Brave Fontier Lem EX Dungeon Guide

Brave Fontier Lem EX Dungeon Guide by OracleKnightArk

Seeing how the dungeon has just arrived in global, I figured I’d make a guide.

Edit: Forget to mention this No gem continues!!!

Edit 2: It seems that putting Ultor and Deimos in the middle and using their taunt and overdrive techniques makes this dungeon much easier and will save some units.

Squad Composition:

Mitigator (Elimo is preferred)

Grahdens (friend or own lead) for dark/light buff to attacks

For the other 4 units you can choose your strongest units (they’re not going to last for long regardless of hp and mitigation)

Sphere Composition

The only important thing is to use phantom gizmo and impiety orb on your mitigator (again Elimo highly recommended)

Location Location Location

This is the absolute most important thing to keep in mind otherwise you cannot win. Make sure to put your mitigator in the middle of your squad (you will understand why),8ZhWTu5,RFeo5Wk#0

Recommended Items to bring

*10 cures

*as many revives as you can

*10 brute elixirs

The Actual Fight

When the fight begins be sure to go all out from the start. Pop on some brute elixirs and sbb,bb, and ubb away. A little while into the fight you’ll start to notice that Mora will start killing your units one by one and in a particular order if you pay close attention. This is why I emphasized the location of the units in your squad earlier! She will kill the units in the following order:

First: Bottom Right

Second: Top Right

Third: Bottom Left

Fourth: Top Left,8ZhWTu5,RFeo5Wk#2

Your middle units will never die in a single hit. Now in my situation my friend’s Nemeth Gear had poor defense so he died easily. When I did this dungeon, by the time I got to the 20% threshold everyone except Elimo was dead. My Elimo was able to solo the rest of the dungeon thanks to Grah’s dark buff and having her sbb being able to fill quickly (though this took around an hour to do because of one-turn attack down debuffs and Elimo not being an attacking mitigator),8ZhWTu5,RFeo5Wk#1

Lugina was right, these Ishgria demons sure are more annoying than the Four Fallen Gods ever were. I hope these guys become mock units in Noel’s laboratory in the near future. They would sure make for some interesting trials.

So this was my first guide and I hope you guys find it useful. If you find something that I missed or have any suggestions let me know :)

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