Heroes Charge Level 81 Valkyrie Trial Guide

Heroes Charge Level 81 Valkyrie Trial Guide by Uber Star

Well guys, considering there is a lot of threads around discussing how to pass lvl 81 Valkyrie trial i decided to post a quick guide of how to do it with the cheapest team i’ve found yet.

Team Composition.
Ice Mage 4*
Succubus 5*
Commando 5*
Shadowleaf 5*
Frost Mage 5*


Stage 1/3
In this round you need to be sure that you are doing crits everywhere which it’s pretty easy considering u’re using Frost Mage.
(Sometimes rng keep doing the same crits over and over again, so if this happen, go to another difficulty, finish stage 1/3, retreat and go back to dif. 81)

Once you’re sure that you did good crits, let your team do the work (as always lol) and the trick here it’s to pop up Ice Mage ulti right after enemy Emberstar ult her. After IM ults, you will be able to finish the stage right before enemy Windmaster cast her ulti.

Stage 2/3
Do freeze animation** with Ice Mage ulti chaining him with Frost Mage and Succubus ultis. Right after the animations back to normal, activate Shadowleaf ulti and save Commando ult for final stage.

Stage 3/3

Use Succubus ulti to cancel Commando stun, then do freeze animation** with Ice Mage ulti and all the other ultimates.

**If anyone don’t know yet what it’s freeze animation, find “Casting and Freezing animation” on youtube.

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