Clash of Clans TH7 Farming Base Design

Clash of Clans TH7 Farming Base Design by 3TomBro3


After trying various TH7 farming bases that didn’t quite fancy me (Mantis, Stingray, Pokeball, One Ring), I decided to try my hand at making one for myself. The result of nearly 40 replays worth of testing is The Lion. (I know it doesn’t really look much like a lion but i tried, really :P. )

Overview of the Base:

This base features an extremely centralized CC, triangulated mortars,rectangular archer towers,pentagonal cannons, and of course tons of funneling.

Functions of the Base:

There are three different versions of this base.

  1. This is the main version. If you find you are not being attacked much by air units but would like to have all of your storages equally protected than use this design.
  2. If you are finding that you are being attacked by air units a lot, than this design should work well for you. It features extremely centralized air defenses but the wizard towers are no longer able to cover all of the storages but the air d should be able to cover most of the base. (Be aware, attackers may lightning both of the air defenses at once, leaving you screwed. This doesn’t happen but there is always the possibility, just warning you.)
  3. If you are mainly trying to protect one type of resource and DE, than this should be the base for you. Although the wizard towers can still cover the bottom storages, they can only fend them off from a few goblins, while they fully cover the closer storages. The air defenses are still very centralized but with this design, the mortars aren’t triangulated as well.

How it Works (or at least how it should work):

This base should be able to defend fairly well against attacks from any attacker based on the following features. The centralized CC is activated as soon as any attacker is within striking range of the defenses (besides the top cannon). This extra damage dealt by strong clan castle troops can easily ruin a good attack. Funneling along the edges can also change the attackers plans because hordes of giants can be taken out by the many traps along the ring and by the damage dealt from the defenses inside the first layer of walls, especially the wizard towers. In this design, the barb king is a very big part of the defense, it acts as a defensive tower taking out any troops that dares to enter through the top. This can be extremely effective if the troop is one that ignores the barb king (giant, goblin). Another important aspect of the design is the coverages of the storages by wizard towers. Any teir one troops who mob up against the storage can be taken out with ease by the wizard towers. Also protecting half of the storages are teslas, the fastest defensive tower in the game. These can both be extremely effective against goblins. Another feature I made sure to include was that there was three layers of walls around the DE storage because it is very hard to keep your DE protected as a TH7..where there isn’t three layers of walls I made sure to include the barb king, who is basically like an extra layer of walls. Another very important aspect was separating the storages, which is done by putting the 5 storages into 4 different compartments. The trap placement that isn’t in the ring was also placed very precisely. All the other bombs are placed next to the storages so any tier one troops that group up against the storages will also be pounded by bombs. temporarily distracting them while the wizard tower deals more damage. The air mines are also placed in positions where they can’t easily blow up so they are more effective during the middle of a raid. I also made sure to keep the base symmetrical on both sides so it is not easier to attack from one or the other and because I have OCD and I know a lot of other people do too.

Defensive Log:

Silver 1 (1200 trophies): All TH snipes and a failed attack, all the loot anyone got was from lightning:

Gold 3 (1400 trophies): All TH snipes except for a maxed TH8 taking two storages:

Gold 2 (1600 trophies): Keep in mind that I had full storages at this point and most of the attackers were either maxed TH8s or TH9s revenging me from back when I was in silver one and gold one was able to get all the storages on any attack but I lost more than at any other level..still very good loot protection most of the attacks:

Well that’s all I have so far on this base. Tell me what you think, I’m very interested to read some responses!

Trophy Variation – Created by Jag0007

War Base – I just threw this together very quickly, it isn’t tested but feel free to try it.

Speed build and review by SchoolofClash

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