SMITE Ra Detailed Guide

SMITE Ra Detailed Guide by WitchTroll

Ra is a MP caster who excels at pushing, that is pretty much what he does all game. Although the one thing I recommend is if you take Ra, make sure you do it with a premade because ra’s strength relies entirely on him getting kills from strong CC oriented side lanes. So lets start, who is Ra and what does he do?

Ra’s Skillset

Speed of Light (Passive)

Each time Ra uses an ability, his ground speed is increased by 10%. Stacks 3 times.

This is Ra’s passive it is more useful than you would think. It is actually really good at helping you escape stick situations because more than likely unless the enemy has Sprint they most likely will not catch you.

Celestial Beam (Skill Key 1)

Ra Summons a moving beam of intense light from the sky, doing 95/145/195/245/295 (+70% of your magical power) magical damage to anyone caught under the beam.

Cost: 70/80/90/100/110 mana.

Cooldown: 10 s.

A line nuke that summons a moving beam. This is your bread and butter max it first, it does all your damage, lets you farm, and pushes your lane. It also triggers your passive instantly upon casting it.

Divine Light (Skill Key 2)

Light starts to emanate from Ra, stacking slow on enemies near him the longer they stay. After 3 s, the light detonates, doing 60/100/140/180/220 (+40% of your magical power) magical damage and increasing the slow by an additional 3s. Any enemies facing Ra at the time of the explosion are also blinded.

Cost: 60/70/80/90/100 mana.

Cooldown: 12 s.

This is really just your utility spell, max this spell last usually I dont get this ability until 4 depending on the situation, somethings I wont even get this until later levels like 7-9. This spell also triggers your passive after the spell detonates not upon casting.

Solar Blessing (Skill Key 3)

Ra summons a pillar of blessed light that lasts for 6s. Allies inside the blessing are healed for 10/20/30/40/50 (+10% of your magical power) per second and gain a 10/15/20/25/30 magical and physical power bonus. Enemies are damaged for 20/35/50/65/80 (+20% of your magical power) magical damage and incur a 10/15/20/25/30 magical and physical power debuff.

Cost: 65/75/85/95/105 mana.

Cooldown: 18 s.

You summon a pillar that will harm enemies or heal yourself and allies within Max this ability second. Because you as an MP carry have probably the slowest hitting abilities in game this is IMPORTANT for dueling with other mid carries. This spell instantly activates your passive.

Searing Pain (Skill Key 4 – Ultimate)

Ra calls on the power of the sun to decimate his foes in an extreme blast of heat in front of him, doing 400/475/550/625/700 (+100% of your magical power) magical damage to all enemies unlucky enough to find themselves in the path.

Cost: 90 mana.

Cooldown: 70/65/60/55/50 s.

Your ultimate it is pretty straight forward, it blows s*** up in a line after a short windup. It has reasonable base damage (even though it should be more because other similar ultimates have more damage and utility and a larger radius *cough* Ao Kuang.)

Playing Ra

Ra is much different to play than other MP carries because he is very difficult to kill his opponent with and really does not have much CC to his name except his mediocre slow. Your early game will consist of just pushing because from levels 1-6 you cannot instantly wipe a minion wave. But spam your 1 every time it is up on the minion wave and not the opponent. You would think this would leave you vulnerable to enemy assaults but because of how your 3 works should you take damage you can just drop it down and heal up any harass you sustain. Should an enemy try to attack you directly drop your 3 and autoattack them because you will sustain their damage while dealing damage back do NOT rely on your 1 to harass your opponent.

Upon reaching levels 7-9 you start to push hard and against most matchups you will push them to their towers. Pushing your enemy to their tower does more than you think it forces them to use their mana to farm, take minion damage(which is actually a very important part of Ra’s kit), and the most important part is it allows you to gank other lanes with safety. From this point on keep your eyes on your minimap if an enemy is overextended wipe the lane clear back off out of your enemy mids vision range and gank that lane. If you are successful it could easily win you the game.

Mid game is where you shine heavily due to your early game damage output, after you gank a lane if it goes well attempt to push down that tower. Should you do that tell your team to group up for a push into mid lane or even to take gold fury, or if all goes well both. But prioritize getting mid tower down, even if it fails you can order your team mates too go to gold fury. Take your objectives, and win the game.

Late game it becomes tough for Ra because his AoE is very poor, instead of trying to snipe their PD carry, protect yours because if anyone tries to pile on them they are about to get the unwelcome burst of 2000 suns.


I itemize Ra differently than most people do because some people like to play Ra as a balls deep carry, but I think since he has no escapes that is a foolish thing too do even if you build tanky. I start the game with Boots of the Magi(2) because of the mobility it gives and I add three mana potions because a) You will outsustain most mid lane champions giving you a level advantage. b) you can heal with your 3 so health potions really are not necessary.

Upon my first buyback(Which usually happens after my first kill or should I run out of mana) if I am doing very well I will finish my boots and buy the Rod of Tahuti. If I am doing dead even, such as I am just farming and my enemy isnt attempting to resist or even counterharass I will just get Rod of Tahuti to help me force the enemy to do something as if he keeps getting pushed to his tower he will be put behind. But if I am doing poorly which will only happen against Hel or Ao I will rush a Stone of Gaia because both of those gods are s***(sorry but being able to outpush Ra in his niche while having another niche of your own is OP as f***).

Usually after my build follows (keep in mind all these are situational on when to buy, but are core items) with Gem of Isolation for the utility it gives as it makes dueling much easier while making your 1 and 4 much harder to dodge. Obsidian Shard should the opponent be building Magic resist which is rare, Polynomicon because it allows Ra to not only rely on his hard to land abilities, and Chronos’ Pendant because cooldowns are a nice thing on Ra.

Alternative builds, I sometimes against really strong laners like Anubis or Hebo I will grab reinforced boots instead, you would be surprised at how much that resistance, Hp/5, and CC reduction goes to keep you alive. Generally if you go this build you can rush a Gem of Isolation against the opponent because the health + defense stats that you receive from the Boots and GoI makes you really tanky early on and in some cases laners like Anubis will be unable to 100-0 you.

Lane Matchups

Agni is odd because I have never gone against a really good one, but he can give Ra some trouble due to how good he is at dueling others and the jack of all trades nature of Agni. I would just play standard though as forcing him to his tower will mana starve him.

Anubis is pretty easy to beat too be honest as long as you dodge his mummify you will be good. Because he is a very mana hungry god and has meh pushing you can keep him from ganking(Which is what anubis excels at) because you are keeping him at his tower. Somethings that is all you have to do all game and you will have beaten Anubis because he didn’t snowball.

Now something that should be taken into account is his early burst damage, if he does hit you I pray that you build reinforced boots, because those will save your life. And if at early levels anubis hits your with his mummify and ult turn around and 1-4 him he will be stationary so you will hit him and almost always instantly kill him before he can finish his ultimate. So basically do not fear anubis but turning your back to him can get you killed.

Ao Kuang
OP, so stupid that Ao Kuang can clear ranged minions at level 1 he has almost no drawbacks except for no escape. Ao Kuang does almost everything that Ra does but better, this god needs a nerf or Ra needs a buff because let me put this in perspective for you. Ao Kuangs Spirit’s Tempest has a huge radius, at level 2 does 500 damage, at level 3 does 600 damage, has +120% of your magical power scaling, and has a knockback. Compared to Ra’s ultimate that at level 2 does 475 damage, 550 at level 3, has only 100% magical power scaling, and does not have any utility to its name.

If it wasn’t for how good Ao Kuang could push even when compared to Ra it wouldn’t be a problem but Ao Kuang needs to be looked at. Now actual advice is I recommend building reinforced boots followed up by a GoI.

He Bo
A pain in the ass but is manageable. Basically against He Bo I do not even bother getting a point into my 2 because he bo can effectively harass you. So basically my first 7 levels is like this 1-3-1-3-4-1-3. The sustain from your 3 really helps at trading with he bo because if he comes at you drop your 3 and autoattacking him from behind your minions(THIS is very important).

I don’t know how I feel about zeus really, but he cannot push well so he is easy picking for Ra, but don’t get passive stacks from him or he will hurt you… alot..


This b**** is OP, bend over and cry because she can wipe minion waves in one hit with her AoE ability, she can also outsustain any harass you throw at her. HiRez nerf her. My only advice is to rush a Stone of Gaia against her as it will help you survive, your next step would be to rush a Void Stone to help with the resistance because her next step will be to get some Magic Penetration against you.

Ever seen a Nasus vs Nasus in league of legends? lol

Good Team Cohesion

You need to discuss with your team before the game starts what will help you win the game. Because this game is starting to develop a sturdy Metagame/Team Composition has not been developed but I will recommend what is really good for Ra.

When it comes to Junglers there Bastet and Ymir are your best bet because both of them have very good slows, but Ymir has that cone Stun making it easy to land at least your ultimate. Your left lane should you have a jungler should comprise of someone who can sustain themselves yet be very tank Guan Yu in my opinion is right now the best left laner in game. The right lane however is the best lane for you due to its ability to be diverse. Artemis, Cupid, Anhur(In that order) are all really good because of their hard CC. A lane with Ymir or even Hades can work also because of their CC but Ymir like earlier is your go to choice.

And that is how you play Ra, I will update this if I feel the need.

Small notes
Never get meditation, ever, even on people that are not Ra if you know how to conserve your mana you will NEVER need to use this ability.

Purification beads can save your life if you find yourself unable to beat someone like anubis or agni.

Even for a mid god blue is really not necessary for you because you are not a mana hungry god and mana potions are all you really need.

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