Brave Frontier Raid Drop Guide

Brave Frontier Raid Drop Guide by iAffect

1. Starting out

A. First build a strong team. Try to go for HIGH DAMAGE as well as HIGH SURVIVAL CHANCE. Here’s a sample team:

  • Maxwell (Lead) [Crit buff, Damage Buffs]
  • Rignes [Status Neutralizer, Healer]
  • Shera [Damage Mitigator, ATK BUFF]
  • Tridon [Damage Mitigator, BB Generation]
  • Shida [Elemental Buffs, BB Generation]
  • Rosetta/Maxwell (friend) [High Damage, Rosetta helps keep BB Full)
  • Other strong possibilities include and are not limited to: Ultor, Luka, Ulkina, Belfura, Fang and Fei, Darvanshel, Rin, Orna

B. Pick your questing stage by making one or searching. Please note that the higher the Mission Level, the higher the chance of an item drop. (i.e. RC3 stage 10’s Melion has a higher drop rate than stage 6.) Also note that some bosses will not drop their rarest item until RC3. So don’t go farming Reduhark from RC1’s final stage and expect to get a Dark jewel. You won’t.

2. Teams, Damage and Item Drops

A. Try to get a full team of four. It might be a small pain, but it’s worth it. You’ll kill bosses faster, which gives you more time to try again. Also, at least in JPBF it is confirmed that items drop at a higher rate with more players. So why not get in the habit now?

B. Go all out. There appears to be a correlation between getting high damage and the final kill and your item drops. It’s not clear yet whether combined team damage ultimately done to the boss adds to drops, but it is clear that if you don’t participate in the boss fights you’ll get few, if any, drops. Furthermore, delivering the deathblow on multiple or all parts of the boss increases your chances of item drops!

This is why high damage is important. This is also why high survival is important. If you die, you lose contribution damage because you’ll be sent back to camp. Thus, it’s best to have a combination of high damage AND high survivability.

3. Who Drops What and how?

Malice Jewel Important Drops

  • 1. Flame Jewel (Claudias, RC3, The End of Hades)
  • 2. Shiny Jewel (Laguna Rex, RC3, The End of Hades)
  • 3. Dark Jewel (Reduhark, RC3, Desperate Measures)
  • 4. Queen Jewel (Melion, RC3, Desperate Measures)
  • 5. Ghost Jewel (Mistzug, RC3, The God of Ruin)
  • 6. Phantom Eye (Mistzug, RC3, The God of Ruin)

Please see the complete sphere guide on AppInvasion.

4. Additional Tips

  • Prioritize difficult drops first. Many advanced items require as materials easily craftable spheres you can make from Friday’s dungeon. Those materials are non-raid, so focus on raid and get other materials at your leisure.
  • Take advantage of the slot machine. Very often, it will drop spheres. The spheres themselves aren’t very good, but they can be used to craft much better spheres. Some drops from the slot machine can save you days of farming!
  • Make sure you have enough item space. No joking, materials for a malice jewel could take up to 30 slots in your inventory. Try to just hold onto the rarest drops and combine items ASAP.


  • Q: Will my Zelnite/Nick/Thief gloves help?
  • A: Unfortunately no. Loot is distributed after the battle and looks at damage, not hits like normal.
  • Q: What materials do I need for a Malice Jewel?
  • A: Please look at the Malice Jewel guide
  • Q: Why doesn’t “Raid Item X” show up at my sphere shop?
  • A: You need to get one of the materials needed to craft a raid sphere before the recipe shows up in Randall Sphere shop. You may also need to reset your app for your game to register the drop.
  • Q: What about Medals?
  • A: Medals drop randomly based on the difficulty of the map. The highest RC3 map drops 5-7 medals
  • Q: I still got a Ghost Jewel and I only did 100 damage. What’s up?
  • A: You can get few drops and still get a good drop. The drops are random.
  • Q: I’ve fought “Boss X” 100 times and still no “Item Z”, is the game bugged?
  • A: The drop chance is very low for high end spheres. Increasing your drops with this guide will at least give you more chances.
  • Q: I don’t have Tridon/Maxwell/Darvenshel, should I even try?
  • A: Don’t let that discourage you. Make friends with strong players and raid in groups. Sometimes just giving the deathblow is all your team needs to take out a difficult boss and get drops!

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