Destiny Eris/Xur Bounty Guide

Destiny Eris/Xur Bounty Guide by intheuppderleft

I have seen a lot of outlines and brief guides for this bounty but I wanted to expand it a little bit because I felt like there was still more to know from when I went through it. Its just my two cents, I’m sure there are plenty of other ways to tackle it. Feel free to let me know what you think in the comments.

FYI I did this as lvl 30 hunter.

Things to know off the top

This bounty require a visit to Xur both at the beginning and end stages. So you won’t be able to start or wrap this one up if he’s not around.

I believe everyone gets lvl 31 light +33 (essentially vanguard/crucible) legendary gauntlets.

Step 1: Purchase Urn from Xur

Step 2: Kill thrall with a solar fusion rifle

So you got to kill 25 thrall with a solar fusion rifle and then collect the material left behind. Death resets, so make sure you don’t run your sparrow off a cliff or let yourself die to reset the enemies. You can always do the “we’ve woken the hive” or almost any other moon hive mission. You can set it to heroic for even more thrall. Personally I did it while patrolling the moon so I was killing a few birds with one stone. Pick up a kill patrol mission, coupled with some other daily or Eris bounty. Be efficient. You can go into the temple of crota down to the door to the world’s grave or the traveler’s shard was and there are lots of thrall down there.

Remember killing them isn’t the end, you have to go pick up the materials.

Edit: halfbaked brought up the idea of doing the defend the warmind mission. Said 25 thrall right in the beginning.

Step 3: Kill cursed thrall with melee

Yup, the exploding ones. I went to the place mentioned in the last step on patrol. In the temple of crota all the way down as low as it goes, you’ll pass three sword wielding knights followed by one cursed thrall. Clear the knights careful not to blow up the cursed thrall. Then take him out. You will take a big hit every time you melee one and since death resets, be careful. Clear everyone else out and then melee the thrall and run.

After the 3 knights keep heading down, you’ll run into some acolytes and a knight up on a balcony. Soon regular thrall will start spawning and then 4-5 cursed thrall. Again clear everything you can without blowing up the cursed thrall, then one by one melee and back off, recover health repeat. Make sure they aren’t too close together or they will all blow. Personally I take the safer approach and kill them if I think I might die and go to orbit to reset their spawn quickly.

As mentioned in other posts the Omnigul strike, Chamber of Night missions are other ways to ensure there are lots of cursed thrall. Personally I just liked the easiness of the patrol.

Also, you can die and not pick up the material and avoid having to worry about resetting the count. So for example I melee kill 5 cursed thrall, die twice doing so but never picked up the materials. Now I scoop them all up and I’m all good. Again, not my style, because it can be hard to not accidentally pick up the material, but whatever works best for you.

Patience is key with this one.

Step 4: Kill acolytes and wizards with void

There are plenty of moon/hive missions you could do, but I liked patrolling the cosmodrome and clearing out the grottos and refinery. I go in from the coast side, clear out the opening, go in clear out the caves, go in the back door to the refinery clear out the wizards and acolytes fighting the fallen. Then start a fight with whatever body part of crota is chilling by the entrance to the refinery and then do laps around the rocket yards. This went real quick for me and I would recommend it.

Acolytes=1 Wizards=5 get to 100 death slows progress.

I think you then take the urn back to Eris before the next step.

Step 5: Kill Urzok

This freaking guy is an asshole. Essentially a sword wielding knight with a tough arc shield and lots of health. He spawns with a public event or “the enemy is moving against each other” in the skywatch. When participating in one of these he shows up in a hive ship and it will say something “scary” about him arriving.

I’ve heard folks say you need more than one person to do it, or someone should keep a blade of crota alive and then kill him when Urzok shows up and use the sword while others light him up. Some say he leaves real quick, he may be tied to the public event so essentially don’t beat it.

Here is how my date with Urzok went. I did it solo. I pulled up the public events timer and headed out to the skywatch. He showed up during every event I was there for which was just 2. Others say they’ve waited for longer, with no luck. All I know is how mine went. First one was an “enemy moving against each other” event which was chaos. I could not get enough damage into him, way too many hive and they were wreaking havoc on me and the fallen. Battle ended he disappeared. Hung out for a bit, warsat dropped started defending it and then Urzok showed up. It was in the back of the skywatch where people used to hang out and shoot the loot cave. I abandoned the warsat and got a lot of help from all the fallen that showed up. I laid into him for a sec and was taking too much fire being in the middle of the crossfire from his forces and the fallen going after the warsat. So I backed into the little door/hallway in the wall. He was thoroughly distracted by the fallen. I busted out my Deviant Gravity arc machine gun and laid into him, once I got his shield down his health dropped reasonably fast.

So I don’t have a ton of advice other than be patient and try and use the fallen to help you out. If its a public event, abandon it once he shows up because if you complete it I think it makes him despawn. Having a fireteam would probably help, but not essential. Don’t expect to get it on your first go.

Step 6: Ritual of Sacrifice

New mission shows up on the moon (after visiting Eris I think). Hard mode has a bunch of bonuses. Me, I was about ready for bed when I was doing it so opted for normal. Regretted it because when I was done I felt I could have probably done just fine with it on hard.

So its the same mission as when you go stop the ritual with the shard of the traveler, but now there is a giant urn at the end. This is where stuff gets tricky. After jumping on top of the urn it will trigger waves of hive enemies and spawn four swords for you to use. They each have a timer but I think they respawn. I never ran out of them at least.

Also every wave more of the floor is covered up by the green symbol. On normal mode if I wandered into it took 80% of my health or so. So pretend you’re a kid again and the floor is lava. Remember that if you have the sword jump in the air and you can melee like a blade dancer or something with the VoG relic and essentially avoid all the green to get around. There are a few places with decent cover and clear of green floor to go post up.

First wave are thrall. Grab a sword and start doing the downward strike (primary attack button) and go to town. Only thing to watch out for is the cursed thrall. I used my grenades which you can still throw with the sword and if my sword special was charged I used that to get them at a distance. Most of the floor is clear at this point, not too tough.

Second wave, acolytes. More of the floor is covered so it becomes a little tougher to get around. I picked up a new sword and used the melee strike as opposed to the primary so I could clear them faster since they didn’t cluster like the thrall did. If you prefer to drop the sword and use your gun, that works too. This part isn’t too tough.

Third wave, knights (I think, the order may be off here, but I think knights were next, might be wizards). Some have swords some have big guns. More of the floor is covered so time to be much more careful. I used the sword for most of this. The blades come at you so they’re easy to drop with the sword, but at the end I switched to my gun to drop the ones who were shooting me from afar. I was pretty much not leaving my little corner at this point because so much of the floor was covered and I didn’t feel like risking it.

Fourth wave, wizards. First time I tried to use the sword here. Dumb. Too hard to avoid the floor with this. If you’re good enough to float around with the melee, hit the wizards and not land in the green, go for it. I wasn’t. After dying once here in a green circle I opted to just use my gun through this part and that worked out just fine. Use your cover, drop em like its hot.

Fifth wave, ogres. I think there is only 3 ogres, but it might’ve been 4, I can’t remember. Just use your cover, only engage one at a time. I stayed in covered, popped up with corrective measure and put them down one at a time.

And all done.

Step 7: Go to Xur, then Eris

One last stop at Xur, then go get your gloves from Eris.

Good luck and use /r/fireteams if you need folks for urzok.

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