Summoners War Auto B10 Giants Guide

Summoners War Auto B10 Giants Guide by Wasabilicious

This is a brief guide on how to set up an auto B10 giants team that has close to 100% success (AI not playing optimally e.g. not buffing) with priority target on boss.

This team comp is based off how easy the monsters are to obtain and was formed based on ability to reach the boss as well as defeat the boss rather than speed.

Key Monsters

  • Wind Griffin – Obtainable from Tamor Desert scenario map
  • Wind Pixie – Obtainable from Secret Dungeon, Shop
  • Light Vagabond – Obtainable from Secret Dungeon
  • Light Bearman – Obtainable from Secret Dungeon

Ideal Runes and Build (2/4/6)/Stats (MINIMUM 5* LVL 35)

  • Wind Griffin – Swift Energy/Focus, SPD HP ACC or SPD HP HP (If you can reach a decent amount of ACC through substats, ideally >60%). Aim for a minimum of 15k HP, as high DEF as possible.
  • Wind Pixie – Despair Energy/Focus, SPD HP HP (Attempt to reach >60% ACC through substats if possible). Aim for a Minimum of 13.5k HP, as high DEF as possible.
  • Light Vagabond – Violent Energy, HP HP HP (Try to get >60% ACC through substats if possible). As high HP and DEF as possible.
  • Light Bearman – Violent Energy, HP CRIT HP, 100% Crit and as high HP and DEF as possible.

Alternative Set Up (2/4/6)

  • Some people manage with 10k hp Shannon and Bernards, but lower success rate.
  • Wind Pixie – Swift Focus/Energy, SPD HP HP or Energyx3, SPD HP HP (Aim for >60% ACC through substats).
  • Light Vagabond – Energyx3, HP HP HP
  • Light Bearman – Swift Energy/Blade or Energy/Blade mix and match, HP CRIT HP, 100% Crit and as high HP/DEF/SPD as possible.

The rune set ups are a rough guideline on what you should have, you may tweak it to your liking to see what works for you (some people have higher level buildings etc.)

The most frequently asked question are “What monster should I use as my last?” and “Will this monster work?”

Depending on the monster you use as your 5th, the rune and stat requirement changes for your 4 key monsters due to Leader Ability and the monsters skills to clear waves/damage deal.

General Rule of Thumb is to NOT use Fire Monsters. Only reason you’d use is if they are runed fairly well (6* +12).

Reasons for death in B10 Giants:

  1. Your monsters do not kill the left and right crystals towers fast enough, one aoe from each tower usually takes down pixie and griffin to low HP if not death.
  2. DEF debuff from Crystal Tower in final stage, monster gets counterattacked followed by regular attack.
  3. ATK buff from Crystal Tower on Boss in final stage, boss damage output is too high if not dispelled or ATK debuffed, and DEF buffed by pixie.
  4. Giant is ATK buffed and team is DEF debuffed (someone is going to die)

Here are some of the popular choices:

  • Wind Joker – Leader Ability 33% ATK for all monsters, faster runs, but squishy. Great ability to clear earlier waves, reduces risk of dying in early stages due to the left and right crystal towers killing your team. Kills Giant at regular pace. May take too long allowing scenario 2/3/4 to occur.
  • Wind Phantom Thief – High damage monster that will clear early waves but is squishy, should still be able to clear waves fast enough to take you to the boss. Kills Boss at regular pace. May take too long allowing scenario 2/3/4 to occur.
  • Wind Undine – Leader Ability 40% DEF for WIND monsters. This reduces chance of the crystal towers two shotting your pixie and griffin, also provides immunity so the crystal tower is unable to def debuff. Slow in killing boss and mobs. Scenario 3 may occur.
  • Wind Sylphid – Leader Ability 50% RES for WIND monsters. Shield allows extra protection for shannon/bernard for early stages as well as boss stage. Second skill aoe and small heal also helps. First skill if maxed provides a sound chance of landing DoT on the giant, not too fast but not too slow either in finishing a run. Does not dispel or purify, scenario 2/3/4 may occur.
  • Water Phoenix – Leader Ability 44% HP for all monsters. HP boost for team is great, shannon and bernard should be able to tank the two side crystals and get healed back to full by bearman. It is a water monster so it is neutral, if not runed properly it may die to the giant. Skill scales off enemy max HP so should be relatively fast as it has high base dmg.
  • Wind Archangel – Leader Ability 50% HP for wind Monsters. 50% heal, res allows for mistakes to occur. Dispels boss attk buff, along with HP buff should allow shannon and griffin to survive. Does not offer that much DMG if HP built so may be slow.
  • Wind Ninja – Leader Ability 30% SPD for Wind monsters. Faster turns, faster buffs, faster heals. Single target meaning it’s slower in clearing the waves, higher chance crystals get attack off. AI doesn’t automatically aim crystals so it is risky. However, if it reaches the Giant, it is by far the fastest to kill it due to DoT. May die to scenario 2/3/4 though.
  • Wind Sylph – AoE glance, works well if it lands debuff, less dmg inflicted on pixie and griffin. Third skill nuke does hefty amount of damage to boss, No dispel or purify so may encounter scenario 2/3/4

Reaching B10 Giants – I suggest reviving on b5/6/7/8/9 to unlock because it is worth it…find people with monsters that can solo to get to b10 rather than building team specifically for those stages.

Before asking whether a certain monster would work, consider these points:

  • How much value do they bring to the team in comparison to the ones listed?
  • How do they compare to the one they’re replacing (if it’s a replacement)?
  • Do they do better in this area, worse in another or in general better? If better in general then use it of course :)
  • Does the monster help your TEAM reach the BOSS? If Yes, how well do they do against the BOSS? Buffs? Debuffs? Heals?

Like I stated, the key monsters I listed are just easier to obtain, if you think you have better alternatives then go for it, but most likely it’ll be replacements for Light Bearman and Light Vagabond as not many monsters offer buffs like Shannon and Bernard.

I don’t have all the monsters so I can only theory craft and make assumptions (may not always be correct), best thing to do (if possible, I know big investments on monsters) is to test it out between your choices (timing and success rate)

IF still unsure, feel free to ask :)

Being able to auto b10 giant is probably a pre-requisite for auto b10 dragon (currently in the works of lvling up a farmable team to auto b10 dragon)

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  1. FinalFantasy says:

    Where you mentioned about belladeon and Shannon having 7k HP and 10K HP, at level 35, my Shannon and Bella is maxed out level 35, but Shannon is 2k hp away from 7k hp, and my belladeon isn’t even close to 10k HP, only with runes, he’s about 10-11k hp altogether. I don’t get it.

  2. The Beast says:

    Great guide…


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