Brave Frontier Garnas Research Cave Guide

Brave Frontier Garnas Research Cave Guide by SilentScript

Atharva Bonus: Garnas Research Cave

Unlocked after beating Eriole and Tesla in the last area.

Crucible of Confusion

You discover a cave dispersing an ominous miasma. There are traces of a strong seal at the entrance, but you seem to be able to come and go freely.

In short this is a research laboratory that was being used during the war of the gods. (Can’t go back to Lin’s cutscene so if anybody can confirm exact details it would be helpful)

-Energy Cost: 60

-Exp: 10000

-Stages: 5

-First clear reward: 1 Gem and 1 Sphere frog

There are 5 stages like any other bonus map with the first three containing normal mobs (though one can curse which is annoying for farming BC) and the fourth stage containing 3 elemental pots. Stage five will contain the boss, Fused Demon Garnes.

-Boss: Fused Demon Garnes

-Element: Dark

-HP:? (200k+)

This boss, Garnes, is one that’s fairly annoying to deal with as he doesn’t attack very much but hits hard, excluding certain skills, without the use of mitigation and cardes/grahdens. Sadly this makes units that are amazing against single boss like Luka(still good for heal over time though), Diana, and Lily Matah not as useful as they usually are. He also has with him a large amount of health. I’m not sure if it’s possible to OTKO/TTKO (Maybe it’s possible with a full light team with dual Kira and maybe dual Maxwell).

Garnes skills

Ultimate Cannon (10/10 creativity)

40,000 fixed damage

Garnes’s ultimate attack which is easily avoidable since it works in the same way gravion does in Lugina EX trial (Green Menace). I believe the thresholds are ~75% ~50% (very unsure about this but a number under ~25%). It will hit for 40,000 fixed damage so it is unlikely you will survive without guarding, mitigation leader skill and bb/sbb mitigation. You will be given one of two prompts to when he will use his ultimate attack.

Well, well… Who knew humans could come this far?

My power will destroy everything…

The next turn you must mitigate and guard on all units to survive.


Garnes’s def is lowered after using Ultimate Cannon.

Mana Protection

Applies self buff that decreases damage taken from all elements except light.

One of the major reasons why Garnes is annoying is because he has this skill, Mana Protection, that makes every element except light do less damage though for some reason during my run it only made 4/5 of the elements weaker leaving lightning alone (really loved that since I was using rowgen) but I believe this might be a glitch.

Field Of Ruin

Inflicts sick on all units

This bonus dungeon I believe doesn’t have a necessity of a status null/purger as the only status ailment comes from is sick, less recovery, but if you want to play it safe with your heals go ahead.

World Tremor

Powerful Aoe dark attack

This skill is quite powerful but unlike ultimate cannon you can survive without guarding. Without mitigation however it’s likely you will die.

Other skills Garnes also has other special attacks such as power cannon, lightning cannon and crash drive but they aren’t anything special or I didn’t really notice them doing much.

Extra note: I believe he can be inflicted with status ailments though I’m not sure which ones.

Recommended Leaders

Defensive [Cardes the Malevolent] I’m going on a limb to say he is a necessity to survive this as he comes with 20% mitigation to the boss and you get some of your BB back after brave burst. The boss hits very hard with his ultimate and World Tremor and he will help you get through them like a guidance councillor.

[Grahdens] Same reason as Cardes he comes with 15%(5% less but still good) mitigation and giving you 20% all stats. Even though he is a 5* unit with stats that are very low compared to the rest of your team I would recommend bringing him as he gives both defence and offence. His BB is really good for getting through the boss’s mana protection, resistance against all elements except dark, and overall getting that extra weakness damage.

[Colossal Tridon] The global exclusive from the athenosphere that came with Ultor and co. Reason why tridon is still viable here with his 10% mitigation is his extra 30% hp and 50% recovery. The recovery bit usually doesn’t affect anybody but in this case it can help overcome the sick status ailment if you don’t bring status null unit or LS. Helps that his bb/sbb give good bonuses to survival and bb generation.

BB boosting [Cataclysm Empress Feeva] Kind of self explanatory. Feeva has an upgraded ares excelsior leader skill which will help with refilling your mitigators bb, especially if you spark, as it is pretty difficult to maintain a good amount of BB per turn.

[Jewel Floret Rosetta] Probably the best for a team with very high hit counts though it is somewhat risky since it’s only a single target.

Recommended units Mitigators (unless you want to OTKO) A necessity to survive the battle.

Thunder Saviour Shera, Guardian Darvanshel, Ice Fortress Oulu, and Mad God Narza, Dark Legend Magress

HoT healers For this I will recommend a burst healer as keeping up bb for heals is rather difficult so healing most of your health every turn is better than over healing every few turns. If you can spam bb on your healer than go for burst.

Crescendo Megurine Luka, Ice Legend Selena, Guardian Goddess Tia

BB boosting units I didn’t use this for my run but I ended up wasting every single one of my Fujins when if I brought my zelnite I wouldn’t need to have waste them. They can be either burst (all at once like zelnite) or over time (over three turns like madia)

Thief God Zelnite, Aqua Goddess Kuhla, Blade Master Zergel, Eclipse Sibyl Madia

BC drop buffers This can help overcome the problematic bb generation by increasing your drops. If you have high DC units it might be in your best interest to use bc drop buffers instead of bb boosting units.

Cataclysm Empress Feeva, Thief God Zelnite, Crusher God Uda, Felneus(not recommended but you can try), Arctic Bow Stya, Gaia Bow Lario, Beauty Sibyl Paula

Unlimited ST SBB Highly useful for killing the boss as it can overcome the problematic BC generation.

Lightning Gun Rowgen, Phoenix God Arus, Cyclone Emperor Tazer, Dahlia Fist Lemia(Need a lot of defence), Ice Angel Sergio (Same as Nemia), Terminator [Removed: Tilith] Lilith (Same as Nemia and Sergio).

Defence Buffers Helps survive his attacks other than his ultimate so it isn’t necessary but would be a good fill in the squad.

Guardian Darvanshel, Heavenly Emperor Kanon, Dark Legend Magress, Light Legend Atro, Cardes the Malevolent, Pirate Goddess Eve, Snow Queen Eva, Passion Sibyl Freya

My setup if anybody is interested. Please note this was mostly blind and that the only thing I know is that he was a dark unit and his ultimate skills. I wasted all my items except 2 revives and barely beat the boss.

-Cardes (Lead) Providence/sol creator

-Shera (Lord) Xentar

-Selena (Anima) Lexida/sol creator

-Luka (Guardian) Legwand

-Rowgen (Lord) Legwand

-Grahdens (Friend) Medulla Gem

Item recommendations 5 Fujins (Used to make sure your mitigator can mitigate every turn)

3/4 Revives (Your mitigator has a chance to die to the fixed attacks so it’s used as a safety precaution or also if you get hit too hard with his strong aoe)

2 Goddess Idols (Useful if you wasted all your Fujins to finish off the boss and also for your mitigator during his fixed damage attacks)

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