Bloodborne Co-op Chalice Dungeons Guide

Bloodborne Co-op Chalice Dungeons Guide by MMORPGLife

Chalice Dungeons are underground ruins that can be entered only by using Holy Chalices. These Dungeons add a ton of additional content and special rewards because every time you enter a chalice it offers random bosses and different rewards. After defeating the third boss – Blood-starved Beast, players acquire the first chalice named – Pthumeru chalice that can be used at any of the Ritual altars in the Hunter’s dream, except the first one (the altars look like tombstones).

In order to use any chalice you’ll need some additional materials like Ritual Blood or Tomb Mold and some Blood Echoes. These basic components can be bought from the messengers near the altars, while the higher level components drop in Chalice dungeons.

How to create Chalice Dungeons: When you acquire the first chalice (after defeating the third boss – Blood-starved Beast,) go to Hunter’s Dream and create a Chalice Dungeon at any Ritual Altar except the first one. Press square at the altar where you started the ritual to make your chalice dungeon accessible to other players. While creating it, be sure to set the privacy to public, if you want other players to join your dungeon. Alternatively, if you make it private, only players who know the password and the Glyph Code can enter.

How to co-op for Chalice dungeons: Any player who creates a Chalice Dungeon should ring the Beckoning Bell the moment they enter the dungeon, in case you need help from other players. Ringing the Beckoning Bell will consume 1 Insight. If you’d like to play with a friend, simply give them your Dungeon’s Glyph Code (letters and numbers in the bottom right corner of your Altar menu). Your friend should enter this code at the altar in the “Search by Chalice Glyph” option. After that your friend will be able to enter the same version of your dungeon, but NOT your world state. When your friend enters the dungeon they need to ring their Resonating bell (it doesn’t consume Insight). Just be patient because it sometime takes more than 5 minutes to co-op with each other. If for some reason, this doesn’t work, start over and try again. Yes, it’s annoying and broken, but we will keep our fingers crossed for a patch.

If you don’t play with a friend, but you want to join a random public dungeon and help someone, you should approach the Ritual Altar in Hunter’s Dream and in “Chalice Dungeon Search” select a random dungeon. After that enter the dungeon and ring Resonating bell. You will co-op with the host ONLY if he rang his Beckoning Bell. This is very important to remember, as early on in your journey, you can only co-op with people who have rang their Beckoning Bell. Continue reading to understand the quicksearch function.

How Co-op works in dungeons: Co-op players get the same loot from chests, but only the host of the Chalice dungeon gets the next chalice, and continues chalice progression. When you kill a boss as a host, the guest player is sent back to his version of your dungeon, while you as a host progress to the next dungeon level. At this point, the guest player should ring their Beckoning Bell in their version of your dungeon (confusing I know), and the former host player needs to return to previous dungeon level and ring his Resonant bell. The roles will change and the former host becomes summoned. Players will have to do the same chalice twice if both of them want to continue the chalice line.

If a Cooperator dies they should ring their Resonant Bell again to rejoin. If the Host dies, he/she will need to ring their Beckoning Bell again, and the guest needs to ring his/her Resonant Bell again to rejoin.

How to use Makeshift Altar: Before you can use the Makeshift Altar in Hunter’s Dream, you have to acquire the item – Short Ritual Root Chalice. Defeating the last boss in Lower Hintertomb Chalice (the order of the chalices is the following: Pthumeru Chalice -> Central Pthumeru Chalice -> Hintertomb Chalice -> Lower Hintertomb Chalice) unlocks the key “Short Ritual Root Chalice” and use of Makeshift Altar. This Altar has three Quick-search options:

Dungeon Quick-search: Quick search and join an accessible Chalice Dungeon.

Co-op Quick-search: Quick search a Beckoning Bell chime to begin co-op

Adversarial Quick-search: Quick search a Sinister Bell chime to become an adversary. (PvP chalice)


User ThatBigSKi was kind enough to point out that in order to get the Hintercomb Chalice you need to find the coffin in Central Pthumerian.


It was also pointed out by KDBA that Cooperators do not get chest loot. The only loot they get is enemy drops and boss rewards.


User ChronoBreaker posted a tip that may help you connect with friends. “Have THEM ring the resonant bell first. Wait about 5 seconds then ring your beckoning bell. You will connect within 15 seconds every time this way.”

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