Destiny Crucible Control Zones Needed to Win Guide

Destiny Crucible Control Zones Needed to Win Guide by sordanjingleton

Happy Xurday and Iron Banner everybody. With the weekend rolling around and Iron Banner upping the reputation to be earned, more and more people are sure to be flooding into the crucible. This is both a blessing and a curse as there is an increase in competition but, with that, an increase in the number of people who don’t understand how to play Control properly. So, for the sake of you, me, and your whole fireteam, I’ve decided to add this little control guide to make the odds of winning in your favor.

A quick summary of Control: As you know, there are three zones to capture on each map (A/B/C). Most people attempt to just try and get as many captures as possible but that is not the best way to play the game. For each zone you have captured, you get bonus points for every kill that you achieve. Ideally, you want to maintain control over B and one other zone on the map. Now, I know the thought that crosses a lot of people is “B is a warzone so I’m going to go sneak over to another control point and capture it.” The problem with this strategy is that it flips the spawn zone for your teammates so they can no longer maintain the control point that you already had and ultimately makes matches more difficult. Basically, don’t keep flipping the map. It does more harm than help.

Additionally, almost every map has one control point between A&C that is vastly superior to the other in terms of maintaining control of B whether that be do to distance, view, etc. So, I will list the map names and which control point your fireteam should be focusing on to win matches.

Firebase Delphi– Focus on A. This is closer to B and gives you a better vantage over B. If you capture C then you must ultimately either jump through the open window or come down the hallway into a stream of bullets from the team who has captured A and now controls B.

Blind Watch– Control C in this map. C is closer and provides better cover for protecting B. The bottom area of the building has plenty of cover to avoid fire from above and allows you to shred through the other team coming from the top.

Shores of Time– Control C here as well. If you maintain C then your fireteam can position themselves to a point where they can shoot anyone trying to take B, anyone coming from A to try and take C, and anyone coming through the tunnels. If you have C then there is no excuse for not winning on this map.

Rusted Lands– Capture A. C is too far and has no view over B. If you have A then there is enough open space to shoot down any enemies that are heading that way and you can have a clear view of B from the top of the hill. Additionally, once you have A & B, you can sit behind B and kill anyone heading that way from C relatively easily.

Twilight Gap– Capture A. You have less distance to cover to get to B and A is easier to hold control of than C. This is probably the most balanced map in the Iron Banner playlist but holding onto A really makes the matches a lot easier.

[EDIT] A lot of people are saying that they prefer C for Twilight Gap so I’m just adding this in there. Definitely the most balanced map on the playlist if it can go either way.

So, I believe that is it as far as Iron Banner maps go. If this thread is a success then I will add information on all the other crucible maps as well to help out. Until then, I hope this helps everyone to do better and have more fun. And remember, once you have your key point, please do not flip the map on your fireteam.

Good luck, guardians!

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