Bloodborne Easy Blade of Mercy Guide

Bloodborne Easy Blade of Mercy Guide by seanwise11

Personally, one of my chief enjoyments with the Souls / Blood Series is starting new characters and playing through the game with optimized preplanned builds with certain weapons and build paths.

Having completed this game nearly 10x now, I desired to do a Blade of Mercy play through with the weapon earned as early as possible. For those of you who have the same desire, that is to play the game with Blade of Mercy quickly and easily, this will hopefully shed some light on how you can do so efficiently.

I don’t claim to have invented anything here, all I aim to do is provide a simple set of steps that will allow you to start eviscerating enemies with the lightning fast blades as soon as possible and with as little headache as possible. Essentially, this guide is here to show you how to earn the Blades of Mercy within 15-30minutes of your time right after making a fresh character.

Note: In order to achieve this, there are a couple of facts you must consider.

1) You will be unable to get the Hunter Covenant Rune for completing Eileen’s quest in your first play through. This is unfortunate but ultimately necessary if you want to begin tearing bosses apart with the Blade of Mercy as soon as possible. The Radiance rune from the Alfred quest is a reasonable replacement for the time being.

2) This method relies on a couple of glitches, all of which are not game breaking and easy to reproduce. They simply take advantage of some well known glitches that are frequently used in speed runs and the like.

Anyways, my apologies for the long prologue, here is the method.


1) Create your character (Offtopic, but I really recommend Cruel Fate as an ideal origin for a Skill build), and select the hunters axe or saw cleaver as your first weapon.

2) You can kill the villagers or simply run past them. Run to the brothel with the laughing woman where you can roll through the crates and end up in the area just before the bridge to Eileen’s location with the dog cages. For those of you who are unsure of what I mean, its just after the courtyard with the burning werewolf and the mob of villagers.

3) Head to Eileen’s location, grab your free gesture and bold marks, and then kill her. There are a few ways to cheese her, one of them being shown here in Host Chan’s video: You can also bait her into falling into the lower section of the sewers for massive damage by luring her onto the wooden catwalk and having her attack. Either way, find the method that works best for you and kill her and grab her badge.

4) Now that you have the Crowhunter Badge, you need a whopping 40k souls in order to buy the Blade of Mercy. Remember, the plan here is to buy them without killing any bosses nor dedicating a lot of time to farming, wherein you could die and lose the souls.

5) We do this by utilizing the Forbidden Woods skip, which is accessed by the first Executioner enemy (the cloaked guy with the axe) in Central Yharnam. This video by TheFeebleSheep demonstrates how to do so: I personally recommend using the axe or cleavers charge attack to get over the fence as opposed to doing the 2nd jump shown in the video. You can easily do this by standing by the sand pile on the ledge and charge attacking on an angle into the one tree.

6) Open the gate so you don’t have to worry about doing the jump again should you mess up and die. Climb down the 2 sets of ladders, and run past the giants and the poison water and head outside of that cave where you will see caged dogs, kill all the dogs in the cages and doubleback through the poison water with the giants to Iosefca’s clinic to utilize this exp glitch shown here in kenny stimmel’s video: Personally, I only used the glitch to get exactly enough blood echos in order to buy the Blade of Mercy, as I did not want to cheat the system too much and obliterate any challenge from the early game. However, if you felt so inclined, you could gather well beyond the blood echos required for the Blade of Mercy and bolster your levels right off the bat.

7) Enjoy your early Blade of Mercy which you can now play through the entire game with prior to any bosses and with minimal headache / time invested!

Hope this method helps those of you interested in doing a Blade of Mercy play through. The method seems long winded, but once you make sense of it, you can easily purchase the Blade of Mercy in under 30 minutes of playtime. I hope you guys enjoy!

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