SMITE Ares Mid Lane Guide

SMITE Ares Mid Lane Guide by Suragins

In this guide I’m going to teach you how to mid as Ares and actually be effective.

So let’s begin with some insight: As Ares mid you will act as the second support and a high damaging mage at the same time. You should rotate every time you have the chance. Also don’t forget to ward your lane so you don’t get any nasty surprises from enemies jungle.

Your clear will be your only problem. Ares’ Searing Flesh lasts for 4 seconds and you will be an easy target while trying to push your lane. When you get Mystical Mail or Pythagorem’s Piece and finish boots, your clear will be solid, but you will still be an easy target for your enemies. Use Rage of Gods every time necessary. Try to get the Archers if you are playing aggressive since they are the ones who hurt you when you box with the enemy god. If you’re playing defensive try to get the Melee ones, since they have more hp and they are in the front.

Your early game will be a struggle, but when you get to late game you will be a monster. Your team fight presence will be REALLY powerful.


  • Starting against Magical enemy –
  • Tiny Trinket, Rage of Gods, 3hp pot, 4 mana pots
  • Pythagorem’s Piece (2600) -> Shoes of Focus/Shoes of the Magi (1500/1550) (Depending on the enemies. If they are super squishy, grab Focus. If they are bulky, pick Magi) -> Void Stone (2350) -> Mystical Mail (2850) -> Spear of Magus (2150) -> Rod of Tahuti (3320)
  • Starting against Physical enemy –
  • Iron Mail, Rage of Gods, 1hp pot, 2 mana pots
  • Mystical Mail (2850) -> Boots n’ stuff (1500/1550) -> Pythagorem’s Piece (2600) -> Void Stone (2350) -> Spear of Magus (2150) -> Rod of Tahuti (3320)

Full price = 14770 / 14820 gold

Actives: – Fist of the Gods – Blink

Leveling of your skills:

Aggressive play

Level your Shackles + Searing Flesh for max dps. Best tactics are to either ult the enemy and dump your Shackles and Searing Flesh on the enemy or get your jungler to gank. Shackles deal massive damage while buffing Ares and preventing the enemy from escaping. Searing Flesh shreds the enemies protections.

For this tactic to be effective you need to be able to kill the enemy mid laner, gaining an edge in gold and xp. Be wary of the enemy jungler ganking you when you play aggressive. Wards will be a huge help. Don’t forget to HoG the archers so they don’t fuck you up early.

Defensive play

No help from jungler? No chance to kill your enemy? In the Defensive tactic, ditch Shackles, they do nothing for you. You should level Searing Flesh + Bolster Defenses. Stay close to your Tower and HoG the melee minions. If the minions get to your tower area try to get the Archers for max gold.

Use your Bolster Defenses so your minions have extra defenses.

About “No Escape”:

You don’t need to level this ability every time you get the chance. Open it when you hit level 5 though. Sometimes it is better to get a level on Shackles or Searing Flesh rather than on No Escape. Good tactic is to lure your enemy close to your tower and pull the fool in.

Enemies Ares struggles against:

Anubis: His clear and dps will make you struggle. Would be best to get your jungler to gank him and kill him early on. If you can’t get him killed defensive tactic is necessary.

Kukulkan: Same as on Anubis

Vulcan: His ability to clear and focus you at the same time hurts you. Defensive Tactic is recommended.

Hades: His clear is really strong, but his silence/fear if your main concern. He can completely shut down your Searing Flesh. You also have no real escape from his ultimate.

Isis: Her poke, clear and silence makes you struggle. Try to stay under your tower and get your jungler to gank her, or you’re doomed.

Ra: Heal, Clear, Poke, Low cooldown ultimate.

Chang’e: Her CC and damage immunity nullifies your ultimate. Also the utility she gains from her passive hurts your tower.

Good team comps with Ares:

Junglers: Anubis, Ao Kuang, He Bo

Solos: Vamana, Tyr, Loki, Bakasura

Hunters: Anhur, Cupid, Hou Yi, Xbalanque

Supports: Ymir, Athena, Geb, Sylvanus

Team fights:

Position yourself in the middle of the fight. Remember to use Bolster Defenses. 50 protections and 30% cc reduction will help your team a lot! Try to shackle the most mobile squishy targets. Try to avoid using your ultimate on only 1 enemy, you don’t want to waste it. Don’t be afraid to use it to force enemies to use their beads.

Please do give me criticism and your own builds/tactics.

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