MH4U Wycoon Wyporium Quest Unlocking Guide

MH4U Wycoon Wyporium Quest Unlocking Guide by Frustracean

Format: Quest location★ – Name of quest (Material unlocked in Wyporium)

Village 3★ – Swing Into Action (Arzuros Ludroth Qurupecco)

Village 4★ – Nerscylla Thrilla (Barroth)

Village 5★ – Tipping the Scales (Nibelsnarf Ceanataur Uragaan Nargacuga)

Village 6★ – Advanced: Shipping Out OR Guild 3★ – Advanced: Send Sailor (Duramboros Lavasioth)

Village 6★ – Advanced: Shipping Out (Lao-Shan)

Village 6★ – Advanced: Dragon’s Din (Diablos)

Guild 4★ – Material Effect (Vespoid Cephalos Hermitaur)

Guild 5★ – Trader in Trouble (Gobul Barioth Blangonga Volvidon)

Guild 6★ – Advanced: Dragon Attack (Agnaktor Lagiacrus)

Guild 6★ – Advanced: Tigrex Challenge (Lunastra)

Guild 7★ – Advanced: Naked and Afraid (Ceadeus)

Guild 7★ – Advanced: Stormy Knight (Chameleos)

Guild 7★ – Advanced: More Mohran (Yamatsukami)

Guild 7★ – Advanced: Akantor Coup (Ukanlos)

Guild 7★ – Advanced: Enraged Rajang (Gaoren)

Guild 7★ – Advanced: Here to Eternity (Alatreon)

Village 9★ – Thunder and Stone (Sand Barioth)

Village 10★ – Silver Sovereign (Jade Barroth Thoracic)

Village 10★ – Hell Hunter Hoax (Lunastra G Ash Lao-Shan)

Guild G1★ – Frenzied Trading (Barioth G)

Guild G1★ – Pink Problems (Agnaktor G Jade Barroth Cortex)

Guild G1★ – Advanced: Terrible Twins (Queupecco G Crimson Qurupecco)

Guild G1★ – Advanced: Bug Be-Gone (Vespoid G Arzuros G)

Guild G1★ – Hunt-a-thon: Khezu (Barroth G Volvidon G Sand Barioth Hardclaw)

Guild G1★ – Advanced: Claw Cash (Terra Ceanataur Nibelsnarf G)

Guild G2★ – Mean and Green (Duramboros G Uragaan G)

Guild G2★ – Rival Clash (Lagiacrus G Ivory Lagiacrus)

Guild G2★ – Advanced: Bolt of Pink (Nargacuga G)

Guild G3★ – Advanced: A Black Day (Lavasioth G S.Uragaan)

Guild G3★ – Advanced: Misty Challenge (Yamatsukami G)

Guild G3★ -The Scathing Shore (Jhen Mohran G)

Guild G3★ -The Sky is Falling (Lucent Nargacuga)

Guild G3★ – Advanced: Wings of Woe (Amatsumagatsuchi)

Guild G3★ – Into the Heavens (Ceadeus)

Guild G3★ – Advanced: Eternal Emperor (Alatreon)

Guild G3★ – Advanced: Achy Brachy Heart (Abyssal Lagiacrus)

Guild G3★ – Advanced: Silver Cataclysm (Lao-Shan G)

Guild G3★ – Advanced: Act of Gog (Dire Miralis)

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