does not factor in rank exp, and higher rank exp = more rank ups = more stamina refreshes for ranking up = more stamina to run dungeons. This cannot be ignored. Therefore, we need to factor in rank exp into the metric, and we call it effective +egg/stamina. For more information/math about effective stamina see this link.

The classic example is OoH vs KoG. OoH has a better +egg/stamina rate than KoG, but KoG has a much better effective +egg/stamina rate. If player A spends a week running nothing but OoH, and player B spends a week running nothing but KoG (and both players start at the same rank, rely only on natural stamina regen and rank ups, and don’t waste any stamina), then player B will end the week with a lot more +eggs than player A even though OoH is the dungeon with a better flat “+egg/stamina” rate. Note that effective stamina changes depending on your player rank; the higher rank you are, the harder it is to get to the next rank and the less benefit you get from rank exp.

Now that we are armed with better tools to measure the effectiveness of +egg rates for different dungeons, I’m going to provide 4 different tables for the best places to farm +eggs depending on what you want and what you have.

1) Maximum stamina efficiency for +eggs – You are limited by stamina, and you are only interested in +eggs, nothing else. This could mean that you are non-IAP and want to make the best use of your stamina, or this could mean that you IAP so you could play the game more each day but still want to optimize your stamina usage. Note this table is purely objective, there’s really nothing to argue here unless there’s a mistake in my math or drop rate assumptions.

~Rank <150Rank 150-250Rank 250-350Rank 350+
5x Tech MondaysKoGKoGFT4FT4
5x Tech Tuesdays-FridaysKoGKoGKoGMechdragons
5x Tech WeekendsKoGKoGKoGKoG
Star Vault?NoNoOnly if weekdayYes

2) Maximum overall stamina efficiency – You are limited by stamina, and while you are prioritizing +eggs, you still are somewhat interested in other things like fodder and rank exp. This table is a bit subjective, depending on how much you value +eggs compared to fodder exp, rank exp, and piis.

~Rank <150Rank 150-250Rank 250-350Rank 350+
WeekdaysKoGKoGKoG or CoinT5/T6 or Coin
5x Tech MondaysKoGKoGKoG or CoinFT4 or Coin
5x Tech Tuesdays-FridaysKoGKoGKoG or CoinT5/T6 or Coin
5x Tech WeekendsKoGKoGKoGKoG
Star Vault?NoNoNoYes

3) Maximum overall time efficiency – You are limited by time, and you are prioritizing +eggs but still interested in fodder and rank exp. This could mean that you are non-IAP but struggle to use up all your stamina everyday before it overflows, or that you are heavy IAP and spend stones to refill your stamina whenever you feel like it. This table is also a bit subjective. Also as another note, anytime you really want to dump 50 stamina and not completely waste it, the no-RCV skydragons are a good choice. I just didn’t mention it because they’re not efficient for +eggs in any manner.

~Rank <150Rank 150-250Rank 250-350Rank 350+
WeekdaysKoGKoG or CoinKoG or CoinT5/T6 or Coin
WeekendsKoGKoG or CoinKoG or CoinKoG or Coin
5x Tech MondaysKoGFT4FT4FT4
5x Tech Tuesdays-FridaysKoGMechdragonsMechdragonsMechdragons
5x Tech WeekendsKoGKoGMechdragonsMechdragons
Star Vault?NoYesYesYes

4) Maximum time efficiency for +eggs – You are limited only by time, and only care about +eggs. This table should really only be applicable to the mega-whales.

~All ranks
WeekdaysT6 or Coin
WeekendsOoH or Coin
5x MondaysMechdragons
5x Tuesdays-FridaysMechdragons
5x WeekendsMechdragons
Star Vault?Yes

A few explanations/clarifications:

  • KoG: King of Gods, last floor of Starlight Sanctuary. If you can’t beat this dungeon consistently yet then you should replace this with T5/T6 on weekdays and OoH on weekends.
  • OoH: Sea God of Heaven, the last floor of Ocean of Heaven.
  • T5/T6: Tier 5/Tier 6 normals, whichever ones are on 1.5x drop rate. T5’s are the last floor of the dungeons from Hyperion Lava Flow to Clayus Prison, T6’s are the last floor of the dungeons from Vesta Cave to Junos Island. Technically the RGB T5’s are a bit better than the RGB T6’s, and the LD T6’s are a bit better than the RGB T5’s, but the overall differences are small.
  • Coin: Alt. coin dungeons, the ones that can drop pii’s. Some are better than others depending on the rotation. The ones that don’t allow dupes I highly advise running since the +egg rate is pretty high there due to no pengdras or evo materials (which can’t drop as +). The tech. alt. coin dungeons that allow dupes have horrible +egg rates and are pretty worthless IMO.
  • FT4 – 4th floor of the technical dungeon Forbidden Tower.
  • Mechdragons – Mechdragon’s Massive Fortress in the technical dungeons. Any color/floor will do.
  • Star Vault – Ruins of the Star Vault, a guerilla dungeon that appears for an hour every few weeks. No means you should not run it when it comes up, yes means you should. Whether or not you want to stone for it is up to you.
  • FT4 vs Mechdragons during 5x techs – On mondays, FT4 has decently better +egg stamina efficiency compared to mechdragons, but mechdragons are just a little faster. Outside of mondays, FT4 is pretty bad with it only having its base ~60% egg drop rate, whereas Mechdragons still has a high base egg drop rate (~80-90% with boss floors still being 100%).

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