Clash of Clans War Focused Upgrading Guide

Clash of Clans War Focused Upgrading Guide by wuxbustah8

Over the past several weeks, I’ve been doing a lot of research into which order to do things in at each town hall level. Now that I’ve had some experience at TH10, I figured I would release the information I’ve made for my fellow clan mates, The Salt Miners.

If you think I’m wrong about something, let me know! I’m more then happy to listen to other perspectives on war and what you believe should be the priority.

Early/New TH Progression upgrades

  1. Lab, Spell Factory, and Dark Spell Factory
    This should be self explanatory. Getting those troops to the new max levels should be highest priority. An extra spell will help you regardless of normal raiding or clan wars attacks, but it will definitely help out in clan wars. Get these done ASAP.
  2. TH7/9 only – Heroes to 5. Ideally, you’d start this the second your Town Hall switches.
  3. Maxing army camps
    Allows for more troop space, therefore stronger attacks. Absolutely essential in clan wars, so get these done ASAP.
  4. Maxing Clan Castle
    This is your strongest defense. Not only that, but it is also an extremely strong “unit” you can use in attacks since you can get troops that are not only higher levels (unless you are maxed TH10), but more troops added to your attack as well.
  5. Maxing out Heroes
    After the above is done, you should basically be upgrading a hero whenever you have the opportunity. King should always take first priority. He is the tank and is the most important piece. The longer the king lives, the longer the queen lives. Level that king! I like to do 5 levels of King, then 5 levels of Queen. If you can do both at the same time, great, but give your priority to the King and let the Queen play catch up.
  6. Getting walls to the max of previous TH level
    Walls, like heroes, are another thing you’ll need to mix in either when you have a free builder, or whenever you have the loot available if you keep a builder free. Walls are your first line of defense. Not only are these crucial for war bases, but will also slow down those attackers going for your loot. Troops stuck on walls might be the difference between a 3 star and a 2 or 1 star. Even though they can take very long to grind out, it will save you a lot of trouble later on. It also allows you to slow down the rate your war matchmaking score rises and give you time to practice attacks that can 3 star bases at the same non-wall progression.
  7. TH8/9 – Build you new AD and Giant Bombs, and level them to the previous TH level max. While this seems thrown in there, its a game changer. At TH8, with the third AD, you are no longer guaranteed to be 3 starred. At TH9, it makes it much harder for a TH8 to 3 star you. These are worth the weight you’ll put on.
  8. Building new non-defensive structures
    Also pretty self explanatory, these will help out all around. DE Drills should be a priority over all else. The amount of DE you need is absurd, and it’s best to get the jump on it as early as possible. Every bit you can get helps. While the drills are going, its a good idea to get your barracks maxed. The quicker you have access to the newer troops (Dragons at TH7 / Lava Hounds at TH9) the better off you’ll be. These troops are game changers, and are necessary for the TH levels you get them in. After those are done, wrap up the rest of the non-defensive buildings. Collectors, Storages, etc., These are less important overall, but you want to do the items that impact your war weight the least amount early on, to give your troops time to get to the appropriate levels as well as give you more time to practice against lower level enemies.
  9. Max out traps You can either mix these in with the collectors and storages, or do them after. Whichever way suits your loot the best. You don’t want to hoard too much loot at any given time. These are all relatively low weight and can make a noticeable impact. An enemy will look at your base and assume you have lower traps than you do, based on your defenses. It’s good deception, and while the best will still be prepared, it can catch a few off guard.
  10. Get defensive structures to previous TH max level It’s finally time to start putting down the new defenses. Add the new items and work on upgrading them to max. If you have spare gold, you can do this while working on your traps. Get them up to the previous TH level, and stop!
  11. Maxing Defenses or Max Out Walls
    Now this is tricky and it should depend on how much you care about winning clan wars and becoming a better war attacker. If you are struggling to 3 star bases that have the same progression as you, then you are dragging your clan down. Clan matchmaking is based upon offensive strength (troop/spell/hero levels) and defensive strength (trap/defense buildings/walls/heroes). Upgrading your defensive buildings will make your ranking rise higher than upgrading walls; this means tougher wars as you’ll be matched with opponents with the similarly leveled defenses. In clan wars, the best defense is a perfect offense; if 3 stars are hard to get, that means your offensive capability has fallen behind your defensive capability which means that your clan could get a better attacker of your base/TH level. This is where I recommend you strongly to upgrade and max out your walls before your defenses. It will give you plenty of time to practice attacks without raising your matchmaking ranking (i.e: #5 base in the war, #21 base in the war, etc.). Plus, walls help slow down enemy attacks in general. However, if you can 3 star bases that have the same progression as your own, upgrade your defenses until you start struggling with similarly progressed bases.

Defensive Upgrades

If you choose to upgrade your defenses, this should be the order:

Air DefenseThis will help against all air based attacks, which are extremely strong at all TH levels.
Hidden TeslasThis will help against air attacks as well as with those pekkas. Also important for pathing; the tankier this defense gets, the more it can screw with your opponents pathing plans. I might move this higher at TH10 because GoWiPes come at a more frequent rate there, but for 8/9 where Dragons and Lavaloon are top attacks, it’s best to have the ADs.
Archer Towers/CannonsAlways prioritize archer towers over cannons as they have long range, overkill less, and can hit flying units.
Wizard TowerNormally, I’d put this above ATs and Cannons, but evidence has shown that Wizard Towers have a signLots of splash damage to take care of large groups of enemies. Deals lots of DPS, especially against attacks such as LaLoon and any attack utilizing hogs.
X-Bows /Inferno TowersDeals with enemies from a long range with insane amounts of DPS. Also, these defenses are extremely tanky, with thousands of HP. The reason why these are not higher on priority list is because it raises your matchmaking ranking much faster than the other defenses. However, if you feel comfortable with your attacking, then these might be higher on the priority list.
MortarsDeals with large groups of enemies at a long range. Especially useful in taking out groups of wizards at higher TH levels. Unfortunately while they deal great splash damage and are great for farming defense, they are one of the worst choices for war.

Lab Upgrades

The lab upgrades will be war focused. They will be recommendations based on the quickest path to 3 starring bases at your TH level. Feel free to mix in farming troops as needed, or push some higher (giants, for instance) based on your use of them. The guidelines assume you maxed the previous TH.

As a final note, these are for the individuals, and not necessarily for the clan. If you are at the top of your clan, you will want to prioritize cc troops over your own, witches, dragons, loons, etc.

Again, this is only for the individual that is war focused. Mix in the more important farming/clan troops as needed.

TH7: Dragons to level 2, Lightning, Rage spell, personal preference

TH8: Dragons, Hogs to 4, Heal, Wizards, Loons/Giants, Golems, personal preference

TH9: Hogs, Loons, Heal, Hounds, Golems, Jump spell, Haste, Witches, personal preference

TH10: Freeze to 5, Hounds, Golems, Haste, Wizards, personal preference

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