Clash of Clans Overall Gameplay and Farming Guide

Clash of Clans Overall Gameplay and Farming Guide by KBowBow

I’ve seen a ton of “where’s the loot” and “should I upgrade th” posts and I hope I can clarify a little for people that are looking for help. I posted this in the comments of the State of the Sub sticky post.

Th1-7 can do sub 200 and make serious loot. Lots of maintenance to keep this up. Th8 may have some luck, but it’s all dried up by the time you reach th9.

Th1-5 (6?) 200 – silver 3 (I don’t remember at all, just look for bases you can beat with barch + giants): Down there you’re looking for storage raids and occasionally you’ll get lucky with the collectors, but that’s extremely time consuming (nexting) considering how easy it is to destroy bases at that level. Be sure to push to 1250 for the 450 gems (3rd builder).

Th7 (6?) silver 3 – gold 3: mostly collectors with barch and if you haven’t by now, definitely start leaving your th outside and begin farming. You’re up against ths 7 & 8 that get serious offensive boosts and they will flatten your base if you don’t cheap shield your way to victory. Potential crystal push for 250 gems. Not gonna be easy and it’s probably not worth the work.

Th8 silver 2 – gold 1: looking for easy collector raids still for the most part. Very grind-y town hall level. It’s very important not to rush this town hall. Th10 love to find rushed th9s.Easy crystal push and even good sniping for loot bonus potential. Potential masters push for 1000 gems for that 4th builder. Really difficult to push to champ from here.

Th9 gold 2 – crystal 2: So far my favorite th and that seems to be the opinion of a ton of th10s. I will definitely be absolutely maxing this th. You finally have the defenses required to hold your own so use that to your advantage when pushing. I tend to prefer gold 1 for gold/elixir and crystal 3 for de. I like to leave a builder free at all times to work on walls and heros. Mid th9 you can easily wreck th8s with barch + giants if you wanna go storage farming. If pushing snipe to 2300 and then loonion from there. I haven’t been to champs, but somewhere in masters 2 I’ve heard you need to start being extremely strategic and technical for 50% wins with loonion. Easy push to masters following the steps above. Potential push to champs for 2000 gems and final builder.

Feel free to add anything you want or debate strategies with me in comments below, but I figured I would assemble a quick guide for people looking for help.

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