Brave Frontier Beginner’s Team Building Guide

Brave Frontier Beginner’s Team Building Guide by Ironchef33

This guide is meant to be an introduction to team building. Please read this before asking questions as it may answer many of your questions.

General team building

There really isn’t much to building a team. Ideally you want your team to share a synergy with the leader, and then one healer. That is it. There is a list of farmable healers available to you in the farmable units list if you do not have a premium healer.

To being with, we will cover buffs. By “buffs” I mean anything that provides an increase in strength to your team.

What are buffs and how do they work?

There are five types of buffs that can be applied to a unit:

  • Leader Skills

All units have a leader skill. This leader skill is what you want to build a squad around. These leader skills are additive and will stack on top of each other. All of the starter units, when leveled up and evolved will have +50% attack boost to their own element. Having two of these types mean that they will have +100% attack. Not only that, when you bring your starter to a 6* evolution, they will gain +10% hp to their same color as well, so when you bring two 6* starters, your squad will have +100% attack and +20% hp!

  • Spheres

Spheres like famous blade and other stat increases are raw stat increases. They are applied directly to the unit. For example, if your unit has 1000 attack, you equip Famous Blade to it, it will now have 1050 attack. You can craft spheres and earn them through events. You can equip your units with spheres on the unit page.

  • Ore/Seal

These items are ELEMENT specific. They are used primarily for teams that have all one element in them. The ore increases attack of their element by 50% for three turns, while the seal is 50% defense. You can synthesize these in your town after you’ve reached the appropriate level.

  • Items

These are similar to ore and seals as they are items that you can synthesize at the appropriate level. There are various items that provide buffs such as Attack Potion and Defense Potion, while they are advantageous because they are not element specific, but, they are also weaker. These provide an increase to a stat, and only for one turn. They can be added on to increase your attack for killing the boss.

Items that provide the same type of buff do not stack. For example, you cannot use an attack potion and a brute elixir at the same time.

  • Brave Burst Buff

Some units, when using their Brave Burst(BB) or Super Brave Burst(SBB) will provide a stats buff. For example, Weiss, when using his BB will provide an increase to attack for three turns. Some units when they achieve their SBB will be able to do damage AND provide a buff, such as Vargas. SBBs such as these will apply the buff to the entire party first, then use the damage skill. Unfortunately, the buff does not apply to the user until the following turn. The turn count for the buffs also start on the turn after it has been used.

Brave Burst buffs of the same type do not stack with each other. Using two of the same type such as Weiss will only apply it once.

For detailed calculations of damage buffs please go here. Credit goes to all the hard working people at AI for this!

Types of Teams

  • Mono element

These teams focus on using one element across the whole squad. They take advantage of leaders that contain +25% or higher +ATK Boosts to their element when they are the leader (such as all the starters) generally you pair up with another leader of the same element with the same type of leader skill to maximize it. So if you picked Vargas like all the other cool kids, and wanted a mono red/fire team you would load up your team with your strongest units of the same color/element and pair with something like, another Vargas. This gives a huge offensive boost. The weakness to mono color team is that you are always at risk or being much weaker when you run into your counter element. Light/Dark are exceptions as they aren’t really “weak” against anything because they are “strong” against their counter element anyways.

People who use mono color teams tend to have multiple mono color teams. It is always beneficial to have multiple mono color teams. For example, I used my mono water team to beat fire sibyl because she would wreck my dark team after she used her BB to give her light element attack, she would be doing extra damage to me, when I wouldn’t be able to do extra damage to her.

For mono light/dark teams who do not have a premium dedicated healer, you can simply run whatever element has an advantage for that quest/dungeon.

Mono color teams are easy to build because you really can use filler monsters for the spots. Elemental advantage in brave frontier is quite strong.

Sample Farmable/beginner Mono element team:

Selena (lead)/Verica/Merith/Zephu/Ramia/Selena Friend lead.

Sample higher level/rare summons Mono element team (this is my team)

Magress (lead)/Kikuri/Alice/Xenon/Altri/Magress friend lead

  • Rainbow/Multicolored teams

Named mostly for the leaders who require 5 or more elements present to trigger the +50% attack boost (IE: Michele, Tiara, Lodin, Lilith, Logan, Zelban) if you have one of these units and not enough of a mono colored team or don’t want to run a mono colored team you can activate their leader skill.

For these teams you simply want to pick the strongest of each color and throw it on, if you do end up stacking a color make sure you have a friend lead that can give you the 5th color.

Rainbow teams offer more flexibility in terms of squad units as you can pick and choose your subs to fit the stage. They also have a lack of distinct weakness, since they cover almost all colors, but because of this, they also lack a distinct advantage.

There are some leads that are a raw power boost to all colors (20%, 30%) such as Shida, Amy, etc. These are usable if you do not have one of the stronger rainbow lead. They are non color discriminant, so you can have 2 thunder, 2 water, and 1 dark for example, and it will still work.

Sample Beginner/Farmable Rainbow team:

Any of Michele’s group that matches with your starter + Your starter + 3 other colors (1 should be a healer)

  • Spark teams

These teams focus on doing damage via the Spark mechanic. If you don’t know what spark is, you should watch the tutorial video and get a free metal king while you’re at it.

These teams focus highly on teams that spark really well and can spark very often. Leaders are monsters such as Rickel, Lubradine, and Behemoth. These are even more flexible than the rainbow teams because you do not need to fulfill a color requirement. However, it takes a little more skill to use as you need to know how to attack and when to attack to maximize your damage.

Sample Farmable Spark team:

Rickel lead/Serin/Cayena/Stya/Leon/ Omega Behemoth Friend Lead or Rickel lead.

  • Crit teams

Okay, this is basically Zebra/Zebra team leads. Equip all your monsters with increased critical chance spheres and go for it. All you are doing is hoping for crits, and making those crits massive damage. Very flexible in terms of squad units, leaders are NOT flexible at all. If you are doing this, you NEED to run Dual Zebra or other leads with the same skill.

There is no sample team, get your highest attack valued units and put it in here, equip them all with +crit spheres. If you have units that can buff crit with their BB such as Duel-GX, you really want to bring them. Other units that increase attack with their bb are also good to bring as well.

  • BB spam teams

This is the current hype’d team. Felneus is the best lead for this type of team. You want a team leader that will greatly fill your bb gauge each turn. Your next step is to fill your team with the highest hit count BBs you can find (douglas being the most popular, serin is another). This team functions on the fact that once you hit Felneus’ SBB, you will have enough BC drops to consistently spam your BB over, and over, and over.

The optimal team setup in this is not flexible. But you can still use other units that have bb’s or sbb’s that increase BC drop rate to help with filling up the bb gauge. Any leader that has at minimum, a “large boost to BC drop rate” should be useable. Ideally you want “Huge boost”.

Sample teams:

Felneus(Lead)/Serin/Douglas/ Cayena/Elsel/Felneus Friend lead

  • Other teams

There are some specialized leaders like the Twins, which provide your team full immunity to status effects. These are generally used when the dungeon is known to have a boss that spams BBs with status effects. It also frees up an item slot for you to use something else as it will not be taken up by tonics/Holy waters/etc.

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