Bloodborne Beast and Kin Bonus Damage List

Bloodborne Beast and Kin Bonus Damage List by Sancticus

Seen this question pop up now and then thought I post a complete list. All info taken from the official guide:

Kin enemies in the game:

  • Celestial child
  • Small Celestial Emissary
  • Fluorescent flower
  • Erbrietas, daughter of cosmos
  • Celestial emissary

Beast enemies in the game:

  • Scourge Beast
  • Carrion crow
  • Rabid dog (grey)
  • Cleric Beast
  • Labyrinth rat
  • Maneater boar
  • Large huntsman
  • Father Gascoigne (beast form)
  • Beast patient (male)
  • Ashen blood beast patient (female)
  • Blood starved beast
  • Vicar Amelia
  • Abhorrent Beast
  • Beast possesed soul
  • Hunting dog
  • Darkbeast Paarl
  • Loran Silverbeast
  • Keeper’s hunting dog
  • Labyrinth madman
  • Watchdog of the old lords
  • Bloodletting Beast

Weapons that do +20% bonus damage to beast due to serration:

Saw cleaver only get bonus in its non transformed form while the Saw spear retains the +20% damage in both forms. Threaded cane also get this bonus in its whip transformed mode

Enemies weak to righteous Weapons:

  • Lost child of antiquity
  • Forsaken castle spirits (head and knife versions)
  • Bloodlicker
  • Evil labyrinth spirit

Normal mode of Kirkhammer (50%) Ludwig’s both modes (50%), Logarius both modes (30%) and Threaded cane normal mode (20%) bonus

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  1. Bleric Ceast says:

    OH! The brainsuckers are also kin!

  2. Bleric Ceast says:

    Garden of Eyes are kin as well.

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