Bloodborne Easily Missed NPC Quest Actions

Bloodborne Easily Missed NPC Quest Actions by SkeletonBuddy

There’s a lot of confusion about quite a few of the NPC-related quests, so I was wondering if anyone could contribute to a list of need-to-know facts about dealing with the NPCs – saving as many as possible and making sure not to miss any opportunities for story/interaction. Like the most common misconceptions about how to complete NPC-related quests. If you have any information about NPCs who are rarely interacted with or need very special requirements, let us know.

So far, the topics I can think of:

  • CONFIRMED: You cannot save the little girl who gives you the music box (also, her mother is the one named Viola) by sending her away, but you can kill the pig in Central Yharnam and receive a red ribbon item that was hers. If you take the ribbon to her window after the fight with Rom the Vacuous Spider, you should be able to complete that quest line. She will die whether or not you give her the brooch, so it’s best to keep it. The best option is to withhold the brooch by storing it in your inventory back at the Dream and telling her to go to the Chapel. It is suspected that you can save her by having her stay at home without the Brooch: her sister may come to visit at that point. It is unknown what her dialogue means exactly in that case, though.
  • CONFIRMED: The beggar is “secretly” (he was eating people when you meet him so it’s not like it’s a well-kept secret) a beast, and if you fight him he’ll transform. He is a pretty tough mini-boss, but the dialogue is very interesting. If you want his rune you either have to kill him where he is or send him to the Clinic, then go kill the blobby thing fake Iosefka turned him into somewhere in the halls. You can send him to the Chapel, but he will begin killing people off one-by-one. He stands outside the chapel near a carriage.
  • UNCONFIRMED: It is strongly suspected that the trigger for Adella the Nun killing Arianna is accepting blood for the first time from Arianna while Adella is in the Chapel. (Lore: Adella is part of the church that grooms women to be perfect blood givers, and Arianna’s blood is said to be forbidden by the church. Therefore, Adella gets angry/offended/jealous to see the character accept blood from the whore but not from herself) To avoid this, get Arianna first and accept blood from her a few times; then get Adella and accept blood from her a few times. After that, Arianna will probably not be killed before her quest line ends (I only say probably because I can’t test this out – I killed my nun for safety before figuring out what triggered her) – unless you bring the Suspicious Beggar (blind man found in the Forbidden Woods) to the Chapel.
  • CONFIRMED: The disgruntled man who can be found on the same street as Arianna will go to the opposite place of where you told him to go.
  • CONFIRMED: Gilbert (the first red lantern / window NPC you meet) is sick no matter what you do. He will give you a flamethrower when he thinks he is about to die. If you show up at his house after the fight with Rom, he will be transformed into a beast, having jumped out his window. Kill him to get a rune.
  • CONFIRMED: There is an item you can find after defeating Martyr Logarius called “Unopened Summons”. If you bring this to Alfred, he will tell you that he’s leaving for Cainhurst. He will kill Annalise, Queen of the Vilebloods if you let him leave (however, she can be resurrected if you take her flesh after she dies). Visiting her throne room triggers dialogue of Alfred acting kind of insane with a gold cone on his head. He will thank you and give you items for making this possible. If you leave after this, he will be dead at the place you originally found him (Lore: presumably because he wants to be a martyr like Logarius – having finished his mission, he commits suicide). The fight with him is a lot more fun, and there’s some interesting dialogue to be had (he gets really insulting). Be careful, that wheel is fuckin’ testy. You will get the Radiance Oath from him if you kill him.
  • UNCONFIRMED: Djura (guy with the gun on the top of the tower in Old Yarny) does not have to be your enemy, but it’s hard to make him your friend. You may have to kill Darkbeast Paarl and then approach him from the Paarl side (some say this can also be done through the Blood-Starved Beast route). You can learn a gesture from him and get an item, and he will not shoot you anymore. Some people have not been able to befriend him, either because of a bug or because there is an altogether different trigger for this action (my best guess is that some of those people accidentally attacked the beasts in Old Yharnam, which you shouldn’t do). If you absolutely want to befriend him, avoid opening the Old Yharnam gate and go kill other bosses first.
  • CONFIRMED: You can get a gift item for the Doll by jumping to a wooden platform under a long set of dangling ropes in the falling area below the Chapel Workshop area. There is a door halfway down that pit that leads to the “real” place that the Hunter’s Dream is based on; you can also easily get an Umbilical Cord there.
  • ADVICE/CONFIRMED: Eileen the Crow will not show up for the Oedon Tomb fight for you if you do not find her either in Central Yharnam or near the Chapel. She will then be hostile when you meet her near the Grand Cathedral where you fight Vicar Amelia. Do not bring big weapons to the fight with Eileen and the Hunter in the Oedon Tomb. You are going to accidentally kill her. Molotovs are useful, as are poison knives. Thrusting weapons are also good. She can take care of most of that fight on her own (that’s arguable – I just found the fight incredibly easy), so don’t put her at risk from your swings just to take out the hunter.

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